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Originally Posted by Fegefeuer View Post

So, again. 2-3 great alternatives for gaming to the K701/HD650/DT880? 400€ max.



Could you get the Ultrasone PRO 2900's for that? I thought they had good positioning, detail, etc., but Ultrasone seems to be rather polarizing. Either you like S-Logic or you don't.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Well you got me on the sound. But again, I'm a gamer for the gameplay first, everything else second. And PS3 games can have lossless audio, though I dunno what can transfer this to virtual surround, aside from Yamaha's Silent Cinema.
And dear god, how I miss the good old 16 bit days. Times were simpler back then. And games were better, IMHO. PC games can't capture that magic. Though Monkey Island was pretty ace.
I was saddened by the 'death' of 2D gaming. I'd kill for more 2D JRPG goodness.
I didn't mention 2D gaming, because I was talking about FFXIII-2 which would have been entirely possible on the PS1/PS2, with lesser graphic fidelity and with much more content.

You mean current games can't capure that magic. Game quality isn't so much platform related as it is related to development priorities. A most unfortunate situation, one that consoles try to fix through their indie gaming offers, but as great as indie gaming is, the lack of budget behind it prevents many indie games to reach the heights some very much deserve to.

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Oh god, I want a new Shadow Complex. Like YESTERDAY.

New games CAN capture that magic. It's just that developers aren't focusing on content. They are building content around the GRAPHICS first. It's a damn shame.

FFXIII pretty made it obvious by the exclusion of towns. They made the game so unnaturally linear and lacking in what made FF... well, FF. They focused so much on making everything pretty, that almost everything was taken out and over simplified.
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Just like One Must Fall, Raptor, System Shock, among so many others. Ah, good old DOS days...

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

You bring up a good point. The Hifimans after the HE-4 are considerably less power hungry in comparison, though with the typical Head-fi hyperbole, they make it sound like all of them require a nuclear reactor to 'fully drive'. :rolleyes:
I'd probably feel more comfortable with some good power behind just the Orthos anyways. I was quite shocked by how much the HE-4 needed, and I'm paranoid enough to feel the others need just as much. :o
I wouldn't worry about anything outside of the Hifimans though. I'd happily hook up the LCD-2 to the E9 if I was ever gonna get one. :D

Another thing to keep in mind is that some amps have distortion that slowly rises with power output before it very obviously clips.  If you have a few amps like that you may find that a really strong amp will sound better than a weaker one because the strong one will sort of be "idling" and not pushing itself while the weaker one may be "redlining" and not sound so hot but not grossly distorting either.


OTOH the Objective2 and other good amps will stay super clean right up until they start to clip so you may need less power than some anecdotes would suggest.

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Mad Lust Envy... I've read FAR too much of your writings, but i've had to join up because even though all your suggestions make sense, i still want to ask a couple questions i just can't get answers too... I seek your advice because of your experience... But obviously i know our audio tastes will be different anyway.

So what i'd like to refer too is... Iam a huge gamer, 10+ hours a day... Everyday... That kind of guy... Ahh some say 'pro', i say it's an addiction problem... Thing is... Sat at home in my comfy livingroom, i have awesome surround going on, my room is filled with loud and beautiful noise & thus i've never bothered with headsets / headphones EVER.... All my pc & console gaming has been on a huge screen with loud, very bass heavy sound & not once have i wanted something on my head...

How can you be a competitive gamer without the detail in little sounds being pumped into my ears? Well i don't NEED to rely on my ears to have the power of pure ownage, let's just say that... However...

Iam drawing on the conclusion i've been missing out on a lot of audio detail, iam also now for the first time requiring a room to be quiet, yeah getting older now so the missus isn't exactly thrilled that i like the world to hear what iam doing ha... She also wants to be near me, and have some peace and quiet... Hmmm?

Well my ears love bass, deep, heavy, just blown my skull up with a frag kind of thing... BUT i'd also like to experience the details i've been missing out on... I'd like to have the ultra experience of clarity, soundstage, the precise direction of everything BUT also actually have the 'fun' of bass there too, for both fun & competitive gaming experiences, music as well to a certain extent...

