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I forgot about them... They're sneaky.

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I hear alot of noises in that game that sounded like necromorph but turned out to be ambient, thats how it is designed, creepy.

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Haha, I hear you. Dude, I hate when you enter a seemingly abandoned room and you're like. "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG." And you walk around listening and looking and all of the sudden... *CRASH BOOM* "BBLLLLEEEEGGGGGHHHHH AAAHHHHHHH AARRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH BLBBLLLLLLLUUUHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! >=O >=O >=O" (Necromorphs coming out of the vents.) And you're like, "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH SHHH**********TTTTTTT" And you jump and accidentally hit like 5 keys on your keyboard and click the mouse by accident and like shoot the air and then scare yourself even more from the loud gun shot and you basically have an aneurysm. I don't know if that's how it happens for you guys, but that's essentially the rundown of my Dead Space experience each time I enter a new room. The worst is when you spam the hell out of the gun to detach their limbs and you're like "OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG" and their limbs won't detach and they just crawl at you on their torso like "BLLLEEEGGGHHHHH UUUUHHHHGGGGHHHH AARRRRRRRRRGGGHHH." Then you scream IRL and run the other way and close the door and need a few minutes to gather your composure. You finally muster up the courage to open the door... And then all of the sudden... "BBLLLEEEEGGGGHHHH UUUUGGGGHHHHH BLLLLUUUUGGGGG!!!!!!" The friggin necromorph is right on the other side of the door and you sh*t your pants. So you finally kill the thing and what's right behind it? Two more necromorphs and one of those tentacle baby things so you're like "AAAAAHHHHHHH OMG OMG OMG OMG." At this point it seems perfectly logical to run into the room just shooting at nothing, thinking maybe the AI will feel intimidated by your courage and run away. Then you realize it's a video game, and the necromorphs come right at you and jump on you and then eat your brains. 

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Excellent post. I feel like I just lived through the game.

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Thanks :D

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No Audio Technica ATH-AD2000? confused_face%281%29.gif

I bet they could be far better than the D7000 for gaming, but who knows.

I always wanted to try out the D7000, but the mids have me a bit worried. Some say they're forward sounding (?!) and others say they're recessed.

I think they can be had for $550-$600 these days if you get lucky and score a good deal.


Was the K601 on the list of headphones you've tried? I can't remember if it was and I don't feel like going back and checking.

I'm sure you may even prefer that over the K701. Hated the K702 for gaming. K601 has better imaging and a more accurate soundstage than the K702 IMO. I had both at the same time.

K702 just has a clearer sound with more detail. K601 is still under-appreciated for gaming, same with the ATH-AD2000. I think maybe people just wrongly assume it's just a AD700/900 upgrade with the same


Just for fun I tested out about 5 cheap pairs of headphones for gaming yesterday.


I tested the DT-235, Grado SR-80, HD-497, KRK KNS-8400 and AKG K44. K44 was surprisingly decent and the soundstage was pretty good for such a cheap $30 headphone.

KRK was the best and had the cleanest sound, but lost out due to it's only barely average soundstage. Obviously DT-235 is only really good for gaming if you make it circumaural with the DHP-II pads.


AKG K240 Sextett is pretty terrible for gaming and I don't know why since I did like the K240 Studio for gaming. Totally the most disappointing headphone I've owned in awhile. I guess I had too high of expectations. Still better than the K240 Studio for music at least. Hard to believe they once sold for $80 new.


DJ100 still gets my vote as the best closed gaming headphone under $100, but who the heck uses or wants to use a closed headphone for gaming?! Totally ruins the experience.


Anyone use the MDR-V6 for gaming? I want to compare that to my DJ100.



Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Here are the headphones I would still like to try for gaming (realistically speaking):

Senn HD555 (modded) and 595 (wanna see if they truly sound the same, and if they truly are like the PC360)

D2000 (see if it can be a bang for buck with gaming performance like the D7000)

Pro 900 (because S-Logic intrigues me, and you guys really make me wanna try them)

Sony MDR-F1 (because I hear great things about it with Dolby Headphone)

K271 MKII or K272 HD (I see it as a closed K70x, which would probably make them killer competitive cans)

And if I was rich:

Stax (gotta try them at some point)
HD800 (soundstage bigger than AD700 and K70x? Yes please)
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I should have my AD2000 within 2-3 days. I'll be able to post here with how they are in games compared to the AD700/900 if people are interested. I play mainly CSS.

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OK, so I'm looking for some budget headphones for around £10-80, the Creative Aurvana's are £50, they scored 8, and 7.


They KSC75's are £12, they scored 7 and 8, these are basically equal then, seeing as I play both competetive and fun games?


Am I right saying this are similar standard for all round gaming headphones?

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Let me make this clear once again, I base this entire thread off my experiences WITH Dolby Headphone. If you don't use it or something close to it, arguing about performance of these headphones is useless here. These headphones may perform better or WORSE to you if you play in stereo, use another DSP like CMSS, Silent Cinema or whatnot. DOLBY HEADPHONE is what I USE. PERIOD.

