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I don't know shamrock, most impressions for it are dramatically positive-and you know it would improve the aesthetics as well! evil_smiley.gif But once you factor in the cost...you just start thinking of possible headphone upgrades lol.



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I'm not saying it just to troll, but I genuinely can't hear a difference when I was A/Bing the BD and stock. I was hoping to based on the positive impressions I read. I've left the BD on now as it definitely isn't detrimental to the sound and yeah it looks a lot better aesthetically.


I guess this is a bit OT for the gaming headphone thread though. I do totally agree with you that the Pro900 is great for gaming.

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First off, Thanks for the good review Mad Lust Envy!


Although I still seek guidance in what to buy.

I am going to use the headphone for music, fun gaming  and a little bit of competitive gaming.

My budget is around the 250-300 euro for the headphone and if needed a portable amp.


My musical taste varies from hard electronic music ( dnb, industrial hardcore ) to rock/metal .

A headphone with some clear bass is preferred, but there is no need for head-shaking rampage.


I live in the Netherlands and being new to Hi-fi headphones am unsure which stores offer good headphones.

The headphones that I’ve been looking at so far are:


Beyer Dynamic 770DT 250 Ohm                ( € 155)

Sennheiser PC 360 G4me                         (€  140) ( Am worried that these will leak the sound too much )



I would like to use the headphones on my PC as well as my laptop.

there for I understand I will probably need to buy a portable AMP.

Most gamers seem to use the Astro Mixamp because of the Dolby Headphone feature.. is it really that good?


Am really interested in the Astro Mixamp, but have heard alot about the Fiio E7 amp as well.

What will be best for my needs?


Astro Mixamp                                              ( € 120)

Fiio E7                                                         ( € 80  )                                     


Thanks in advance!

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No problem Shamrock-I didn't even realize that you had the BD. That sucks that it doesn't seem to be working for you-I'll buy it off you down the line if you want-or I'm sure you could easily sell it sooner here if you tried. How long is it? Also, do you have the silver pads yet? I would be VERY surprised if you didn't hear a difference with them-because it is a very dramatic change for the better (except for bassheads). But then again I would have thought the same thing for the BD based on others impressions here...




edit: I assume you listened for differences with music as opposed to games? I'm sure any changes would be much easier to discern in that regard!

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Originally Posted by BournePerfect View Post

I don't know shamrock, most impressions for it are dramatically positive-and you know it would improve the aesthetics as well! evil_smiley.gif But once you factor in the cost...you just start thinking of possible headphone upgrades lol.



Did you happen to Kees your 900s, and are the silver pads actually constructed slightly different other than just color?  Some say that Kees helped a lot, while others say it essentially changed nothing for them.  Then you have some talking about the Denon J$ pads, which are not only supposed to be an incredible step up for comfort, but also isolation and the overall sound stage, especially the midrange and supposed bass issues. (I only say supposed, because I haven't heard them yet!)




What are these things?

Our handmade lambskin Denon earpads are full replacement ear pads that add a touch of class to your existing headphones, while giving them an overall improvement in sound quality. By using premium lambskin leather, your headphones will not only look and smell better, but will sound better due to the fact that leather pads tend to clean up headphones that have issues with bass being too bloated and muddy. We find that the stock ear pads are too soft and thin, allowing the driver to be too close to one's ears, causing the bass to be bloated and too "in your face". So, to battle this issue, we have carefully selected a foam type that is firm enough to allow the drivers to sit further away from the user's ears, allowing more space for air to circulate. The actual pads themselves are much thicker than the stock ear pads at about 3.5cm tall on the thick side. This allows for a much better listening experience as the sound will be less fatiguing, will have MUCH better bass control, add clarity, and separation of instruments.


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Yeah I tried them with tracks I'm quite familiar with. Maybe I just have fail ears, but I was really looking forward to the enhanced sub-bass others had mentioned with the BD.frown.gif


I don't have the silver pads, but I'm not sure I want the Pro900 to be more balanced sounding. I like them how they are now and would use different headphones if I wanted better vocals or a more balanced presentation. I'm gonna be controversial and say the Pro900 does electronic better than the LCD-2 for my tastes.


I do think we're getting waaay off-topic though and should probably keep this to the Pro900 thread!

