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Really? Hair or dust could cause a buzz and scratchy sound at certain freq? If thats the case do you have any advice for taking them apart and cleaning them. What would I be hearing if the right driver did have a problem or was blown.

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Pro 600? I wasn't aware Beyerdynamic had a 600ohm variant of the Pros.
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If it was blown it would most likely sound bad all the time.


The pads just pull off and the driver and the foam covering are held in by a small plastic retaining ring.  Just pry it out with a very thin flat head screwdriver.  After that the whole driver assembly should just fall out if you tip it over.  Give it a blast with some canned air or something and then put it pack together.  The ring will just pop back into place.


Just don't use anything sharp like a knife.  You'll be liable to puncture the driver if it slips.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Pro 600? I wasn't aware Beyerdynamic had a 600ohm variant of the Pros.

They don't make it anymore but used to some time in the past.  They don't seem to be very common though.

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Ok, I got the ear pad off and I used a q-tip to get the white dust that was under that. I see where your talking about with the plastic retaining ring. These are kinda hard to work on. The angle. I got them shorted up and I can bend them so the cups are resting on each other's side but it's putting alot of stress on the head band. Is this the right way to go at it or is there a better angle way of doing this? Thank you for your help!

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Ok. I got the plastic ring off.. I see the black foam is attached to that. There is this weird black fine but coarse dust on the white outer part of the driver twords the outer rings that have this black grill pattern on them. In the center there is a shiny circle with a dome in the center. This has cotton like membrane over top of it and has a line going thru the center of it like its cut or just worn. There a few other lines , spots where this cotton membrane has worn throu.

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The white paper part that circles the shiny dome looks like it has a spot that is lifting up in the center around the shiny dome. I don't know if thats important but I thought I'd put that up as well. Ok... now I'll tip the cup over and see what I can do from there. So far I got all that black coarse dust stuff off of the top by drying my lips and blowing lightly. I wish I had one of those camera lens cleaners that has the brush and the and blower thing.

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This isn't exactly the right thread for your problems. O_O
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Hmmm. Ya your right, didn't think about that. Not sure where to go from here.


I got the driver out and seen a single black hair thing on the back of the driver but everything else looks really clean now. Not sure what to do.

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Sorry about hijacking the thread. I've started looking on my own for other people having this problem and there solutions and there is alot of success with the hair removal theory. It may have been the black dust that was on top of the paper filter of mine. I'm going to bring home my can of air from the shop and blow it out before I put it back to geather.

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Tonight out of boredum I tested all my headphones with gaming since I just got in an HD-580.


HD-580 failed to impress me with gaming. Has lots of mid-bass, fairly clear sound, but a very small soundstage out of any amp. It's sub-bass is comparable to the Q701 and not very good. I would say it's slightly better than the HD-598 for anything with lots of sub-bass. 


What shocked me tonight is that I put on the KRK KNS-8400 and I heard all this sub-bass that previously felt almost non-existent on the HD-580 and Q701. In fact, I didn't decide to compare any headphones until I put on the 8400. Lots of deep rumbling bass. What the heck? And they say these don't have any bass? Uh huh.


The sound of the 8400 is more immersive, detailed and clearer than the Q701. Better bass, but not as much mid-bass and a much smaller soundstage. Mids are definitely more forward and this is immediately apparent. When using specific guns with the 8400 the sound is somewhat ear piercing.


I switched to the KNS-6400 and it was less clear, but had more mid-bass. Sub-bass was very similar, but the shots from weapons were less piercing, but not by much.


I think for those that ONLY use a headphone for gaming and don't need something open, the KNS-8400 is every bit as good, if not BETTER than the Q701 for gaming. It's just not as comfortable. Skyrim is pretty amazing with the 8400.


The HD-598 had a larger soundstage than the HD-580 without any doubt, but it might be slightly less clear. It was very hard to tell since the HD-580 had a large mid-bass hump. My pair also has a huge upper mids peak.


Since I'm bored, here's a few rankings based on a couple hours of testing:


Sub-bass (most to least):


Panasonic HTF-600 (Severely bloated sub-bass, yet very forward mids. Sound clarity isn't too bad for $30)

Koss Pro DJ 100 (no mid-bass hump, so it does not effect the mids. These have very very good bass for a cheap headphone)

KRK KNS-8400 (surprised)

KRK KNS-6400

AKG K601

AKG Q701 (difference between the sub-bass of the K601 and Q701 is extremely minor)

Sennheiser HD-580

Sennheiser HD-598

AKG K240 Studio

Koss A/250 (sounded really weird with gaming)


sound clarity (very important for me):


KRK KNS-8400 (no contest really)

AKG Q701

AKG K601

KRK KNS-6400

HD-580 / HD-598 (this was a hard one and will need more testing)


Treble quantity (most to least):


KRK KNS-8400

AKG Q701

AKG K601

KRK KNS-6400




Soundstage size:


AKG Q701


AKG K601


KRK KNS-8400

KRK KNS-6400


Most balanced sounding (most to least):


HD-598 (don't ask me how, but that's what my ears hear)

KRK KNS-6400 (one of the most natural sounding headphones to me)

AKG Q701 (nothing jumps out at me at all ever..bad music does make it sound less balanced, but not the headphones fault)

KRK KNS-8400 (pretty balanced, but seems like it has a slight upper mids peak? Not too bad)

AKG K601 (weird upper mids and lower treble peak perhaps)

HD-580 (mid-bass hump and forward upper mids)


Detail level:


KRK KNS-8400 (no contest..has the rest beat easily)

AKG Q701

KRK KNS-6400

AKG K601

HD-598 (this one is tough, could be higher than the K601)


Personal favorites for gaming:


1) AKG Q701 (I hated the K702 for gaming and always used the K601 a year ago)

2) K601 (somehow with gaming it sounds darker than the HD-598?!)

3) HD-598

4) KRK KNS-8400

5) KRK KNS-6400 (less treble and sub-bass than the 8400 IMO, but more forward mids  and less accurate soundstage. It also has more mid-bass)


I generally don't like closed headphone for gaming, but the KNS-8400 is a good alternative to the Q701 for those on a budget. The 6400 is a good alternative for the K601!


For those that can't afford a Q701, another nice alternative to the Q701 is the Sony SA3000. It's quite bass light though and has some forward upper mids. It's fairly cheap.


I'm also a huge fan of the Audio Technica ATH-AD2000 for gaming, but it's way overkill. Has some similarities to the SA3000 to my ears.

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I'd probably go with the Q701 due to better soundstage. I like them big. wink.gif
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Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post


I can tell you right now that both of those games use software audio. If CoD:MW3's like the CoD4 demo, it could be FMOD Ex rather than XAudio2, but still software audio with no binaural mixing option and virtual 7.1 at the most.


Oh, how I wish that were the case...but with the move to the Frostbite engine, DICE implemented some sort of XAudio2-based sound system. In other words, BF: Bad Company 2 and BF3 both use software audio. They seem proud of it, but at least with BF:BC2, I never had a great sense of directionality due to the way they pre-mixed the sounds.


However, Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield: Vietnam use DirectSound3D, while Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142 use OpenAL.


Dang so from what I found out I assume that means it doesn't matter what sound card I get (unless I want dolby/cmss3d)?
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He ain't kidding. I was NEVER impressed with any of the Battlefield games's directional cues. The quality of the sound is great, but there is almost no real sense of directionality, regardless of settings.
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What I mean is the sound card won't improve or affect the positional accuracy or depth of the sounds, only improve quality, etc?
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