Tdockweiler, I won't look even once into Audio-Technica headphones for one reason, the 3D Wings. That completely ruins the higher end ATs for me. I absolutely despise that style of headband.

Do the AD2000 and D7000 compare? I highly doubt it. The D7000 isn't a headphone I would consider for competitive gaming, but more for the home theater sound they have. I'm willing to bet the AD2000 would be better suited for competitive gaming, not home theater sound.

I'm not even gonna start on forward mids or mid recession, as that topic seriously pisses me off. Its so blown out of proportion on here, I refuse to even consider debating this. The mids to me are either clear and audible or muffled and too silent. The D7000s mids are incredibly clear and audible. End of story.

As for K70x vs K601, I love the K70x because of its awesome detail. I find the positioning to be god tier, so going to a less detailed phone for more unnecessary positioning is a downgrade for me.

As for closed headphones for gaming, well the large soundstage closed cans like the DT770 and D7000 would like to have a word with you. They are more geared towards fun gaming, but I could say that the positional cues may be even better than open headphones. But for the most part, closed headphones will have a sound too tight and restricted to recommend.

Halehaler, my scores shouldn't be compared. I base my scores off overall performance of the headphone itself, and not how it stacks up compared to others. Also, the KSC75 gets high scores also factoring price. Another also, the KSC75 is open and the CAL is closed. Due to the ridiculously low price, I would suggest getting both. The KSC75 is geared more for competitive gaming, while the CAL is more on the fun side.
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Just a question ... area the PC360s for the PS3 also?

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Uhh, yeah? It uses standard 3.5mm (1/8") jacks like most headphones. Of course, you'll need a way to connect them to the PS3 directly. I use the Astro Mixamp. The optical digital cable coming out of the PS3 connects to the Mixamp's optical input. As for voice chat, you'll need to plug in a USB cable from the Mixamp to the PS3. The Mixamp 5.8 (wireless version) needs a separate 3.5mm to USB cable (sold on their site) in order to get voice chat. I don't voice chat on the PS3, so I didn't get that cable.

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Sorry, this is my final question, hopefully it's not too stupid.


Which mixamp do I get, it appears that only one website sell them in England and thats http://www.astrogaming.co.uk/product-listing.asp?action=search&category=15 There are 3, one is £50, one is £100 and ones £110; what's the difference?

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The one on the right is an extra Receiving unit for the Mixamp 5.8 (unnecessary for the most part).


It depends on what you want.


The left Mixamp is the wired version. Everything plugs into that. It's the one most widely used and known, but it can be cumbersome as after all cables and headphone are connected, you have one large pile of clutter that you pretty much have to be close to.


The center Mixamp is the 5.8, which uses a 5.8ghz signal that transmit from the big transmitter (Tx) to the small receiver (Rx). The Rx is where you plug your headphone into and keep near you. The Tx is where all the inputs and whatnot go to. This way all the clutter is kept with the Tx hidden away, while the Rx is all you need near you.


If you're using a desktop setup that you're next to, the wired Mixamp is all you may need. If you're planning on sitting down on a couch and don't want to be tethered to a device near your consoles, the Mixamp 5.8 is a better choice.


I own both, and I can easily say that yes, they sound THE SAME (the 5.8 also has a bass expander button which adds a subtle amount of bass if you want). The 5.8 is wireless but it's not a typical wireless headset, instead letting you use any headphone 'wirelessly' through a frequency that is largely unused by other devices (2.4 and 5.0 are the most used). The only cable near you will be the headphone's cable, as well as the Xbox controller cable that you plug into the controller for voice chat. If you don't voice chat, you won't even need that cable. Also, with the rechargeable battery pack, you can use a USB cable to charge the the battery pack, or even use the USB cable to keep your Rx unit powered (though that sort of defeats the purposes of it being wireless).


The wired mixamp has several inputs: 1 optical digital input (the one you will want to use), an RCA input (only worth using for stereo sources like the Wii), and a digital coaxial input (an older style digital input that has the same SQ as optical digital. You can buy an optical digital to digital coaxial converter that way you can plug in two game systems at once, though the optical digital will be the main input if both sources are turned on at the same time). That will add even more clutter.


The wired mixamp also has a 3.5mm input for MP3 players so you can use your own music while playing your games.




The wired Mixamp has the most features, but for the most part is a LOT to mess with.



I'd personally get the Mixamp 5.8, the rechargeable battery pack for the Rx unit, and if you have multiple systems...




So you can switch optical inputs without having to attach/detach cables.


Bear in mind, all that will start putting you over $200 for all this.

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Just so all of you know...I'm seriously thinking of selling my PC 360's because of my love affair with my new JVC HA-RX900's. Yes I think they are that good for gaming. One of the most comfortable sets I've ever had on my melon as well. I attached a LVA-7330 mic to them (velcro) and it's gaming bliss. In my opinion of course.

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Ahh... thanks alot, I though that the one on the right was just a cheaper version :P


Glad I didn't buy it.


I'm gonna go for the one on the right.


EDIT- I meant the one on the centre :P

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