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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post
I really wanna test SBX extensively. I really liked the short demos of it, and I feel is the next upgrade from Dolby Headphone. Creative needs to hurry up with an external spdif version.

Whenever work is dead, I play, and I use THX tru studio. Much too lazy to detach my Xonar U3 from my usb hub at home. THX TS works fine the vast majoroty of the time. There are a few games that don't mesh with it, but they probably don't do well with DH either.

Change, as for how often the bass distorts on the 1840, I haven't tested at length (been gaming mostly), though since I've been very cautious of the AD being delivered, I listened to music on the 1840 at low volumes. It's a very enjoyable low volume headphone due to it's clarity and neutral sound.

Nameless, the alcantara is... the best thing. Seriously, better than pure velour. I feel the 1540 pads are amazing, over the 1840 pads. But it recesses the mids a bit for me, on the 1840 and MA900.

If it hadnt, id have asked Change for the 1540 pads for the MA900 instead, lol.


Quite a shame the SB Omni doesn't have an S/PDIF INput with Dolby Digital (and DTS) DEcoding...


You're really trying to sell me on this Alcantara stuff, aren't you? Well, you almost had me...up until the recessed mids part. I can't have that!


I was especially hoping for the possibility of Beyerdynamic-compatible Alcantara pads that might be more comfortable than their nice velour pads, and possibly even bring out the mids a little more, to level out this MMX 300 a bit...speaking of which, you wanna review that any time soon? I know the whole "spliced headphone connector" thing might have you concerned, but I'm confident in my handiwork fixing that up.


Originally Posted by Change is Good View Post

Mad, I'm guessing you don't do Battlefield?

Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post
Nah. Too slow paced and too big for me. I'm a run n gunner, lone wolf. Battlefield is death for players like me.


Aw, damn, was hoping for some classic Battlefield together now that you're warming up to PC gaming. If nothing else, BF1942's Berlin map is actually kinda small and infantry-focused more than anything.


Still, I'm also wondering why you aren't into Unreal Tournament or Quake III Arena/Quake Live yet. Now THAT'S running-'n-gunning...

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Those games are TOO fast paced, lol.

nameless, as for the MMX300... I'll need some time for that and the 1540. Pretty soon, I think times are gonna get even rougher for me, so we'll see.

I just got the Alpha Dogs as I was in deeeeeep sleep (no headtime yet), so that takes priority over the 1840, if only because I'm on a stricter timeframe with them.

Considering they're both aimed at neutrality, it will be interesting comparing the two.

I think neutral headphones really make the best low level listening. Warm headphones tend to sound a little muffled at low levels.
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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

Speaking of sales, just a reminder that there are a lot of holiday PC game sales going on right now (Steam, Amazon, etc).

Prepare your wallets...
I'm considering buying the Bioshock bundle. I've read a ton of positive things about the series, but the story just seems too dark for my liking.

Maybe Mirror's Edge will be more to my liking? I can't wait to see how that game turns out for the Oculus Rift if it ever happens.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

That would be correct.

As for Beats...not quite, but getting close. Thats all I will say.

All I will say is that its so good, I would ship it to you guys to break the stigma.

I know you're waiting for a big reveal... but for the record, I would guess a skullcandy/Astro product? If so, you've already started to break that stigma with the SLYR and PLYR.
It's always 4:20 somewhere...
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Hahaha, nope.
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Oh man... yes, you might just have to send me the MA900 as you intended lol. These long sessions with the 1540 w/Alphas tend to make my ears hot. And you have my only pair of alcantaras as I sold the others about a week ago frown.gif
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I could always ship the Alcantara pads alone, for dirt cheap. I'd rather ship everything all at once.

My budget right now is killer.
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Yea you can do that. Guess you're not really going to be using them so that makes sense smily_headphones1.gif
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Never mind, just remembered about the extra velours that came with the 1840... so just going to use those...


Save your mullah... and take your time... :beerchug:

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I forgot to ask, how does the 1540 sound with the 1840 velours? I'm sure bass will be reduced by quite a bit, but is it offensive?

I think the 1540 pads are the best pads I've ever felt in comfort out of all pads, ever. They'd make the MA900 even better than the 1840 pads, but it just doesn't suit them at all. Perhaps the only one to rival it would be the original K701 pads, which were firm but airy and always comfy. They felt a little different from the K70x pads of today.
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Irresistible K812 Pro Hype in various German forums. Must resist. :mad: 


:> (Click to show)
although you have to admit that it's definitely a headphone one should listen to sometime. 
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Velours on the 1540 sounds somewhat like the 1840... but not as open?!? :blink:


I wouldn't be surprised if these are the same drivers... just slightly tuned with a different design...


Way to take a page from AKG's book, Shure... :ph34r: 

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The Alpha Dogs... very short session, but Dan has definitely delivered on the promise of an open sounding closed headphone. Also, I thought it'd sound too sterile. Not so. As I hear it right now... the Alpha Dog is absolutely the real deal.

I wish I had the MD 3.2 to compare, but as I remember it, the AD is definitely on a higher level, though the tonality on the MD 3.2 may be a little more enjoyable for me. Not to say the AD isn't. It's fantastic so far.

Definitely needs amping. The Asgard 2 is on the right side on high gain. Yikes.
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Anyone know what in ear monitors are good for gaming?

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Hey Mad Lust, I've been following your thread for quite a while now, and I have come to a conclusion that I'll get the MA900 for X-Mas. First, it was the Sennheiser HD 598 or the Q701, and then I saw the MA900. And it seems that it has exactly what I'm looking for in a headphones. These are going to be my first audiophile headphones, and I'm mainly using them for Gaming, Movies and Music. I'll use them with my SBZ Sound Card. Although I'll wait for a price drop because they're going for about $230 on both Amazon and Ebay right now. Meanwhile the DT 990 Pro is going for about $150, which looks a bit tempting, but I'll probably pass on them since they are described as being "too bright", and I'm not very good with sibilance. And then I came across this comparison between the MA900 and the AKG 612 Pro.



Although I know the MA900 is not the most refined headphone, the AKG 612 Pro can't surely beat it at almost everything. It doesn't have many reviews. Do you think this guy is on his honey moon period with the AKG 612 since he got it recently?

Wish you could try it out and give a comparison with the MA900 and the Q701, the AKG 612 is currently going for $160 on Amazon and $200 on Ebay, which is very tempting. What's your take on this?


(Sorry if I posted too much, this is coming from my collective headphone research) 

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