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I'm at the gym everyday. They get a little stupid with their selection of music. If I didn't see a bunch of weights and machines i would think i just stepped into a concert. They play all their music SOOOOO loud. I'll just flip the noise cancelation and it drowns out whatever BS they have on. It's the thing I use the most so it wasn't a option NOT to have it. 


I've gone option 2 which will be a ModMic into a Rockit Adapter into my series 7 amp. I just ordered a Quad Mogami from one of the forum members here. Can't wait to try that out. 

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oh and as far as the NC making headphones sound worse......I tested personally 15 or so NC (including the QC15s which for being so trendy were actually really good) and read over 30 reviews of the M4U2 and you'd be surprised how many state the M4U2 headphones is ONE of the best NC headphones on the market. But as i mentioned they are for gym use (and i guess gaming set) for now. Eventually I want to get a high end headphone set up. 

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Why won't the 2 work with a detachable 3.5mm cable? I thought it was detachable.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post
I looked at some unboxings, it looks like standard 3.5mm cables, so I'll take it as a yes. Still, I'll be waiting for your post.

Anyone here getting Symphonia Chronicles? I have a question: Does the back cover state it supports Dolby Digital? They're relatively old games, and I'm guessing it's gonna be stereo.... with MAYBE Pro Logic II at the most.

Asking because, I bought the game digitally, so I can't tell.


Someone brought a retail copy to the game room today; although the copyright text mentions Dolby Labs, there is otherwise no presence of a Dolby logo for anything on the case or the disc. (Nobody played it because they were too busy playing Tales of Graces f instead, though.)


For what it's worth, the original GameCube release doesn't have Dolby Pro Logic II-encoded output, either. It's just stereo.


And speaking of which...I know I'm supposed to be more tolerant of old graphics and all, but dear god, this game just looks far too pixellated with a Wii, component cables and an HDTV. It's borderline painful to look at without any form of anti-aliasing and makes me feel like I stepped into the early-1990s era of PC gaming. I really should've played it when I first bought it so that it wouldn't have felt quite as dated.


Unfortunately, one of my friends tells me the PS3 version's been downgraded to 30 FPS, even though there should be no technical reason whatsoever for that.

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Yeah... I was quite disappointed last night to find out that the game was running at 30fps. I distinctly remember the original running at 60fps. Hell, almost all Tales games run at 60fps when at LEAST in the battle screen.

WTF, Sony/Bamco... this is an ancient game. There is no reason to chop the framerate by half. The game looks ugly as sin too. It's ironic that the true PS3 Tales games run a 60fps for the battle screens, but this simple rehash doesn't.

I'm not playing it for the graphics though. I'm playing it because I missed it last time. Now I'm wishing I had played it on GC instead.

The good thing about the PS4 is that it seems most games are running with an unlocked framerate, which I prefer over capping it at 30fps. It may dip below 60, but anything above a consistent 30 works better for me.

If we get any remakes on PS4, you can bet they're probably gonna be smooth as butter.
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it is but for some reason i got no sound. Very odd. 

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What cable you using? From what I've seen, you should be able to share audio from the PSB to another headphone, meaning using their own 3.5mm cables. Make sure it's plugged in all the way. Now I'm gonna have to remove some headphones off the list, since it seems these headphones came with a 3 pole plug, meaning regular 2 pole plugs may only be inserted partially...
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everything was connected correctly. No go. 

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I'm gonna take those off the list, then. It doesn't make sense to me, as they're stated to share audio with other headphones, but I'll take your word for it, for now.


That sounds disappointing... ragged treble? No thanks.
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I'll do a video on my iPhone if you want and send it to you. lol.

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Oh, I believe you. I think it's the same problem I had with the Slyr and using it with other cables. Some worked, some didn't. It's odd. Since it's inconsistent, I won't put it on the list, until someone tests it with the BoomPro itself.
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i've seen soooo many videos of this guy.....I WOULD LOVEEEEEEE to see a video where he gives nothing but praise to a headphone. He always complains. Mr Debbie downer if you ask me. 

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What do you mean test it with the Boom Pro itself. I have the Boom Pro right here with me. They didn't work for the PSB. 

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Ah ok. And umm, he doesn't always complain. He just has an ear for what sounds and measures well. The K812 did neither for him. You can even see the ragged treble and impulse response on the graphs. He called it like he saw it. Graphs are part of an equation, but they are a good indicator. The K812 has a fantastic balance...up to the treble, where it becomes... not so high end.

Tyll is well known and respected because he knows his stuff. I would rather believe someone that can nitpick a headphone's shortcomings, rather than brushing them off and giving nothing but positive impressions. Especially on a $1500 headphone which shouldn't be having these problems in the first place. In fact, I've been told that he's like me, we try and see the good side of every headphone. If it's bad, we'll say why. Like my review of the DNA Pro. There's nothing to hate about the sound (one of my fave sounds on ANY headphone), but plenty to hate about the build quality and comfort. It's a Monster product, and they sent me these headphones, but I'm not restricted in any shape or form on my opinions. I won't brush off statements that I feel are true. Tyll won't either. He may keep it to himself unless he gets asked, which is the case with the K812.

BTW, he loves the Fidelio X1 AND it measured well.

Also, you're not getting AUDIO at all? Or just mic audio?
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PM me  your email. I took video proof with my iPhone. Just would like to show you. I took a look at the FX1 and they look great too but again I'm in a gym with my headphones 80 percent of the time. Not until recently I'm going to use them as a gaming set as well. I don't think the open headphones are something i can use unless i was always going to be somewhere nice and quiet.

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