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hahahaha, oh sorry, I didn't realize you were trying to help me. I could never get the full size soundstage from an IEM. The DT770's are out due to bass bloat.
Maybe I could wait for a price drop on an A700x or something.
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Anyone try the Beyer T70/T70P for FPS gaming?

They are closed...but based on what I have read about them, they might make some nice gaming cans.

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Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post


I'd like some clarification on this. How many non-wireless Mixamp variants are floating around out there?


I know of at least two: the older "A40 Mixamp" version, and the newer "Mixamp Pro" version which should have improved USB functionality, from what I've read. Aside from the text at the bottom, the volume and game/chat mixing knobs also look slightly different.

Only 2 as far as I know. I think it's pre-2010, and 2010 editions. I heard the 2010 edition is easier to hook up to a PS3 for chat.

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Originally Posted by Eric_C View Post

Only 2 as far as I know. I think it's pre-2010, and 2010 editions. I heard the 2010 edition is easier to hook up to a PS3 for chat.

This may be because of what I've heard about the Mixamp Pro using USB for input in addition to output, effectively presenting itself as a USB headset, whereas the older A40 Mixamp revision only uses analog for mic input.

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For a closed headphone that is considered very neutral:

Fischer FA-003 or Brainwavz HM5

They are the same headphone just rebranded (uncomfirmed, but those whohave heard both say they look and sound identical).

They supposedly have a huge soundstage for closed headphones, and both around $150.

I want a pair myself.
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Those look very nice, I'll check them out.
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MLE, have any experience with the Edition 8's? They look to be the best possible closed headphones I can buy in the 1k range. Supposedly easy to drive as well. Very good isolation too.

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I believe Obazavil owns them and swears by them for gaming.

Unfortunately, for a lowly security guard like me, it's too rich for my blood.

If I had the money, my endgame would be:

Schiit Biifrost DAC
Schiit Lyr Amp
HE500 (for non bassy needs, like TV shows)
HE4 to replace the DT990
ES10 (portable), KSC35 (because I need clip on)
PC360 (mic'd headset)

Whatever high end closed headphone has velour pads.

Dammit. I think I'm gonna do what I should've done earlier... I'm gonna return the DT990/600 and going to get the HE4 again. Just...those were the cans for me for all applications. I need the Lyr though, ASAP.

Once the Lyr makes it back on Amazon, I will be ordering it. Hopefully soon, so I can test it out with the 990s within my return window (Jan 31). Depending on whether I like the combo or not, I may/may not return the 990s and order the HE4.

I realize now I should have just got the HE4 and stuck with it until the Lyr became available.
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I thought you were centered on the Beyerdynamic Tesla T1, but it's nowhere in that list...

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I lost interest, since I realize I don't wanna sacrifice that much bass for balance. The HE4 is very close to the signature of the DT990s, with just a slight loss of bass (still close), more mids, and slight loss of treble (still sparkly,but not as ridiculous as the DT990 treble). Pretty much, a perfected DT990. Still fun, still V-shaped, but superior in every way. It just needs a ton of power though. The E9 struggled quite a bit with the HE4. I enjoyed it anyway, but having the Lyr in hand, really proved how much the HE4 needs some serious power.
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Ultrasone HFI-780 - Pure Animation

The exclusive design of the closed-back HFI-780 is accentuated by the polar-silver colour. The HFI-780 contains all Ultrasone technologies such as S-Logic™ Plus, ULE and safer hearing.

The HFI-780 is developed from the studio sector and is distinguished by a frequency response specifically tuned for DVD and gaming. Sophisticated home cineasts and music enthusiasts are overwhelmed by the impressing sound that appears as though you are listening to speakers meters away. Gamers are impressed by the exact sound reproduction, making the gaming world come alive. The low frequency ranges are being risen in order to reach the highest possible synergies with DSP-Systems like DOLBY HEADPHONE™ and Yamaha SILENT CINEMA™.


From their website. They sound quite interesting.


Edit: Looks like they've been mentioned a NUMBER of times. Pity you never got your hands on a pair, MLE. They sound like they were made for gaming.

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I dunno. Ultrasones sound ideal for me, but I never thought about them other than the Pro 900.
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Speaking of Ultrasone, I considered the Pro 900 at one point, but then people here mentioned some drawbacks.


-Ultrasones are notorious for skull-clamping pressure. Needless to say, that detracts from comfort.


-The Pro 900 specifically is notorious for a recessed midrange. If I've found out anything in my headphone experiences, it's that I don't want the vocals taking a back seat in the music. I don't know if this is just the Ultrasone house sound or what.



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I actually prefer a recessed midrange, since I'm a mild bassand treblehead, just as long as they aren't too recessed. I wanted the Pro900 for a long time, but its a midbass heavy can. I prefer sub bass, so the D7000 was better suited for my taste.
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I use Edition 8 for music at the office, and for gaming with the mixamp and ps3.

They are very clear, the bass impact is superb without interfering other frequencies, and isolate VERY good in both directions.

Positional cues are also good on those. The S-Logic works wonderful with mixamp when playing BF3 and Dead Space for example.

They are at $995 or so at RMC Audio, or $1,250 at amazon if you want the return-no-fee policy.

Ed8 sound extremely good even straight from iPhone, they are very easy to drive, so mixamp has no problem driving them

There are many cheaper options for closed (CAL has an extension cable included, or check the options given by MLE), but if you want the best closed headphone IMHO (and Skylab and many others) they are worth checking.
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