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Oh man I saw Mad Lust Envy online and just created a profile to ask a question and you were offline when I found the thread again lol I just sent back my A40 SR3 Wireless System package and A*STARS. Multiple Astro community volunteers told me my descriptions sounded like a faulty headset, but Support wouldn't send me a replacement to test, so I'm getting a refund. It's about what you say. I everything is clear but it doesn't put you into the action. I don't know all the technical terms as I started searching for that perfect headset a couple months ago after my Sony over ear headphones internal battery died. I tried the Turtle Beach DX11s out, and even though I liked them, full bass volume wasn't enough bass for me. Also my Skullcandy ear buds sounded just as good, if not better than both DX11 and A40s with MixAmp 5.8, and better than the A40s with sound positioning. I've heard that 5.1/7.1 doesn't give you up and down sound positioning, but I swear to you I hear when someone is above me with my Skullcandy and Sony. To think I bought them at FYE 2 years ago on Black Friday for $8 XD best sounding things I've ever heard. So yeah, those 4 products are the only things I've tried so far for gaming and movies. I loved my Sony headphones, but I wanted a headset to talk to my friends without unfomfortably sticking a 360 headset underneath and lowering the sound quality of my game.


I mostly play MW3 because my friends play that, but I play many, many more games. When I wake up today I'm going to be calling some local Denon dealers to see if they have any D7000s for me to try out. That headphone seems to be the best fit for me, besides my family, friends, and girlfriend saying I'm absolutely insane on thinking about buying it, even my Astros. Especially my girlfriend. She's pissed I even bring them up in a window on the computer lol I can't spend $1000 from the producer, but I can possibly for $650 from dealers. I wouldn't have considered headphones until you or someone in Astro mentioned a clip on mic. I was wondering if you could suggest 1, 2, or 3 headphones/headsets for me. Even if they're new ones coming in 2013 you heard of, I can wait. I'm looking for something that can give me the best of both worlds. I'm not professional, but I am a competitive player when it comes to shooters. Then I also like to indulge and immerse myself into the story/music of games. If something has amazing music, I'll have chills and/or tears of joy because of how it sounds. Doesn't need sad lyrics. I don't watch a lot of movies but I always tell my girlfriend the 4th row in the back section in theaters are ideal for surround sound. I hate it when my friends want to sit all the way at the back wall. You pay $10 to see a movie with sound in front of you, and it's like watching a 50" tv from across the living room with no surround sound.


If you could suggest a specific clip on mic along with an amp that would be awesome as well, as I don't know much about everything yet. I just know when something sounds good, or looks good when I hear it.


EDIT: Are there any clip on mics that'll give me an amplified voice? That was one of my problems with the A40s. It was like trying to talk to someone next to you at a parade with a fire truck in front of you blowing the horn.

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Any console players care to give their opinion on the new Brainwavz HM5's?


I have the Sennhesier HD595's and they are a good all rounder for gaming where spacial awareness and positioning is important and for watching/listening to movies/music where sound quality is excellent.

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JUST got my Mixamp. Old version, bought it used. Now to see if it adds anything to Skyrim...

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Back to my problem now. :D


Is it worth considering an external sound card?

Are they better/worse/on par with internal?

If worth considering can you suggest the best brand to look for?

Still welcoming suggestions on most balanced headset options too.


Need solution quick before wife figures out what I'm doing and confiscates my wallet also (and balls if she finds out what I'm likely to end up spending).

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Wow and I thought I did my homework. I feel like I should be paying you for all that great info. My a40s are being returned for defects and I wasn't overly happy with customer service when I was researching a replacement headset. I settled on the PC 360's and after reading your post I am sure I made the right decision. (pending confirmation of refund from astro). I have not made my mind up on a amp., my choice is between the new dds2 or the mix amp. Can you advise me please. You have the most detailed info out there. Is there a better choice for me. I am not a pro gamer but want the best I can afford.



Thank you very much


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MixAmp and you will be very happy :)

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+1 for Astro Mixamp.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I still can't believe you did that, btw. I remember you asking me via pm, when you first started out. Now... you surpassed my spending habit... very, VERY quickly. tongue.gif

Hehe... My wife didn't confiscate anything, I'm just kidding.


I paid my last two cans doing extra freelancer jobs, and of course, I never told her how much they cost since technically, I didn't use my salary for that.


But yeah.. my journey started wanting to buy cheap cans for gaming (Turtle Beach HPA-2). Then I knew about MixAmp and got 2 cans for single/multi gaming (DT990/K702), and in the end, I noticed I don't play that much, and I listen a lot to music, so I wanted something that sounds awesome with music and that also are good with gaming for my work (closed - Ed8) and my house (open - LCD2).


I should have stayed with the CAL I bought for my wife from MLE hehe...


Lately I'm wondering why I'm coming back to head-fi, since my upgraditis for cans is dead (thanks god). I'll get a better DAC later this year, after I can save money for my Fanatec or G27 wheel, so it will take a while.


Is very fun to see ppl asking the same questions I once did... the travel for the "perfect headphone for me" is the most fun part.