So after spending far too long on reading up, going through everything you hold in high regard... Iam still at a loss where i perhaps could find my ideal experience...

Iam not fussed about having a headSET or not, i'd prefer to have the best soundstage, clarity, direction & bass over any other choices like a mic being attached...

I've also got money restrictions... As of right now, i've spent far too much elsewhere & have a budget here, so unfortunately i can't go for the D7000,,,

I don't really have the cash to fund  a mixamp & E9 & quality cans.... So i'll deffinately be getting the mixamp & would require my headphones to get enough juice from that alone... In the future i'll consider getting the E9 & going up with the ohms or whatever...

I understand the mixamp is a MUST... Especially for my console gaming right? Even if i got the PC360... Which i understand to be a great choice, however iam a little worried it's lacking some bass i'd enjoy?
 Now i dwell over the PC360, because although i love deep bouncing bass... It doesn't have to be super boom to make me happy, but i still need DECENT bass... Enough to keep my ears happy, for example if i play some heavy metal, will i get sexy guitar & bass going through my ears? Or will the bass not be there enough?

I couldn't enjoy anything, gaming or otherwise without a decent amount of bass... Iam happy to not have the super powerful kinds from my headphones, but i still need something decent... I can't bare anything light in that department...

This is why iam here making a long post asking your opinions... Because i just can't wrap my head around which headphones will give me everything decently.... I mean i'd rather have the best directional sound, decent clarity with the details & decent bass.... So long as i have that kind of thing... It's my needs lol.

For the K701 you said ''The bass is light, but present enough for it not to be anywhere near a complaint for me'' .... So for my tastes, are you saying it's decent enough, it's nothing exciting and booming, but it's also not impossible to hear? Or is the 'light' side of it meaning i'd hate it because i wouldn't get anything from it?
 You also said the mixamp is enough to power this... Now say if i don't have any voice chat on, will i get really good volume or not? As in can i turn it up nice and loud or will it just go to a certain level that's just enough? That's the kind of thing i need to know, because i don't want anything to be quiet, and that's with just the mixamp of course.

All the DTXXX ones are just confusing for me, especially if i read other peoples opinions, even yours, considering one pair might of been broken, you didn't try this one, and you had very mixed opinions but sounded undecided yourself with them all... So i wouldn't know what to think or consider with any of these...
 Especially when you said about the difficulty of hearing sounds from 5 - 7 'clock... I couldn't bare that...

So hopefully this is enough information to show you where i stand, and finally my budget is basically enough to cover all these, it's not too restrictive but i can't go further than these, like i said the D7000 for example is a no go...

Thanks a lot for your time in reading & helping me with my comments... It's been appreciated reading everything you've had to say & i guess i just need more details and info that you didn't make too clear ^_^
Thanks again...

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Is the Tritton decoder noisier than the original DSS? It's noisefloor pretty much sucked-but I'm not sure any of that would be audible with the 600 ohm T1s...guess I'll find out shortly.



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SpEJay: I can understand you. Although I may not game as long as you, I'm still a hardcore gamer inside.

Honestly, I'd start you off with the DT990 Pros. Seriously. Start there. Get that and the Mixamp, no amp OR mic.

They are open and WILL leak sound out, BUT it's a VERY big improvement in noise control over using external speakers. It will be audible for people near you, but not loud enough for them to be like, "OMG, turn that down!"... unless they are sleeping.

Seriously, start there. If it needs to be dead quiet, go with the DT770 Pro 80. However, the DT990 pro is superior to me that I'd recommend them over the 770 pro 80 IF absolute dead silence isn't a priority.

Bourne: Hmm... they are hissy. No other way to put it. It's just that for gaming, you're going to be too busy listening to everything else, that hiss will be the last thing you worry about. The hiss will be drowned out at all times other than when the in game audio is dead silent. That being said, even the lowest footsteps will be clearly audible, even on the AX720.
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If you are looking for some old school gaming and like the snes zelda game you might want to try this one out.

