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Originally Posted by benbenkr View Post

I usually use this as a baseline benchmark to tell how well a headphone is in projecting positional audio accuracy and soundstage -
If possible, I personally suggest downloading the mp3/wav files instead and play it through Foobar (or any player of your choice) with all DSPs disabled.
Now I know that games are always more dynamic and there's no real way to measure how good positional accuracy and soundstage is without actually going through a variety of games.
Anwyays, enjoy and please close your eyes if you're trying it out. ;)

It would really help if there was some sort of a visual to tell where the speaker is relative to your position. I had a hard time telling if the guy was in front of me or behind me. Albeit that may be because of the headphones I was using.

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It does have quite a bit more. I mean to say that with some music (like my bassy EDM, trap, dubstep), the MA900 is almost as impressive.

I mean, it's like I don't feel like I'm missing a lot of bass in music when I go from the x1 to the MA900. It doesn't sound bass light. It's well presented and impactful, even if it's not a bassy can in the way the X1 is.

Like here. It sounds full and just perfectly integrated. I'm comparing the X1 to the MA900, and the bass on the MA900 is impressive even next to the X1. And the vocals are better (legit 320 mp3 audio, not youtube vid, though the bass is still prominent).
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The bass here is really good on the MA900 as well.

If a track is bassy, the MA900 won't disappoint.

Also, testing out some other tracks, the presentation is CLEARLY different, and IMHO completely to the MA900's favor. The openness is something the X1 can't touch. The MA900 just has some truly stellar soundstage/imaging capabilities.
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You got to love the MA900s bass, it really shows when the track calls for it. The MA900 has a nice bass and a fun sound, it's the first headphone that managed to pull me away from my beloved K240 MKII, I still listen to the K240 a good amount due to it's better dynamics and it's greater fun factor. I am getting a new amp here soon, I wonder how the MA900 will react to the warm tube sound, last time I owned a tube amp I noticed a drastic difference in the bass, mids, and the bigness of the sound on the headphones I owned.

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How's the cup size on the MA900, like could you lie down comfortably in them?

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There it is, the SRM-T1 in all its glory, next to my more recent Lambda set.


Gotta admit, it's a lot lighter than I was expecting anything with vacuum tubes to be. The greater part of the shipping cost is likely the size of the box needed to fit everything with a decent amount of packing material for protection.


It does work, as far as my first impressions can discern. There's nothing wrong with it that I can find, though some people would recommend a re-cap, changing out the tubes for certain other models, and re-biasing the whole thing.

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I wonder if one can replace the pads on the MA900 with something else and how/if that would have any impact on the sound...
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I've tried the K240 pads on the MA900, it made them overly bassy and muddy sounding. But since the K240 pads are basically closed headphone pads, something like the DT 880/990 pads should yield better results.
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So, I got a Magni in to test with the TH600. Basically, it's very slightly clearer than the Lovely Cube I tried it with, but not a huge amount of difference. Comparing to the DT880, the DT880 sounds a little more processed/digital and hollow, but is a little more balanced. The TH600 does have a more spread out sound (more spacious, I guess), but outside of certain music genres, the bass currently seems a little too boomy and uncontrolled or imprecise. I don't know if that will change at all as the pads wear in a little more. It seems like, if I were to keep using the Titanium HD as my source, I'd basically be looking for something that's either in between these two headphones, or just an improvement of the DT880/neutral sound so that it's clearer/cleaner.


I may need to look into changing the op amps on the sound card itself, or at least trying a different source, because for all I know the Titanium HD could be what I have an issue with and the headphones are fine.

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If I can get the Slyr pads to fit the MA900 and not alter the sound negatively....man, I could live with these alone. Not that I'd give up the X1 for them, but if they were my sole headphone, I'd be happy.
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Hi, I need some advice here guys. With BF4 coming out soon I plan to get a new sound card and headphones.

Sound card will probably be Creative Zxr. Can't decide on headphones though, right now I am looking at Sennheiser PC360,  AKG Q701 and Beyerdynamic DT990 (not sure about the treble though). They need to be open cans and doesn't matter if it's with a microphone or not. Any other suggestions perhaps?

Headphones will be used mostly for gaming so I need them to be good at virtual surround positioning. Having said that, while details and clarity are important I would still prefer if the headphones were still fun and immersive rather than completely sterile. Hopefully I am not asking for too much :)

Any advice is welcome especially from someone with Zxr sound card.

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Sony MA900 or Fidelio X1. The MA900 is easier to drive, more balanced, and won't be affected by output impedance. The Fidelio X1 is more refined, and more bassy. Both are open, and both are great for all around gaming.

The MA900 isn't reviewed yet. But expect really good scores all around. And they're under $200.

With the MA900 around, you can forget about the PC360, HD558/598. The MA900 is superior to them.
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Yes, Fidelio X1 seemed like a good choice until I learned you can't change the pads. Can you change the pads on MA900? I will wait for that review :)



Is anyone here using q701 for BF3 at the moment? Would you say they are too detailed to still be fun and immersive? Maybe fatiguing for longer sessions?

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Yeah, the pads can be removed. Seriously, for gaming purposes I'd choose the MA900 over the Q701. Super light and comfy, well balanced and even more fun. Not picky like the Q701 to drive, and less fatiguing in the upper mids.
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