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I've never directly compared SC and DH but when I made the switch, DH felt less artificial and more natural to me than SC. I've said this before but I never found a setting in SC that felt "right". My yamaha was a little bit older than the ones I've seen talked about here though and had less SC presets.



A TS plug doesn't have to be directly connected into the xbox controller for it to work, as long as a mono adapter is somewhere along the chain of cables you'll have no problem with the xbox getting audio from your mic. I've had a mic connected to a mono-stereo adapter then to a stereo 2.5mm-3.5mm adapter (for cell phones) and it worked fine. I dunno, it's weird, but I used that setup and other cable/adapter variations for about 2 years before I ended up just buying a mixamp and I had not issues whatsoever during that time.

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As I haven't compared them side-by-side, the jury's still out. Mostly I'm just annoyed at the return of the echo. I did notice that I can plug my DSS into my computer's optical-out though! I get sound, but I don't have anything configured yet, cuz inbetween my posts tonight I've been putting a fresh install of Win 8 Pro onto my computer... I still have to learn how to use windows since Win 2000. I'm also inserting a nVidia GTX 660 and installing Dishonored, Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3 tonight, dunno in what order but WHOOO MAN I'm having some fun tonight! After my computer is done installing like 38 important updates...
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How has everyone been?


I haven't checked in recently, but I have REALLY fallen in love with the mmx 300's with the gel ear pad add on. To me, the gel pads are almost a "necessary" upgrade, now that I know how big of a difference they make. Like MLE was said a few pages back in the thread, "a price can't be put on comfort." The velour is soft to the touch, but the clamp force still is a little much after awhile. Gel FTW.


I'm a huge bass head, and the new pads seal off the headset VERY well. Frequency response is extended on both ends of the sound spectrum. Low bass notes sound and "feel" lower. If this is what the mmx/dt770 has to offer, it makes me curious how good the dt990 sounds.


With the velour pads on the mmx's, my sennheiser ie8's still sounded a little better to me. But, now my mmx's are getting alot more attention :)

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Hey man, I've been alright smily_headphones1.gif
Doesn't the DT770/MMX 300 have "more" bass than the DT990? I've recently read that wrapping the outer edge of the AD700's pads seals in the bass and makes them MUCH MORE BASSY, but unfortunately I can't test this cuz I just recently sold them and my Recon3D USB to a fellow Head-Fi'er who has unfortunately stopped communication... I kinda miss both units. Still, I'm enjoying my Q701's, testing out a DSS, and my plan when putting the stuff up for sale was to eventually get an internal sound card for my PC.
Edit: he did pay me, I just haven't heard from him since the USPS tracking number indicated that it was delivered. Either he's buried in med-school or in some kind of audio-nirvana stupor, lol.

I'm about to enjoy some of my first windows gaming in about 15 years... Kinda excited. But I'm being a good boy and installing system updates and the drivers first. Aaaaaaaargh so many updates after the DVD install!
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What about the TRITTON WARHEAD headset?


I haven't seen it in the Headset reviewed... Know anything about them?

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Sort version, no.

Search results in this thread on the Warhead vvv
Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

I saw two reviews that the warhead and detonator headsets were disappointing, and decided they weren't worth looking into more. Also, figure in the fact that out of your ~$70, a good portion of that budget on a wireless headset goes to a battery, wireless receiver, cheap internal DAC and amp, and that there is more transmission loss and signal compression for any wireless connection... and consider how much further your money could go.

When I game with my Xbox and either the Q701 or AD700, there is one wire (the headphone wire) going from me to the Recon3D processor next to my screen (a computer monitor for now), and then I have a lapel mic plugged into my wireless Xbox controller. Easy peasy. It's even Better when I have my Recon3D outputting into my Receiver, because I can use the remote to adjust volume control instead of getting up.

Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Well, such products exist because there is a demand. I imagine it sounds pretty decent, and for some "truly wireless" headphones they're fine to trade a little sound quality. But for $279!!! You can hear some sweet sound for 280 bones! And I'm pretty certain, hear good headphones at that level, one wire between the TV and you will seem like you've paid such a bargain for such magic... I mean really, what is the benefit of an integrated mic (where you're screwed if it happens not to work well)?

Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Yeah, I checked AVS once all this was talked about. The Warheads look like a flop, sound quality-wise. Too bad.

Originally Posted by chicolom View Post


At least their Warheads are finally coming out.  Engadget doesn't seem that impressed though:


"To throw it out there from the start, the Warhead 7.1 sounds very good, but it's no match for what Turtle Beach and Astro Gaming are offering. Compared to the A50 we have on hand, the Warhead lacks the crisp fidelity one might expect in this price range -- and it's especially noticeable during music playback....

...There was also a bit more signal noise with the Warhead, but nothing that wasn't drowned out by in-game audio. It's not to say that it sounds terrible in comparison, but as with the fit, the audio quality falls short of the competition.

...We'd say in general, the highs on the Warhead seem a bit veiled, but this is apparently Tritton's preferred tuning so that effects like gun shots sound fuller. Overall, we can't help but make the common note that it almost feels as there was a dampener between our ears and the headset, making for muddiness instead of crispness.

