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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

The MA900... I REALLY believe in this headphone. I think soundstage nuts will LOVE them, because it doesn't compromise musicality and richness for thinness to add air.
Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

The 990 is very bass heavy. The MA900 is well balanced. I'd say it's more fair to compare the bass to the 880. What you lose in bass, you gain in much better mids, and way less treble fatigue.

The MA900 is still a very fun headphone. It also responds well to bass boosting. It sounded like magic with the E12's bass boost.

I MADE MYSELF TURN THE BASS BOOST OFF. I thought the MA900 with the E12's bass boost was better to me than X1's bass at default.

I frown at bass boosting because it spoils what i expect out of a headphone when using them from other amps that don't have bass boosts. So instead, I let myself adjust to a headphone's own sound signature without a bass boost. I'm quite happy with the MA900's bass. There are times I feel the X1 has just a bit too much bass for some music. The MA900 has the right amount of bass for basically all purposes. Never too little, never too much.

Of course, I wish it had better sub bass (also wish the same out of the 990, X1, and others), but sub bass isn't a thing open dynamics can truly achieve.

Well. The more you talk about this, the more you tickle my fancy. Guess I'll have to try it with my E12's sub-bass boost, and compare to my Q701 wink.gif

Honestly, The Q701 is a gorgeous headphone. I love it and agree from experience that it scales well with upgrades to the rest of your setup, and I am quite satisfied in all areas between them, my M-100, and my IEMs. Now, but, however, graaaaugh! the highlighting points of this Sony tick pretty much all my boxes: yep, I worship at the altar of soundstage, lust for supreme marathon comfort, have feet that are motivated by midrange, pass rock & roll adolescence more every year so I want less and less fatiguing treble and bass (tho TBH always love near-neutral sound, my Ety's were my first hi-Fi headphones and remain closest to "monitor" flat rather than consumer-shaped), etc etc... And, I haven't said it outright before now, but I'm sure you've guessed: I have a certain "amour" for the value sweet spot, spending the least possible money for the most gain. The MA-900 doesn't cost much less than the price I paid for the Q701, but add to that difference how picky the Q701 can be (and trans-mutational it can be) about amping, especially to get closer to the apparent potential soundstage.

I picked up the Q701 because they have a reputation as the greatest soundstage (well, after the AD700 and K701, and HD800/Stax too I guess, but the Q has from all accounts more even frequency balance) and... well, they have a unique look, at the same time serious and retro-modern. A part of me wishes the Sony aesthetically looked a little more exotic than enlarged $30 headphones, visually say it broke the formula to be better. The same part of me that saw Art as a viable college alternative after Mechanical Engineering, and I ended up compromising and studying graphic design.

Anyway, left-brain/right-brain will continue to argue, but I can say I'm already in greater anticipation than I was about the HE-400 (for my tastes). I'll get the test playlist ready, and mentally prepare for a careful review. Again, flattered to be included.
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MLE, thank you for suggesting me the MA900 :) It seems the right choice for me: I'm now returning my DT990 and waiting refund to order the MA900 (if I'll be able to hold on so long :P).


I noticed one thing, just out of curiosity: these are open headphones and so sound leaking is expected but.. the MA900 isn't simply open, it has literally a HOLE O.O Am I wrong or these holes will make them leak pretty badly? I mean.. it's a canyon more than an hole.. for everyone else in the room this is going to act like a full fledge speaker O.o 


Here's a screen of what I mean.. other headphones have a grill, or some kind of foam: this is fully open: how this affect the leakage? As I said I'm just curious :)



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It leaks a lot. But it's not like a speaker or anything. It will leak quite a bit more than the 990, but still in the same realm of loudness.

One example, you know how headphones obviously leak when you're just letting them play when not wearing them and holding the cups apart? Well, it sounds like that even if you are holding them close/sealed. That opening allows the sound to escape unimpeded. So if holding a headphone in the air is too loud for you, the MA900 will always play like that, even worn.
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Originally Posted by Fegefeuer View Post


No gold capacitor in the world could make up for the quality differences between the Z and the ZxR. Get the ZxR before pondering about gold caps. :D

True, ZxR is better, but I didn't need the second recording card and it's more than twice what I paid.  They need to come out with a ZxR version without the daughter card in the $150 price range.


Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Was the gold-capacitor Z a short-lived run that is no longer available, or could I go to amazon now and get one like yours?

They probably all ship with the gold caps now.  I bought the OEM version for $90 - has no casing, led's, or mic.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I've briefly demoed them at Best Buy, and I felt it to be very v shaped. Lots of bass and treble, recessed mids. I didn't hate them, but they're not as good as the old Denons. They honestly sound like something Beats would make. Not sure they'll be well suited for gaming.

Agreed, but I'll be more harsh - D600 is junk IMO

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I don't think it's junk. It's a v-shaped headphone suited for those who like a really V-shaped sound. Bass and treble, lots of it. don't expect great vocals from the D600, ever. But for stuff you hear in the club, the D600 is fun. If you reduce the treble by a bit, it can be a pretty decent headphone.
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Mmm... Does the MA900 really behave like a 16ohm impedance volume gain wise?

I just discovered that the Sound Blaster Z i use has a WRONG gain on the headphone circuit.. the top tier ZxR allows to choose between 32ohm and 600 ohm modes but the Z is fixed at 600.

To put this clear: i need to keep the windows volume gain at 10% with my old apple earbuds... It's dangerous, should the volume revert to the default of 50% the earbuds would be fried.

I prefer putting myself in a condition where even pushing the volume to max won't damage em.. the 250ohm DT990 were fine with a default 50% volume but a 16ohm Ma900 would die I fear :|

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I took a hard look at the iFi iCan vs the M-Stage and decided I would give the iCan a shot. They both look like awesome products but the iCan seems like I can tweak it a tad bit more than the M-Stage. I will likely purchase the K702 65s tomorrow or the day after. Sadly, I won't get to try them until next month cause I am moving. I am very exited though. Thanks for the assistance.

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I'll be getting the iCan as well for the mixamp chain. 

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Where are you two buying your iCan's?
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Originally Posted by ethan7000 View Post

Where are you two buying your iCan's?

It took me forever to find one but http://stereodesk.com/ has them for sale. Most of the other sites require you to call where Stereo Desk allows online purchasing. Seems like a start-up type company but they take PayPal which is good enough for me. Cost $259.01 ($259.00 for the device + $0.01 shipping). It does not appear that they give package tracking numbers though.They might once it has been shipped.

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Originally Posted by ethan7000 View Post

Where are you two buying your iCan's?


I got mine here.



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If anyone is interested, I just got the AKG 702 65th Anniversary phones for $399.99 on RazorDog! Audio with the coupon code RAZORDOG100 (100 off purchases above 399).

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I was looking at the list, do the DT770s pros really have a bigger soundstage than open headphones like AD700, K701 and HD598? I was looking at some of the reviews of the DT770 pros and I didn't see anyone mention anything special about the soundstage.

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Great to see the iCAN finally getting some love in here. Make sure you guys return with impressions.
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