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I explain all this on the first page...
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Just found this, Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT.

From the looks of it, it can decode DTS.
Wonder how it sounds compared to the Mixamp...

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Originally Posted by TSTY View Post

Just found this, Tt eSPORTS BAHAMUT.

From the looks of it, it can decode DTS.
Wonder how it sounds compared to the Mixamp...


I might test this device simply for the fact that it does OS X. Another external OS X sound card would be welcomed in the market; give the Recon3D USB a run. And if it allows live mic monitoring... /drool.

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As for that bahamut device... someone send it to me! biggrin.gif

USB only though. Meaning no console gaming.
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What DSP does it use?

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Looks like it's own virtual surround. Interested in hearing it.

So far so good with the PX100-II. Volume-wise, I actually demands more than the X1 and MA900 at least in terms of decibel level... O_O

Kinda wish it was a little bigger, as it digs into my neck when I wear them there, which is the main reason I bought them in the first place. Ah well...

I have a meaty neck. frown.gif


So first day impressions on the PX100-II

I'm quite amazed at how good they sound for the $48 I spent. They won't overthrow the Sony MA900 as far as my fave warm/smooth headphone at any value (I love them more than even the LCD2, HD650, K702 Annie, ESP950, and a few others, mostly because they represent an incredible value to performance ratio, as well as being absurdly light weight and unimaginably comfortable). But man, for this price, the PX100-II is a no brainer. The Koss KSC35/Sportapro sound grainy and thinner (albeit more airy), and those were my fave headphone south of $100. This is the portable headphone to own if you're on a budget. I'm sure I would prefer the sound on the Creative Aurvana Live over the PX100-II, but those are closed and pleather padded which is already two strikes, not to mention not exactly portable sized.

In short: The PX100-II is awesome.

Bass: Deep and rich and full bodied, without being bloated or overbearing. A bit heavy on emphasis in comparison to what I've recently owned (including the X1, but without the bass fatigue SO FAR), so I'd say the bass is the strongest aspect of the PX100-II's sound at least in terms of emphasis.

Mids: Rich and forward. Also rich and full bodied. I'm on a roll when it comes to mids lately. The mids will please ANY mid lover. For sure.

Treble: Smooth, non-fatiguing, and neither too soft or too strong for my taste. Not exactly adding air, and the PX100-II is decidedly more intimate with a smaller soundstage compared to the KSC35, but it sounds more mature and controlled. If you're on the hunt for soundstage, the PX100-II will disappoint.

I find the Px100-II sounds like a baby HD650 in many ways. Sennheiser really knows how to keep their house signature sound in check. If you like the MA900, HD650, LCD2, K702 Annie/K712 Pro, KSC35, Creative Aurvana Live, ESW9, there is NO way you won't appreciate the sound off the PX100-II, especially at under $50.
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Originally Posted by burritoboy9984 View Post

Didn't I read somewhere that the Wii U only supports surround sound via LPCM? If that is the case, you will never be able to get proper audio to your mixamp to be decoded as it needs a DD signal. You could get a receiver that supports Dolby Headphone so that you would have surround emulation though.


Aha. I'm new to this. I just figured as long as the receiver could accept LCPM it would "translate" it to the 5.8 mixamp through the optical output. You're saying this is not the case and I would either get silence or regular stereo and it's impossible to get WiiU surround through the wireless system?


Originally Posted by PurpleAngel View Post

All Yamaha A/V receivers come with Silent Cinema, Yamaha's version of Headphone Surround Sound.

So no need for the Astro Mix-Amp.

Run HDMI from gaming console (WiiU) to Yamaha receiver, and the run HDMI from Yamaha to Monitor/TV

Plug headphones into Yamaha receiver.

As your using HDMI, your getting the best possible audio transfer from the WiiU.

What headphones do you have?

Most def. I was only exploring this option for a wireless solution though. I currently have the Astro 5.8 Rx unit "strapped to my earring-modded Fostex TH900, connected with a really short removable cable for console gaming.(looks silly, but it works suprisingly well)


Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post


I 2nd PurpleAngel's solution; Yamaha's included Silent Cinema vs Dolby Headphone is too close to call, obviously the receiver would allow more sound signature adjustments (and multiple inputs and remote control), you can also connect to speakers, etc etc. A mixamp would be redundant, unless you want it just for the wireless. What do you get out of the 1100 dollar receiver you couldn't get out of a mid-range receiver, regarding headphone usage? Just curious what is driving you to the top range.

Yeah it was partly for getting a wireless solution. The Yamaha was one of the few receivers I really liked that also had a optical toslink output(for the Astro) and multiple HDMI outs for my other monitors.



Thanks for the pointers guys.

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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

What DSP does it use?


It says DTS Surround Sensation Headphone right on the device itself. Must be their answer to Dolby Headphone. As to why that exists along with DTS Headphone X, I'm not entirely sure yet, though DTS Headphone X may rely entirely on a pre-mixed signal for movies, thus being entirely useless for an interactive environment (read: gaming).


This does NOT mean it can decode a DTS signal, because there simply aren't any S/PDIF inputs on the Bahamut. If you're looking for a console gaming device, look elsewhere.

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Yeah, its usb only... a shame.
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DTS Surround Sensation is something very basic, I have it on my mainboard, it's like SRS Surround for TVs, just something to play around a bit to not have stereo only. Forget about it. DTS Headphone X is something much more sophisticated, at least for movies where it will be pretty much untouchable unless Dolby does the same thing for TrueHD. You can't beat embedded binaural info with speaker virtualization. 

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Hey guys, I figured that this hasn't been said yet and I found it rather intriguing on a console game — GTA5 has an option to control speaker front and rear speaker placements, with 3 different presets.


If that sounds similar to you on the TB's DSS2, it is.


I know speaker placements has been done on PC games plenty of times before so it isn't really new, but I haven't actually seen a game that allows this functionality (at least till the point of controling the placement of your speakers) on a console yet.

The intended use is for an actual 5.1 speaker setup, where the game allows the user to calibrate their speaker positions because not everyone has a perfectly ideal 5.1 setup properly in the room.


Now what does this have to do with headphones through Dolby Headphones then?

Virtual speaker placements with a significant difference depending if it's closed or open. Options available are Wide, Medium and Narrow (for both front and rear channels) — 75°, 45°, 25° respectively.


So this allows for headphones with limited soundstage to actually have a slightly better representation of positional cues depending on the option selected. I was only playing the game on a HD558 and liked the way game sounds with Medium for both front and rear selected. I will try with a closed ATH-M50/DT770 today and play around to see the difference, as well as an X1 to see how all these settings fair when mixed around.


The great thing is that you can set Narrow on the front (mids forward then) and wide on the rear so that positional accuracy isn't entirely lost, while giving a boost to dialogue/vocals.


Quite interesting really and I wish that many more games in the future especially with the next-gen titles that do include this type of audio customization, since we are limited in a way where HRTF isn't being used anymore and we're stucked with pre-canned multi channel audio for the future.

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The one game I distinctly remembering having it is Star Ocean: The Last Hope (360/PS3)
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I just started playing that star ocean now... just finished crysis 3 and not interested with gta5. Am i the only one that dont like gta series...
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I don't either. However, I may eventually try this one. After Sleeping Dogs, I got a taste for the genre.
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Sleeping Dogs is so underrated. GTA V is really good so far as well. They make a lot of smart choices and the heist missions are fantastic. They're basically what I hoped Payday would be. I wouldn't say it's revolutionary as it's definitely a full on sequel, but I can see myself spending way too much time in Los Santos. Saints Row is silly fun, but Rockstar are better "world builders" imo.

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