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Originally Posted by iambob911 View Post I settled on the PC 360's and after reading your post I am sure I made the right decision. (pending confirmation of refund from astro). I have not made my mind up on a amp., my choice is between the new dds2 or the mix amp. Can you advise me please.


PC360 goes with the Mixamp.  Always.  Hopefully people realize that a DSS would defeat the purpose of the expensive PC360 headSET  -> since the mic won't work with the DSS.

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Random MixAmp maintenance question: the rubbery sides of my unit have gathered lint. What can I use to wipe it?

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There are clothes sold in stores like Staples and what not that are treated to work safely on electronics. Avoid Windex and other cleaners. I have heard horror stories, but never actually tried spraying A/V equipment (Or even spraying a cloth, then cleaning) with it myself. I think Pledge makes an electronics safe cleaner as well.

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Hi everyone! My dt990 pro 250 have arrived two weeks ago and i'm LOVING them! The only problem so far is that I can't seem to get used to the pressure of the headband on my scalp, it just irritates my skin, any suggestion?

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So I've read through at least 30 pages of this thread and I would like to start off by saying thank you for the helpful information! I've played all of the Call of Duties and I currently play MW3 and I'm a complete newbie to this audiophile thing. I must say, I'm quite intrigued. I used to not be for headphones/headsets because it always felt uncomfortable on my head. But after using the Sony PS3 official headset for the past few weeks, I'm sold. Yes I know this headset isn't that good compared to the ones mentioned, but it only cost about $80. I plan to return it this weekend and buy what I truly desire with the help of this thread. I'm a gamer (PS3) at heart and love to be competitive (yet I require balance for more cinematic games). It seems the consensus for gaming is Astro Mixamp + PC 360. I was wondering if there is any difference between the sound qualified amplified by the Astro Mixamp 2011 edition (wired) vs the Astro Mixamp 8 (wireless)? I also saw others post about other amps such as the E9 or Lyr. What is the best amp to choose among the ones mentioned? I like the PC 360 but the boom mic seems huge compared to other mics on other headsets. I wish sennheiser was more cosmetically appealing with their design. I like the way the A40's look, yet I do not want to sacrifice sound quality for cosmetics. It seems only ignorant people think the A40's are awesome. I was on the fence of purchasing them until I came across this thread. And I am sure grateful! Otherwise I would of had buyer's remorse and not of felt happy with my $300 purchase. Also, if I were to buy the Astro mixamp 8 (wireless), does Astro's rechargeable battery pack work well? Does it last long? I've read somewhere (possibly this thread) that it dies fairly quickly and eventually doesn't hold a solid charge.


To sum up this big wall of text:


Astro Mixamp Pro, Astro mixamp 8 wireless - any difference in sound quality?


E9, LYR - Are these able to be used for console gaming? and are they better than Mixamps?


PC 360 - It seems this will fit my sound needs but I was wondering if there was any other headset with equivalent sound yet has a more cosmetically appealing design


Lastly, this thread started at the beginning of 2011. It is now the beginning of January 2012. Do any of you savy audiophiles know when companies release their new line of products? (ie. iphone shows patterns of fall or summer of the proceeding year). Sadly, I'm not familiar with audiophile equipment and do not know when these companies release their products. If Sennheiser (or Astro regarding mixamp) will release a new headphone better than the PC 360 within 6 months...I may want to wait.


Oh and MLE I added you on PSN. My gamer tag is the same as my name on here. Thanks all who took the time to read this! And to future replies.

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External amps like the E9 and Lyr are mentioned mostly because some of us are using some pretty hard to drive headphones. Typical headSETS (i.e. PC360), are quite easy to drive, and don't benefit much (might even be worse) by adding an external amp.

The Mixamps sound 99.9% the same. The Wireless Mixamp has just a slight hint of audible noise floor which really isn't a factor while you're playing.

If you get the wireless Mixamp, do make sure to get the rechargeable batteries. It will save you of a headache, trust me. I don't own it, and the wireless Mixamp eats through my Eneloops, where I have to recharge them constantly (as in taking them out of the Mixamp to recharge), whereas the battery pack from Astro charges through the USB. I just don't wanna spend $40+ just to get the battery pack (stupid Astro shipping).

The PC360 is a perfect start for headset gaming.

As for adding me, no prob. I don't play much now, but if I get on, it's been pretty much for watching movies, playing some Castlevania HD, and my brother let me borrow his PS3 version of Black Ops (which I greatly prefer over MW3). I'm mostly a 360 gamer, and I haven't been using that much either.
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Thanks for your super fast reply MLE. You provide better customer service/response time than best buy. Lol. I do not want to get into the upgrade race. So is there something out there that produces better sound than the PC360 that doesn't cost much more than it (even if it does.. is it remotely noticeable to the human ear?)? Will the PC360 be obsolete soon? It's a 1year old headset it seems. Would you still stick with the statement (opened > closed almost always for gaming as long as the environment permits it?). I also saw you say that you got the PC360 for $180. I see it priced at roughly $220. Where can I find it for $180? That would be awesome. I liked some of the headphones you guys posted, but yeah my budget does not surpass $300-400 USD (headset+ AMP budget). Also, I prefer the wireless mixamp because I play in my living room. Running a USB from my TV to my couch would not be ideal, and it would also look very messy. 

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