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I never tried the Kees mod. Reason being is that after reading probably every Pro 900 thread on this site-I came to the conclusion that pretty much everybody who had fully burned in their Pro, did not benefit at all from the Kees. The concensus was that it was basically beneficial during the first few hundred hours of ownership. With that in mind, I burned mine in right when I got them for about 3 weeks straight, with a few breaks in between.


The silver pads are definitely made differently than the black ones. They are a bit softer and spungier if you will, and much more comfortable imo. I never tried the J$s because I didn't want to mess with the sound that much. I believe colmustard has a few impressions with them...and his feelings seemed mixed about what they did to the sound-especially when used in conjunction with the silver pads Blue Dragon. Another user (can't remember who) seemed to really like the combination of the silver pads and the BD though, which is another reason I want to try that combo sometime-it's supposed to do wonders for bringing out the mids.



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Did you notice any change in the other frequencies at all? Mainly less recessed mids or tamed highs? That's one area that never seemed to improve with my Pro was that the highs were always kinda harsh, and my ears never really adapted to them. That would be the main reason for me to get the BD, and also the supposed jump in transparency.


One thing that has always bugged me, is that there is not really a consensus in regards to amping these things. Yes, it can be easy to drive blah blah...BUT. With these absolutely stiff titanium drivers, I'm wondering if ANY of us has heard these to their potential. I think we may eventually find out that these require some serious amping, much greater than what the specs would tell us. I wish I still had my AGD SA-2, as I feel that it would be an almost perfect match for these. 6 watts into the Pro 900s, overkill yes, but massive headroom. It is also a pretty musical amp, and has an all-around slightly softer tonality that I feel would perfectly round all of the harsh edges off the 900s, and help improve the metallic tonality of them as well...too bad it's discontinued lol.




edit: How is this OT if we are discussing how to improve the BEST headphone for gaming? cool.gif

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I think I'm just an audio layman. There probably are differences that I'm just unable to discern.


Also, I've tried it through all my amps, including my new FUN which probably outputs ~1.5W @ 40ohm and can't notice any significant differences. I fail lol

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Nah you're probably just spoiled by your other amazing 'phones in your sig and everything else sounds weak in comparison modded or not lol. I can readily tell a big difference in bass impact just between the E-9 and a couple of cheap usb amps (uDac-2 and DSS.)


Tante: If you're looking at a DT 770 for gaming I think you would be best served by the 32 ohm version as it is not only the easiest to drive, but also has the least overbearing bass compared to the other ones! Read this for more details between them here:





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One thing is clear, I have a headache right now from the Pro900 bass.


How does one determine an adequate listening volume that isn't going to induce a headache or cause deafness? I find myself always wanting to turn it up louder as it sounds "better" that way, but then I get a headache!basshead.gif



Regarding the DT770/32ohm, from a purely gaming perspective I found it performed worse than the AD700, HD598 and Pro900 for locating stuff from audio cues. Also, it seemed strangely insensitive for a 32ohm can marketed for use with portable players, requiring the volume to be turned up far higher than all of the others.

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I kinda figured it wouldn't make a very good gaming can myself, except maybe for single player. But maybe he has his mind set on them for some reason. They sure make a 'fun' music listening headphone though! My roommate had a pair for studio use, but I'm not sure what impedance they were. I actually liked them a lot more than the Denon D2000 as they were quite a bit more balanced and just as fun.


You might wanna check out some spl meters to find some safe listening volumes. I don't know much in this area though. Also, do you have the silver pads, or just the black ones? You might like the change...at least once the black ones give you more headaches lol.



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My pair came with 2 sets of black pads, not really sure how to get the silver ones as they don't seem to have them on the Ultrasone site.


I thought the DT770/32 was basically the Beyer MMX300 gaming headset without a mic so was expecting good tings!

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Thank you for the advice so far!


I haven't really set my mind on any set of cans yet.

It's just that i've seen those available in the 'local' store.


The Pro 900's sound interesting.. but they sell for 450+ around here.

Since I am a newbie to hi-fi audio, spending such an amount of money on headphones seems alot.



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The Pros go for about $320 here used. You can get them on ebay for roughly $350 pretty consistently.


Shamrock I got lucky and traded my extra black pads from another member here. I've heard people here say you can get them from Ultrasone, but I never looked into it. Don't quote me on it, but I believe someone here said they are the same as the Pro 750 pads?? Maybe that's what to search for...



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