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Originally Posted by jghost23 View Post

If I were getting the DT 990 pro for immersion, which second amp should I get to help drive them? I'll end up using PC 360 for competitive gaming and the DT 990s for immersion/fun. PC 360 will just use mixamp of course.

You wouldn't really need a second amp if you're not going to use voice chat. The Mixamp fully powering game audio, will power the DT990 Pro. If you still feel you need power later on, the E9 has PLENTY of power for the DT990 Pros as they are only 250ohm.

I've ran the Mixamp to the Lyr myself. Problem with the Lyr is that it has an audible noise floor with sensitive headphones, and the tubes can hum. It's the only reason I didn't get the Lyr this time around. It was noisy with the D7000, though it was dead silent with the HE-4.
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Are the 600 OHMS DT 990s a ton better SQ wise than the DT 990 pros 250 OHMS?

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No. They sound 95% the same, mid bass aside. If you can handle the bass, I wouldn't worry about the differences.
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Originally Posted by jghost23 View Post

sounds like a dope setup. What set of cans do you use for competitive gaming? And for immersion (unless you use one set for both purposes)? Nvm, checked your sig. Too bad they are headphones and not a headset :/


It took me all of 30 minutes to bend a piece of metal that would fit around an earpad and attach a microphone to it. 30 minutes to make a HE-500 headset isn't too bad.





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What mic you using? Pretty slick. Looks better than the antlion mod mic.
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It's an Audio Technica pro 8hex*. It can't pick up anything when running straight out of the mixamp, so I had to throw a microphone preamp into the mix. The bonus is that I can now adjust the sensitivity of the mic on the fly.


Someone talking trash on Xbox live? Turn the knob up so high that you can hear a mouse walking in the next room over. "MEGAPHONE MEGAPHONE NO YOU DON'T GET TO TALK!" hahaha.



*I broke the headband off of it and bent that into the circle that fits around the earpad. It's way more legit than when I had my PRO 2900's, because I used heat shrink tubing this time instead of a roll of tape.

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Hahaha, awesome. So the Mixamp can't power the mic? Damn, must be a solid piece.
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When I first got it I plugged it into the mixamp and was surprised to find that it wasn't working! That bastard on eBay had sold me a broken unit! Then I plugged it into my Xonar ST and it had some sensitivity, but not a lot. It was then I realized that I would need a preamp.


I'm glad I paid for an expensive mic. I've had zero problems with it so far. The same can't be said about the other 50 mics I've had in the past few years.

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That looks extremely legit. Not sure I possess the talent you do to do a mod like that. Link to mic preamp? And those gained features are nice. That's what I saw lacking when people used tape or something to attach a boom mic. Stuff like mute and volume. Sounds like you have it all worked out. I'm guessing those beast of headphones (HE-5) require two amps to push.. a mixamp and a lyr you're using?

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Looks like he's using the HE500, not HE5. the HE500 isn't all too hard to drive in comparison to the older Hifimans.. I'm sure it's about as hard on the Mixamp as the K701. Loud enough without voice chat, but needs an extra amp when introducing a mic.
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MLE, I was wondering, if the MMX 300 are just DT 990s with a mic, then why would I get them over the 360s? Maybe I read wrong a few pages back.

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No, MMX300 = DT770/32ohm with a mic.

And they offer very different sounds. One is open, one is closed. Depending on your needs, one may be better than the other depending on whom you ask.
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I see. Well it makes more sense what you should about PC 360 having a more vast soundstage (which you mentioned is excellent for gaming).

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It's kind of  big, but now I'm serious business. Anyway, it was extremely easy to do the mic mod. If you can make a circle out of a piece of metal then you can do it too.

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The h3500s are 1,000 usd on amazon. Got damn!

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