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Nope. You can score them on Ebay, various websites here and there, but you may get lucky and find one at the Microsoft online store. That's where they were selling recently.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Is it on ear? Closed on ears just don't tend to do well.

No, it's completely over ear.

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There's a "Shell Shocker" deal at Newegg for the blue DNA On-ear for $79 after rebate.  I tried these at a store and couldn't get over the on-ear feel.  But if you into that kind of thing, seems like a pretty sweet deal.

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Used K612 from Amazon Warehouse Deals for $150...



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Originally Posted by DannyRox23 View Post

HD 558 are fun headphones :)


For music and for gaming they are among one of the most boring headphones I've ever heard. Bass and bottom end in general is plainly done badly in those for a Sennheiser product and it's also one of those where they sound too airy, unnatural. Other complaints of all that line are price (the 598 is very expensive for what you get) and reliability issues (they break).


The thing is all that "555 line" is hyped to death because they are internet champs of non into mid or hi-fi people defending their purchase, not realizing it's on the bottom level of the sennheiser products, the ones to avoid, those made in china (the good Senn products are made in Ireland and in Germany) and those that don't get reviewed by technical sites.


Was reading this thread and someone even claimed that with cable and wiring modding they can get to the 600/650 level (mid-fi, a complete tier altogether), which is impossible without changing the drivers, frame design and materials; plus when modding it necessarily means losing in some aspects. It's like comparing a bmw 325 with a m5.

Furthermore, I was reading headfonia comments on this (yep I know) and someone wrote he preferred the 595 over the 800, which is the usual mistake of preferring what you use over what's being tested for 5 seconds with different music just because of being used to the former.


But yeah, they are pretty good for soundwhoring which is an aspect of headphones for gaming. Wouldn't recommend it to the masses for that use though, as they are really boring, technically flawed and expensive for what you get, but they do work as a one trick pony.


I still want to know if there really is a proper world class headphone for music (above the 600/650 and AKG level) that at the same time is great for fun gaming and for soundwhoring, all that with proper testing, comparison, setup (amp, dolby headphone dac), technical knowledge, good gameplay level and everything. There are lots of greats for both uses or one in particular, but so far none tested that's spectacular for both. I know one day someone will :P

On this the theoretical best among the usual suspects should be the HD800, but I think even that one is not really worth purchasing right now because some aspects should come improved from factory being their current top of the line.

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Boring is purely subjective. I find the HD558 to be well balanced with an all rounder type signature. I've heard better, and I've heard worse. For the price, the 558 is a very good headphone that excels in comfort, soundstage, and positional cues. yes, they don't have any exciting bumps in the frequency that give anything an extra amount of energy, but has a generalized sound signature that doesn't do anything particularly wrong.

As for the build quality, I dunno where you're getting this from as the build issues were resolved years ago. Unless you're an absolute animal, I don't see these breaking under normal use whatsoever.

I do agree, that neither the 558 or 598 come anywhere near the level of the HD650. That is utter hyperbole to me.
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Mad, did you see any K545s on display last time you were in your local Best Buy?
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Nope. Are they supposed to be? The BBs I go to only have the K550 up... ugh.
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Yea, I've read ablut some Best Buys having them on display. Thought yours might have had them up. They're on sale, there, for $200 I think.

If you can find a working pair to test... I advise you do...

Still wish I had a working pair when I bought them...
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I went to Best Buy last Sunday, and OMG, they had three DNA Pros up for demos... and all of them were broken in the same spots as mine. Ironically, the multiple DNA On Ears all looked and played perfectly. It just confirmed that the it's a QC issue with the Pros.
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Hopefully they'll address these issues now that you brought it to light on your review. Did you notify them, personally?
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In the DNA focus group sub-forum, the review was pasted, as well as extra comments. If they're keeping an eye on the impressions from us who received them, I'm sure they'll do something about it.

One thing i saw is the new line of Beats headphones. One thing that immediately stuck out is that every single model has some aluminum or some alloy-ish parts and extension arms, etc. You can tell they adopted all the feedback they received about their shoddy build quality of the older models. I hope Monster does the same, because the DNA Pro really is a damn good headphone.
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Good to know.

And speaking of issues, I really hope AKG addresses the K545. That was a damn good headphone.... and I only heard one side! lol
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That's crazy. You heard two pairs right?
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Yup... *sigh*
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