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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (3/18/2016: MrSpeakers Ether C 1.1 Added) - Page 1487

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The housing where the cable entry is located isn't deep enough to drill for an interconnect to go there. That is why mine is hanging like it is.

Yup, sucks donkey balloons
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Didn't realize it didn't have a detachable cable. Damn it AKG. That probably would've been the best option under $200... now they're stuck using the Antlion, or mods.
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Get the K702 w/flat headband and some 712 pads. But that will run about $270
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Nah, if I'm gonna get a headphone, it's gotta be the 400i.

The Crusher was spur of the moment, and while I like it a LOT, I find the bass sensation to be a bit limited in that it resonates mainly at 60hz, so music that jumps in bass frequencies will sound uneven due to the rumble only kicking in in such a narrow frequency (55-65hz mainly, IIRC, gotta test it with Sinegen). It really depends on how well the Crusher does for movies and games, mainly. I really, really like it, but that $100 could be used for future use on the 400i... so I may return the Crusher. I have to do quite a bit more testing, as I only tested it for like 30-45 minutes.

Zombie, you should consider making an adapter like that for the Hifiman connectors too. I have a feeling the 400i and 560 people (among the many HE400 and HE500 owners) would appreciate something like it. I think if I end up with the 400i, I'd REALLY wanna be able to attach the Boom Pro to it.

edit: Oh wait... Hifimans are dual entry.... not sure how to go about making that work with the Boom Pro, so never mind...that would probably take some mod work and making one channel jump to the other cup... not worth it.
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Wouldnt the 400i have an entry on both sides like the other Hifimans?

Edit: I see you realized that while I was typing tongue.gif
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Yeah, I edited it as soon as I posted it. Just beat me to the edit. I'm an idiot. rolleyes.gif
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You're not an idiot. You're just excited wink.gif
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I sure don't!


Anyway, since I happened to mismanage some funds tonight... I won't be able to do my next headphone purchase.


I REALLY want someone to jump on this, because I believe it will be golden.





That, with som Shure alcantara pads...




And, of course, the BoomPro...

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Coincidentally, the 1840 pads fit over the Turtle Beach Z11's cups relatively well, and sounding similar to the stock pads, though I needed just a little tape to keep the 1840 pads from sliding off.

I think for $35, if I could manage to score some non-defective Z11s... they'd be one of my fave sub-$100 headphones.... I really liked their dry, sharp sound, spacious soundstage, and fast, strong bass. Like cheap 990s without the treble of doom.

I kinda wish I didn't rip off the felt on the 1840 pads, ah well.

The Z11's problem is the in line volume control. I had to press down on it so the channels would be even. I guess for the price of entry, they'd be a good candidate for a cheap recable, though no need for the Boom Pro, as it already has a boom mic.

Seriously, it's a VERY nice, crisp sounding headset. I was quite surprised.

edit: The Skullcandy Crusher's main range for bass driver reaction is at 18hz-19.5hz and between 50-65hz. At 55hz, it's at it's strongest. You can hear the driver work all the way up to 200hz, adding just a hint of warmth compared to it being at it's lowest setting. After about 200hz, all other frequencies sound exactly the same whether the bass is on max or minimal/off. This is why I say it doesn't hamper the music almost at all. The mids and treble sound exactly the same. Of course if the bass is set to medium or high, expect some added warmth under 200hz, and some potent cup rumble at 18-19.5 hz and 50-65hz.
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I really hate this. Just like the last time I had the M500... something unfortunate happens... and I'm probably going to have to sell it, again, to make up for the financial loss. Sucks because I got these for a great deal that I know I won't come across, again.


Life... it really does throw some curve balls at ya, doesn't it? Smh...

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Sorry to hear that bro. frown.gif
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It's all good, my friend. I'm a champ... I'll tough it out...

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So you really returning the Crushers?

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Oh, I'm reaaaaaaaaally enjoying them. That was just my train of thought from the brief impression because the range where the bass driver works is so narrow. i realize that's only a bad thing if you have the bass setting set too high. Having it set to 2 or halfway to 3 notches adds a euphoric amount of bass without it sounding to 'off' from the main driver's bass.

Not sure why the bass driver has a secondary 'reaction' point at 18-19.5 hz. Not much is ever gonna reach that down low, but still.... interesting.

I'll put it through it's paces before I make a decision.

I'm just surprised at how well balanced the main driver is otherwise. It's like Sennheiser level flat. The mids are pretty healthy. smily_headphones1.gif
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