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Originally Posted by SniperCzar View Post

Hmm, has anyone tried rolling parts on a wired mixamp? I have a feeling that could fix a whole lot of problems...

I wouldn't be as simple as that.  From looking at a high res pic I looked up pretty much all the ICs and didn't see any issues with them.  I would pretty much need a complete redesign as my guess is any background hiss is inherent to the topology or PCB layout and not the parts.

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Originally Posted by fustrun View Post
So I bought an ASUS Essence STX audio card and i got the DT990 pro headphones . . now i tried to play with the settings but everything sounds kinda muddy and no helpful sound positioning . .

So what settings do you guys use with Dolby Digital ? do I need to touch the sound settings on windows ? what about the game's audio settings ?

In the Xonar control panel.

Audio channel should be set to "8 channel".

Sample rate try PCM 44.1KHz or PCM96KHz, or PCM 192KHz.

Analog Out "Headphone".


Headphone Advanced Setting,

Click on the second green square to right of where you just set "Headphone".

You want the middle setting  "High Gain (+12dB for 64~300 Ohms)".


Try leaving "Dolby Headphone" unchecked.




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Leaving dolby headphones unchecked ? that's part of the reason why i bought this card . . i thought it suppose to make a diffrence . .and my settings are as you said just with dolby headphones enabled . . so i checked windows speaker config and it stands on 7.1 so all is good . . and what about in-game settings ?

It sounds so messy atm . . does anyone now what's lazy's settings ?

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Do, you want Dolby headphone checked, though I guess it might be worth while to compare it to unchecked to see if it makes a difference.  

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There oughta be a guide similar to this one, but for PC like.


"What settings to use for this soundcard + the mixamp etc" and just people posting their own experiences/setups what worked for them.


@MLE: What causes the crash?  I haven't the slightest clue how it works, when I googled up "HD PVR crashes", there's various causes for crashing so yeah.

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Computers have soundcards that handle those surround virtualization techs if desired, no need to use things like Mixamps and such.

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Oh so it's actually redundant to use a Mixamp combined with say, a digital out/toslink cable to the?


Edit: Wait, bad memory, could've sworn I looked into this.  It's not *bad* to hook it up.  In fact it's preference, not to mention there's also that game/voice dial too.  I also recall that some people prefer Dolby Headphone over say CMSS3D.


Unless you're saying, if you don't plan on using the features of the soundcard then don't get on, just hook up the mixamp to an onboard that has digital out?  Or if you plan on using a soundcard what's the ideal setup then? Just simply connect it via 3.5mm?


I must have a misconception with the toslink cable then.  I thought it was necessary to have it so you can stream dolby digital etc through.


But if watching that vid taught me anything, once the data is inside already, the cable used to output the sound be it 3.5mm etc doesn't matter you'll get Dolby _____.



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Mixamps and similar products purpose is to be used with consoles that don't natively handle surround by themselves.

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Or if you want to have 1 hub for gaming audio where you dont have to switch your headphones around.  For PC only if your not into external dacs just get a good sound card and a cheap headphone amp.  On the flip you could use the mixamp through RCA and have your consoles connected digitally. That would give you the physical volume control and best of all worlds. 


If say you prefer CMSS3d over dolby headphone.  The mixamp itself is not a bad sounding dac by the way, in fact it sounds pretty good by comparison and the built in amp is powerful enough for most cans.  So it could be a cheap way to start the high end journey.(I  would rate it well above its $130 price tag compared to other dacs in the price range).  Of course my bifrost destroys it but if your only interested in gaming all the detail and sound quality is in tact. 

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Originally Posted by AxelDaemon View Post

There oughta be a guide similar to this one, but for PC like.


"What settings to use for this soundcard + the mixamp etc" and just people posting their own experiences/setups what worked for them.

I wrote a PC gaming audio guide, but I only have so many sound cards and so much money to buy sound cards with for the sole purpose of reviewing.


Needless to say, I can't write something tailored to every sound card in existence right now. Most of my knowledge is concentrated on X-Fi cards, not anything with a C-Media chip or even those Recon3D cards with the Sound Core3D DSP.


And as far as CMSS-3D Headphone vs. Dolby Headphone is concerned, I prefer the former just because DH can't use the 3D positional information DirectSound3D and OpenAL games offer to provide proper binaural sound with height cues instead of virtual 7.1, but it does seem to skew the sound signature more. (Rapture3D's implementation may be even better than both for all I know, but I can't get the DiRT 2 "Game" version to switch to headphone mode to test it out with, and I don't want to pay up for the "User" version just to find out that it suffers from the same problem.)

