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Use a different USB cable. The ODAC is picky with cables for some reason.

As for the HE400, sorry it's not for you. It does have fatiguing treble, I don't doubt it, especially when used to the smoother treble on the Qs. Having been used to the Annie, the HE400 gives me ear fatigue now.

You wouldn't like the 990s , Pro 900s, ans other treble happy cans.
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Originally Posted by Mshenay View Post

... Man i was gonna drop 300 on a, new but i might get the mad dogs instead... How do they compare to dt 770 pro 250 n 600 ohm


No idea, honestly. I haven't heard the 770 pro 32 ohm in over a year, and I only demo'd it. Never heard the 250 or 600 versions. Only closed headphones that I can really compare it to are my cheap monoprices, I'd be the wrong person to ask on that :(

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Pretty sure the Mad Dogs are THE closed headphone to get at the price range, unless you want something bass heavy on purpose.

I don't have a need for another balanced headphone, so I want my D7000/TH-600 and call it quits.
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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Augh! AAUGH!
So, the HE-400 is too thick for my tastes. Switching from the E12 after it's battery died to straight out from the iPod's thinner-sounding headphone jack actually seemed to improve the sound a bit, or at least make it less THHHHICK-ah. The bass IS the best part and it does bass very well, but i miss the mids and treble impacts (like cymbals and high-hats) hurt. And now, I'm walking around the house with my ears feeling overly sensitive, picking up annoying buzzes from the dimmer lights and the whine under my ceiling fan.


Having too much treble and not enough mids is opposite of how I would describe "too thick...."



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Lol, true. Though the HE-400 does have a very thick sound at least compared to the Q701. Mids aren't forward, but lower mids are pretty linear with the bass.
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Well the bass dominates, mids are relatively pushed back, and it seems like a fair bit of treble is laid back except where it suddenly spikes up. I COULD see where someone could love this, and like I said it seems made for Massive Attack (lovely rumble), but I felt like it essentially destroyed Janis Joplin's performance by pushing her already recessed vocals back outside of the "music spotlight zone" and into a "backing vocals" area. Funnily enough, Jewel sounded pretty good, but I think the fact that "Gotta Start Feeding Our Souls" is just her singing and one acoustic guitar helped, and the lowest guitar notes really jumped out.

I tried the ODAC with one of the included cables (there were two in the bag) plus two of my own that are known to work with other things (one of them I literally unplugged my wi-fi bridge while it was on and plugged it into the ODAC). I'll dig out the other cable that was packed in the HE's bag, try starting up the computer with it plugged in. I'll also see if I can disable the motherboard's audio in the BIOS, maybe that'll help. I really want to hear the ODAC.
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Sounds like a problem with your setup, not the ODAC. frown.gif

I put it in 3 different setups and it worked just fine in all three. Only my main PC didn't like the first USB cable I used. After that, smooth sailing.
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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

Having too much treble and not enough mids is opposite of how I would describe "too thick...."

I didn't go to audiophile academy, so I struggle to describe without having mastery of the common description. Honestly, I felt that the bass dominated more than the treble, the bass was so full that everything else struggled to push through it. Sometimes the treble would cut through. Get ready to laugh... It's like you've got 6" thick slab of elastic, taught rubber on one hand, and a slender knife in the other hand, and the mids are ok but not...

Eh, g2g for now.

That's basically what the head of JDS labs said to me when I asked for suggestions. I wish I could use another computer, but the laptop's battery died, ballooned out, and the computer strangely won't run from the AC plug alone. I'll update you once I get it working, one way or another, but I know Calpis is waiting for it... So today is it.
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You're just too used to your tin can AD700s. biggrin.gif

The HE-400 has incredibly linear bass that is borderline flat and natural. It's the recessed upper mids and very sharp treble that make it a highly colored headphone.

Though again, the Ad700's have that peaky, bright signature and treble, which may be why you'd consider the HE400's treble not as strong as it's bass. Have to leat your ears adjust. The HE-400 has MUCH more treble than the Q701.

I always say, test the headphones ALONE for a few days, without going back to the others until like day 4. That way you can see what is gained, and what is lost. Constant A/B is not good, especially when the signatures are so different.
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Well, I have been listening to the HE-400 exclusively the past 2 days, before that I'd mostly been listening with the Q701's. I'll ask Calpis if I can listen till Tuesday (which would be a week from when the post office got it to me, though Chico was more quick than I am and mailed it on a Friday), but I know he's probably anxious to form his own opinion and get his ODAC as well.
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I didn't feel like the HE400 bass was dominating or pushing anything else out.  I thought it was quite in line with the overall sound.


The mids are a little recessed and could use more body and warmth, and the treble is still a little too sparkly for some types of music.  Its definitely more balanced sounding than the DT990.  The HE400 treble is not as HOT, and the mids aren't as recessed as the DT990. 


It's also an exceptionally clear sounding headphone.  Just the balance isn't perfect IMO.



...I need to write up my review already!  tongue_smile.gif

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Got my Annies and Mixamp Pro 2013 in so far.


And wow! I can actually hear footsteps in Black Ops 2 (a game with terrible audio, footsteps wise). This is without even using the Dead Silence and Awareness perks. With those on it would be even better... heh.


The headphones connected straight to my PC are fantastic as well... curious to see how much difference the E9K/E17 combo will make... they are coming in tomorrow.

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Black ops for pc or console? I'm really thinking about getting the Annie with that same combo of e07k/e09k for the 360. Let me know how that sounds for you.
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Double post
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Jumped on the pc360s lol I really wanted a mic with my headphones and I thought those were the best option. How do you guys thing it will sound with my current asus xonar u3? I wont be able to get a new card or anything else for a while since the headphones got rid of my funds T_T (but also :D cuz of the headset)

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