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If I could get someones opinion on which would be better for gaming and music. Gaming for immersive gameplay and directional positiong on FPS games.


It's between the,"Fischer Audio FA-011" or the "Samson SR850", for the things that mentioned. I appreciate the feedback, thanks smile_phones.gif



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Thanks for those of you who replied, I decided to buy the Samson SR850 by the way.

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Originally Posted by Eric_C View Post

Grats, and welcome to the 880 club! Get ready for very comfortable sessions of extended gaming.

Ur not kidding. The Q701s drove nuts with the pressure and ridiculously bumpy headband!!!

The 880 premiums are in another league of comfort. I'm much happier with them sonically as well.

Also, for those of you looking for a mic, check out the modmic on amazon. It clips on with a small magnet that sticks on your headphone. Quality of mics fantastic as well.
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^ Haha 880 AND a modmic? It's like looking into a mirror! I got the same setup + mixamp. Really, really ace for gaming.

The only thing I could complain about is the number of wires...

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I slightly prefer the 880 over the Q701 for music and overall stereo use, but find them uncomfortable due to where it rests on my jaw, and the placement makes me constantly shift them around. The Q701 is odd in that it clamps a bit due to it being fully extended, but a lot more comfy to wear all day. The bumps are an issue the firs few days, then they just disappear.

Also, for gaming purposes, the Q701 smokes the DT880 in Dolby Headphone positional cues, and soundstage. No contest there, really. That lack of rear positional accuracy for the 880s is what keeps them from being the most recommend balanced can I'd give. I'm not alone in saying this. Most of my AVS pals have come to the same conclusion, and they have more experience with the 880s. Both the 770s and 990s do Dolby Headphone justice. 880s... not so much. They get it done most of the time, but if you rely on rear positional cues a lot, they disappoint.

I'm someone that can quickly understand where a sound is coming without having to even look at the screen. With the 880s, I've been snuck up on and killed because it took me a moment too long to realize the sound was coming from behind me. The 880s are one of the very few headphones that I honestly wouldn't ever trust in a competitive situation. Hell, even the no soundstage M50s and RE0s at least gave me very obvious front/rear sound placement.

It's a shame, because the 880s would have definitely been my choice for a secondary can...easily. They're that good, rear sounds aside.
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Okay so I've decided to buy the q701 for extreme gaming purposes to replace my tbx12 setup.  All I need is a modmic  and astro mixamp correct?  Btw i'll be using it to play MW3. 

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Eric-c: lol, yeah, wireless isn't much of an option bub. tongue.gif

Mle: I haven't gamed with them yet, but would the 880 Premium 600's be any different? I disliked the 880 Pro 250's very much due to a compressed soundstage and q701 level vice gripping. Which version did u use? What amp did u use? Do u have a link for the AVS guys discussing this?
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I had the 32ohm version, but various friends on AVS have owned the 32/250/600ohm. They have assured me that the differences are slight to none, to where if you blind test them for gaming, you wouldn't tell which is which, and that all three don't do rear positioning well at all.
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Pro or Premium?

Would a good test be tossing a grenade and then doing a 180?

Also, fwiw, the difference between the Pro 250 and the Premium 600 was quite large IMO. The Pro 250 had a very compressed soundstage, less texture to the low end, and more sibilant highs.

Too bad I took the Q701's back before getting the 880s. Do u have any recommendations for testing rear sound placement? Maybe a test file? Iirc, the Q's soundstage was breathtaking. That I do miss. tongue.gif

Ps...tapatalk doesn't seem to wanna let me reply, anyone else having that issue?
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Rear positioning tests can be as simple as an in-game dialogue. E.g. in Syndicate or ME3, when one of the NPCs is talking and you are free to move? Just spin your character around and listen for the difference.


On my 880 (250, premium) the sound pans smoothly across both Left and Right channels, from about 1 o'clock down to 5 o'clock (and vice versa on the other side). The 6 o'clock spot is kind of skipped. It sounds different from the LR arcs and if I didn't know beforehand that the sound source was at 6 o'clock, it would be hard to guess.


Edit: Forgot to mention Pro vs Premium--difference is in clamping force. Pro clamps harder; clamp affects distance from ears to drivers, which affects the sound. Even if you were to compare Pro vs Premium of the same Ohm models, you'll probably hear some difference due to clamp alone. Hence, the difference between Pro 250 and Premium 600 is to be expected.

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Considering the DT880 Pro ONLY comes in 250ohm... my 32 ohm was Premium. The only Pro Beyers I've heard are the 770 Pro 80 and 990 Pro. The 990 Pro was different than the 600ohm Premiums in that the bass was considerably stronger, and comfort-wise, it clamped harder.

The tests my AVS friends have done have been with the Premiums.

As for the sound skipping certain ranges... put some distance between you and the origin of the sound. That 'skip' will go away, and you'll get a seamless transition. If you're too close to a source of sound, rear positioning is non-existent, and gets more stereo like in a hard left/right pan. That's just something I've noticed with Dolby Headphone, and not an issue as you mostly have to be right next to a sound to get that 'issue'.

The further the sound, the better the rear surround cues. Though again, the 880s just don't do rear sounds well.

As for Pro vs Premium, if the 880 is ANYTHING like the 770 and 990 Pro models, their positioning and overall surround effect will be better than the Premium variants.
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HI! this thread is amazing. is the sennheiser pc 360 still worth the purchase? i only have a asus xonar dg 5.1 sound card. i only have enough money to get 1 good pair of headphones...right now i'm using the fatality gaming headset. it's pretty good, but i want to dip my feet in the "audiophile" range of headphones. hopefully the cheap 30 dollar sound card will be enough. all the headsets you reviewed was so helpful...cuz just tonight i decided i want a good set of headphones, and i was completely lost as of where to start. i play alot of modern warfare 3...but i play a lot of single player games too, so really i need a set of headphones that do both well. i'm just too torn as to what to pick! =P i'm excited to hear what dolby headphone sounds like. what is the best set of cans in the 150 range in your opinion? thanks for your time, you've already helped a lot!

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preferably a set that doesn't require an amp? i'm completely noob to this. i just need to settle on a pair of headphones soley for gaming with amazing sound under 200 bucks that have decent bass and good clarity without being hissy. i had no idea there was so much involved in buying a pair of headphones! blink.gif

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Just listened to the match box shake binaural test track. Compared to my HD580's, the rear pan seems to move up...definitely not as consistent. I love the 880s for music, but am leary of BF3 performance now. Which btw, was fantastic on the Q701. I'm in a bit of a conundrum now. frown.gif

Is there another headphone that gives me the sonics of the Beyers, with the positioning/soundstage of the AKGs? I loathe compromising.

Also, not a fan of Dolby Headphone in BF3. At least on my DX anyway, source set to 8 channel, analog set to headphone gives me the best cues.

Edit: I suppose I can continue to use my 770s for shooters, and 880s for everything else. At least then, I don't compromise in comfort. smily_headphones1.gif
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Does the HD598 benefit from using an E9 with a DSS or is it better to use it without the E9?

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