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Ok, I only take the E9.

Thank you to you and google translation:)

I'll make you a little account;)



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EyeEX, I don't think the power between them is large enough to justify getting one over the other based off power alone. For that, I'd just attach an amp to the DSS capable of providing lots more power, as opposed to just a little more.

Mizot, thanks for bearing with me. I didn't think google translation would help break that language barrier as well as it did. XD

English is also not my first language. wink.gif
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Lad Lust Envy,


Last question:

Once installed, I put the volume up to E9. And play with the volume of mixamp?

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No, max out the Mixamp, and adjust volume with the E9.
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It's me again!

For games outside shooter, there is a risk of having the voices too low with the HD 990/600?

I would not be forced to increase the volume to hear the medium.


I am afraid of regretting the 880 ...

I take the 600 ohms as it would appear they are a bit smoother than the 250. (the medium a little closer to normal)

I need to be really convinced before buying ...please

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(MLE, correct me if I'm wrong)

Mizot: There should be no risk of voices too low. This is because of MixAmp. MixAmp can control voices VS game sounds, so you can talk to teammates easily with all headphones.

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You're correct. smily_headphones1.gif

That's one of the beauties of the Mixamp, the ability to adjust the volume of the game and voice.
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Do you think this setup will work on anything with an optical out? More specifically the PS3? I'm curious as to how the mic would work.


and though this is horribly of topic, what is your first language?

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The new wired Mixamps allow PS3/PC mic use through the USB (my old one didn't).

The Mixamp 5.8 needs a PS3 chat cable which can be bought seperately on the Astrogaming site. I never chat on PS3, so I didn't buy the cable.

I'm not exactly sure how PC chat capabilities work. I assume the PS3 chat cable is also PC compatible.

Lol, my first language is Spanish. I'm from Puerto Rico, but that's not an excuse. I've spoken english for like 20 years now.
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Mad Lust Envy & Eric_C


I know the qualities of mixamp to manage voice.

I was referring to the production medium of HD 900/600 Ohm 900/250 compared to HD.

Was it more balanced on the 600?

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Oh...MLE, this is definitely more your department.


Mizot: sorry I can't help answer that question. By the way, I think when you say "medium", you mean "midrange"/"mid-range" or "mids"? Comment voulez-vous dire, en Francais?

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I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't understand.

Are you asking how the mids are on the DT990 compared to the Sennheiser HD600? If so, I haven't heard the HD600, but I hear its very well balanced. The DT990 is decidely Vshaped, where the mids are their weakest aspect. If you are asking about why I went with the 600ohm version over the 250ohm, its because I heard the 600ohm didn't have as shrill treble as the other ohm versions though I can't say for sure.

I'm sorry if I can't answer your question properly.
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mediums: between bass and treble


thank you, you answered my question.

The dt990 600 ohm better than the 32 and 250



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There isn't anyone here in head-fi that could tell something more about the Ultrasone pro 2900 please?? 


Mad Lust Envy


 trebles of the dt990( the 600 Ohm version) are really so fatiguing? I have the dt880 600 ohm model and I like this for anything, with music and videogames. But like a lot of people I don't enjoy the bass as I would like. I miss too much the "thunderous body" of battle atmosphere both in videogames and in movies. Sometimes I use a pair of M50, that has that thunderous body I like, but I cannot stand his clamping force (I use glasses when I play or watch movies) and the fake leather pads annoys me after a while with something like a sauna effect to my ears. The dt880 are the best comfort headphones I have ever put on my head. So my first thought goes to the dt990 600 Ohm, but as a lot of people criticizes his trebles I am waiting before to buy them. For sure using the dt880 they are bright, but they are at the limit for me. Sometimes I play for 3 hours non-stop too, and I am just a bit fatigued, but I can stand it. More not. I am looking for Denon 7000 and Ultrasone pro 900 or 2900. Obviously I am not buying those headphones just to play, I am an all around user.


In addition to the sub bass I need a good amount of mid bass too to give a real body to the game experience. I took information about the Sennheiser hd650, but even if they seem mid and bass oriented they don't seem to have that thunderous effect that I am searching for. 


Another great problem is that with the summer it's quite impossible to stand anything that have a lot of clamping force and as my M50. I know that the Denons have leather pads, but as they don't have almost any clamping force ( as its owners report ) I think that they wouldn't give me issues and I would be able to use them with glasses too. 


Another option would be the Ultrasones pro 2900 and 900. They have velours pads, but I don't know anything about their clamping force and I didn't find any infos about their differences, soundstage, ..... It seems that none owns the 2900 model.

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Thought this would be good to add to this thread:




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