...Notably, the headphones have a fairly wide soundstage reminiscent of the AX720, so with Dolby Headphone enabled, the directionality offered by the Warhead in games like Modern Warfare 3 is top-notch. Still, every time we moved up to the A50, we felt closer to using a proper speaker system than having headphones on."

It doesn't bode well for the Warheads when the A50s A40s sound like they have a large soundstage in comparison, but compared to some hi-fi headphones the Astros are really more medium-sized in the soundstage department.
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Can you review the AD700X?

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I don't think Mad is interested in trying because the head "wings" didn't fit him well, but I think someone else will review one of the new Audio Technica headphones and post here. Heck, if I had the money, I'D buy one to review, though I might go for a higher-end model this time. I had an AD700 before, it was a value giant-killer in it's day for gaming. I found one person's experiments with wrapping Saran Wrap around the outer part of the earpads to increase bass interesting, but that post was shared with me after I'd sold my AD700. I'd say either version is worth comparing against comparably priced models.
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Originally Posted by AaronBroad View Post

I have the K702s and love them. I have owned the K701 and PC 360. The K701 is very similar sounding to K702 - both provide I think the best detail and positioning / soundstage for gaming. The PC 360 is nice, but I returned them after comparing to my K702. If you get a headphone instead of a headset, I recommend looking into modmic. The K701/2 are very comfortable to me, but some have complained that the bumps on the headband hurt. So make sure you have an option to return them if this is the case for you. (The Annies don't have the bumps so that's another option) 

Another option you might look into is Beyerdynamic's MMX 300 headset. I used the MMX 300 for some time and would still be using it but for the closed design (I needed to be able to hear my kids if they woke up after going to bed etc.)


I have some plans to jump from MMX 300 to Q701 or Annies(I know that you dont have exact model but K701/2 is at least similar). Since it is impossible for me to try before buying I need an friendly advice from people who owned both models. How would you compare Beyer MMX 300 to AKG K70x? Mostly interested in gaming, detail, positioning, music takes a back seat as well as movies. 


Originally Posted by Bombaman View Post


As for the Q701 which i use right now, they are supposed to have a huuuge Soundstage even more than the T1. However i can not confirm this. I find it it to be a little further away than the dt 880 but thats it.



ps: did you take a look in Zombie_x  Beyerdynamic Headphone comparison?



got any Questions? Than ask again^^


ps. sorry if it is kind of written confusing.



Bombaman, you said that I can ask again smile.gif . I read tons of pages here and still reading, thanks for the link and replying. I see you are now listening to Q701 which is now my TOP choice beside Annies. To whom your voice is going MMX 300 or Q701? I would really appreciate if you could compare those to. After this, no more questions smile.gif

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If I was sent the AD700x, I'd review it. I won't, however, purchase it myself.

There's only a couple of headphones I'd be willing to buy to review, namely the X1, HE-500, K712 Pro (though I have no doubt it's the same as the K702 Anniversary)

But my funds are basically zilch, and if I get free funds for a headphone, I want to get the Sennheiser Momentum as my very easy to drive, portable use (don't expect it to be any good for gaming). I probably won't even review the Momentum. Some headphones are clearly not made for gaming. That's why I didn't review the ES7, ESW9, PX200-II, HAS700, and some othe

In other news:

I've updated the KSC35 entrywith info about the Sportapro.
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These 2 reviews convinced me that this is the right choice for me but then again I didn't know for www.head-fi.org .







This guy Joe Pollicino akaTRENT is not a member of www.head-fi.org ?

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Joe is a member here and AVS forum. But he rarely ever posts, especially now that he works for Engadget.

I have no doubt the MMX300 is stellar. It's based off the DT770 which has arguably one of the best positional cues out of any headphone I've heard.
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I might have to give the MMX300 an audition one day...but I definitely have my concerns.


-If it's based on the DT770, then the bass might be boomy if it's like MLE's impressions...but akaTRENT's impressions were anything but. All I know is that I want something more midrange-centric, and perhaps for a closed headset, decent isolation if I'm going to a public area.

-$350? That's used Stax territory, easily. Especially if they expect some dedicated amplification.


*glances at MLE's usual avatar change* A MOOGLE! *sneezes a rainbow* Urgh, gotta keep that in check. Can't be like Terra, who just runs up and hugs any Moogles she comes across (if Dissidia was any indication).

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Well, the DT770 has two flavors, bass heavy and bass light. Never know which you're gonna get, unless you get the 80ohm which is always bass heavy.

I really wanted the bass light 600ohm... but got a sloppy bass version.
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what about the Philips SBCHP460, better than SHP2500?




•Frequency response: 15 - 28 000 Hz
•Acoustic system: closed, open
•Magnet type: Neodymium
•Voice coil: CCAW
•Impedance: 32 ohm
•Maximum power input: 500 mW
•Sensitivity: 106 dB
•Speaker diameter: 40 mm
•Diaphragm: Mylar dome
•Diaphragm: Mylar dome
•Acoustic system: closed
•Magnet type: Ferrite
•Voice coil: copper
•Frequency response: 15 - 22 000 Hz
•Impedance: 32 ohm
•Maximum power input: 500 mW
•Sensitivity: 106 dB
•Speaker diameter: 40 mm
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