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Oh and just to establish here.... I'm a newbie to this whole thing, of sound mechanics, or maybe to make it sound more fancy, sound engineering har har.


@PFG: Woah hey thanks, should've checked the computer audio section har har. (Rather... either I missed it, or your guide isn't in the Wiki... All I see is the foobar one) couple things though.

No clue what that 3D rapture thing is so I'll research on that later.  2nd, there's more than one version of DiRT 2?

And once I invest in a X-Fi Titanium HD I'll just test it myself between CMSS3D-Headphone and Dolby Headphone but I'm gonna elaborate on that more further down this post.


In any case I'll start clean again.


You know... I think the reason why I was so confused was because I treated the manuals of the A40/Mixamp like the bible.  With the "good, better, best" thing and all that.


So to clear this up I think the easiest way (for me anyway) to see if I got this right or not is to have this explained through a format.  Heck I bet you could copy and paste this on to your guide Nameless.  And if I got something wrong, anyone is welcome to edit it and repost it with the modifications.


I just have decent enough deduction skills to get by.  So here's what I've interpreted so far.  though I'm only gonna list the ones I see myself end up using.  I suppose with this list people can expand upon it.


Though you know it seems like your guide covers and helps with understanding connectivity as well.  I suppose this still is a convenient quick "lazy man's" guideline to connections har har.  That and I have OCD to some extent so laying it out like this would calm my nerves =P


In my case this would be for a Q701 or pretty much a stereo headphone.

Your Headphones connected w/ 

1. Soundcard on the PC (ie X-Fi Titanium HD) 

          TRS 3.5mm is recommended for best results in , movies, musics and games etc.  CMSS3D-Headphone works fully?

          So long as the soundcard supports dolby etc.

          Doesn't matter if it's a 3.5mm etc right? Cause the audio already contains the info. That Dolby video by MLE proves

          this, just using apple in ear phones and can tell =P


         +Mixamp : Toslink redundant? Seems like PFG's guide confirms about analog circuit bypassing, so this might

          actually have some use =P


2. Console

         +Mixamp : Toslink self explanatory lol.  Astro already provides instructions about this.  Or for that matter I think it's


I think that covered everything, hopefully I interpreted it right... Not really impressive as a layout guide.  Looked prettier in my head lol.


Edit: Ugh hit the edit button for like the 5th time spell checking.  1:55 AM in the morning, time to snooze!

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No, if you want Dolby Digital with the Mixamp, the Toslink must be used. With analog signals, you're only getting Pro Logic II at best. As for the USB running audio, I believe it's just going to be stereo, as the USB was more meant for chat purposes.

I did link the PC guide on the first post.

PC use may be very reliant on PC settings, but using the toslink should still be the best method for audio with the Mixamp.

Also, I link a video on the first post showing how Dolby Headphone sounds like. If your settings don't have it sounding somewhat like that, then you're probably not getting DH.
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I saw the guide but it does a job of explaining the diffrent technologies and such . . and i'm looking for some pointers about the settings . . i have to say i'm pretty shocked . . i thought with a subject with almost 400 pages of discussions i would get hundreds of presets people use . . so far i'm very dissapointed with the Dolby features . . makes everything sound wierd (pushing low ends too much) and no logical cue positioning. and if i disable the dolby feature it sounds like an onboard soundcard . . i mean i dont regret getting the headphones . . they are the sweetest purchase i made in a long time but the card . . if people actually tell me to turn off the feature that i actually bought the card to get . . well that's just sad.

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I wouldn't say Toslink to a mixamp is redundant out of the X-Fi HD. You'll get DH from the DD output over a toslink cable. It will give you a different sound than using the surround processing that comes with the card natively. It would depend on which you prefer. I've played with Creative's hardware and I wasn't impressed with their quality, but the DH from my mixamp works for me. But then you have Nameless, who loves the CMSS3D processing. Everyone has different tastes. So if you have the mixamp, play with it and see then go with the setup that sounds best to you.

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@MLE: What I already complimented twice (previous post and just now post) about how I could tell quite well with just a pair of stock Apple in-ear phones, in regards to the test video.


As for you posting PFG's guide.  My bad, totally missed it.


@Axel: Thanks for the insight.  Course being able to experiment will have to wait for awhile.  Hence I've settled for being an information hog at the moment.

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