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Originally Posted by Rebel975 View Post



Could you get the Ultrasone PRO 2900's for that? I thought they had good positioning, detail, etc., but Ultrasone seems to be rather polarizing. Either you like S-Logic or you don't.



I could get them for around 350€. I haven't checked into Ultrasone yet and before I sound like a heathen: Are they that good compared to the trio? Unfortunately MLE hasn't tested them in his awesome guide but I have heard about gaming with them or people preferring them over the trio. What's their soundstage?

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Lol, Drastion, would you believe me if I told you I'm not a Zelda fan?

I actually didn't care much for action RPGs. I was a turn based JRPG fan first. It took quite a bit for me to warm up to non-turn based RPGs. I honestly have to say that the Tales games were what truly made me jump into non-turn based RPGs, though I still prefer them.

I just never got into Zelda, or those types of games (especially top down)... though I didn't mind Alundra.
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SpEJay, I know you directed your questions to MLE, but  I have a question for you that may help you out.


You mentioned that you have surround sound, well what kind or ss receiver do you have?

Is it a Yamaha with Silent Cinema or Harmon Kardon with Dolby headphone?


If so you wouldn't necessarily need the mixamp unless you need the chat feature, so you can apply those savings to your headphone/headset or amp.


Also if you game on PS3 I have found the much cheaper Turtle Beach DSS2 $79.99 with the Syba $8.99 (for chat ability) to be pretty nice. It offers some preset EQ settings (bass boost, treble boost, mid boost, etc.) that I find useful, when I game in single player and want extra bass and treble or when I want to soundwhore in multiplayer I use the mid boost. It doesn't offer the voice/game volume mix that the mixamp does though (so just set up your preferences through the menu and you should be fine). As far as power it'll get the PC360 up louder than what's comfortable for me to game with and due to the PC360 neutrality the EQ presets have been a pretty nice feature.


Just my 2 cents, I am sure other members of the forum will be better equipped to help you with your headphone needs.

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My apologies, I'm tired as all hell and should've recommended the DSS2 over the Mixamp since I was aiming to recommend the DT990 Pro without a mic. I'm just so used to the Mixamp, it's like a blind recommendation to me. My bad.

Coming from speakers, I wouldn't go for the PC360's though. That takes more of an acquired taste, and trading off a bit of that home theater-like immersion for soundwhoring fidelity. I feel the DT990 Pro is the best jump into headphone gaming for those used to home theater speakers, and can't afford something like the D7000. I'd recommend the D2000/D5000, but having not heard those, I can't be 100% certain how close they'd be into giving that experience without sacrificing audio fidelity. I can approve of the DT990 Pros wholeheartedly though, especially for the bassheads.
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Yeah, I left the headphone/headset recommendations to others like yourself that have more experience with different headphones/headsets. I just wanted to give him an idea of the power output of the DSS2, although the PC360 are relatively easy to drive it's all I have at the moment. Looking forward to getting the Q701's soon and an m-stage amp. Question would you prefer the shiit asgard or the m-stage to power the q701's.


DSS2 Headphone Output: 3.5mm (90mW@16 ohms)

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That was one problem I personally had. I was deciding on the M Stage or the Asgard for like ever, and went out of left field and ordered the NFB 5 instead. The Asgard looks good on paper, but tdockweiler says he much prefers the AKGs with the M Stage than the Asgard, and others have stated the M Stage is just a better amp than the Asgard overall. I trust tdockweiler, so I'd have gone with the M Stage if I only had the Q701. Chico also loves his MStage with the Q701. That'd be enough to make me go that route. I didn't get the M Stage because the output impedance was too high for the D7000. In real world testing, I'm sure it wouldn't have been something I'd have noticed I'm sure, but still, I wanted something perfect for both D7000 and Q701, with no technical faults whatsoever.
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