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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I figure you followed my intrustions on replacing the avi? tongue.gif


Yes cool.gif


It added a duplicate avatar to one I already had though.  Pretty annoying.


I'm betting 50% of Head-fi's servers go towards handling your avatars!

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Ah, I have over 400 images, with a ton of duplicates. frown.gif

That's like a new avatar every 20 posts, lol.
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Ah Snap!


EVshrug was right.  His instructions just weren't very good tongue_smile.gif


If you click your current avatar to go into the avatar gallery, you then need to click "edit photos" button on the top right.  That then takes you to a page that lets you reuse previous avatars by selecting them with a radio button.  You can also delete old avatars. 


So the "Replace my avatar" button is only for adding new ones.  Everything else can be done by managing the previous ones in the "edit photos" menu of the avatar gallery.

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All this time, I never knew this! Damn head-fi and it's confusing system.

Still, I have to scroll through hundreds of images just to get to the 'save changes' button. I'm too lazy!
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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

First, I want to apologize, buuuuuuuuut I want to respond to a number of posts, lol wink.gif
Am I too late to chime in too?


A big thank you to all who have responded to my post. I'm taking my time with this setup as I don't want to have commit on something and then get hit by upgraditis. In response to Evshrug; yes all healthy and fit Singaporean males are conscripted into national service for a period of 2 years. That period of discipline definitely does wonders for academic performance in your university years afterwards. I'm happy to hear that a fellow countrymen was there to help you out. I'm definitely the oldest and neatest on my dorm floor, haha.


I feel like I might go for the Soundblaster Zx + Beyer DT880 route as Creative's CMSS3D tech seems to have one up on the aging Dolby Headphone. Also, going for a dedicated DAC will cause me to lose out on the virtual surround software.


As for PC speakers, of course I expect to get exactly what I pay for; it's just which pair gives me that bang for buck?

I think going for passive separates with an active T-amp is the best option, unfortunately that would require another few days of research and deal hunting which I could otherwise spend catching up on my readings lol.


Decisions, decisions.

Once again, thanks guys!

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

All this time, I never knew this! Damn head-fi and it's confusing system.

Still, I have to scroll through hundreds of images just to get to the 'save changes' button. I'm too lazy!


End key - Page Up - Page Up... tongue.gif Head-Fi's profile/account page is rather confusing indeed tho.

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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

I see none of those things.  You can click your avatar, which shows your avatar gallery, but there's nothing to do there except look at your past ones AFAIK.  You can also click "replace avatar", but you can only add new files by uploading or importing via url, but not pick old files already uploaded.  That's all I see...

Good luck! wink.gif
Unfortunately, at the interview they served me coffee (who'd a thunk it?). The caffeine plus some nervousness made me speak rather long-winded as I tried to remember my best moments to answer the manager's questions. I might still get the job, but the second half of the interview wasn't IMO very attractive.

I just tried the avatar thing. Click your avatar (to get to your profile), click your avatar (naavi?) again, click "edit photos," and you'll see a column of your avatars and the option to "use this as my avatar" under the photo description text box.
Edit: Ah. AH. I see you figured it out. I wrote this post without seeing the others made since Chewynuts' last post. Good for you for figuring it out, please forgive my poor earlier instructions as I was in a rush & slightly preoccupied.

Shi-tren was indeed a good friend, self-assured and a great reflection on your country. I also picked up the habit of keeping a window open for fresh air whenever possible from him, and a love for StarCraft/DotA.

The U3 I mentioned simulates surround using Dolby, but the X-Fi Go! uses CMSS-3D, so I was making virtual surround suggestions. Creative's solutions do indeed have the advantage of height surround in addition to front/back/sides, but just so you know the new Z-series cards have moved from CMSS-3D to SBX Pro Studio Surround. SBX still has full 3D surround (while Dolby is 2D), but I don't yet know anyone who's given a full review on it. SBX may just be a rename of THX TruStudio Pro that creative used in their last generation cards (notice how similar the names are), dropping the THX brand name to save a few $$. So far I enjoy THX the best of all the headphone simulations I've heard. I'd love to hear what you think of the new cards smily_headphones1.gif

I was interested in the DT880 myself, they're reviewed as very transparent and balanced. My taste! I thought you wanted more bass & treble, a "smiley face" frequency response. Regardless, the DT880 is a very well-reviewed headphone smily_headphones1.gif

My final suggestion was based on the cheapest, bang-for-buck fully system setup I could think of. The T-amp and integrated amp serve the same function, amp for headphones and passive speakers. The Audioengine N22 may not be the best bang for the buck, but it'll be better than the Topping T-amp and quite good overall. If you research and find something better for speakers AND headphones, I'd be interested to hear it.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Just wondering what the output impedance is on it though. Receivers tend to have high output impedances which may be why it is warmer than the Compass 2. Still the AKGs and planar magnetics aren't hampered by output impedance like most headphones. I probably wouldn't recommend using a standard dynamic low impedance headphone on it, which might make the bass sloppy and treble harsher than normal. 250ohm and up would be a safe bet, aside from something like the Hifimans and K/Q/Annies.

I couldn't find any info on the output Impedance on your receiver. The manual for mine, a Yamaha V-667, states:


Output/Impedance- 1mV/560ohm


Using it to drive the HE-400s I had to crank the volume about 6-8dbs above my loudest listening level (with speakers and with the DT990 Pros). The thing shutdown at one point, which has never happened. I picked up an E17 to try and with it plugged into the headphone out (double amped) I can turn the Yamaha down by about 15-20dbs with the E17 at around 56-60, 0 gain. It seems to work fine for movies. I hear some hiss but I honestly think it's just ambient noise in the movie- it generally goes away or changes when the scenes do.


That said, I thought I had settled on the HE-400s for movie watching but now you have me curious about the Annies. Do you have to turn your receiver up much more than you do when using speakers? Like I said, the DT990s were OK at the same level I run my speakers at. The HE-400s were not. I would be curious about the Compass2 double amp'd with your receiver and the Annies also. I plan to give the Asgard a shot, double amp'd, soon.


It's crazy they won't let you do an analog out from a digital input - except for the headphone jack. Piracy issue? Sure it doesn't do video... but it would be nice to be able to hook an amp up and use the receiver as a DAC since it down mixes DD/DTS and all that jazz. Essentially, treat headphones the same way you treat speakers (allowing pre outs for a separate amp).

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I'm not sure how to read that 1mv/560ohm spec. I don't think that's the same thing as headphone jack's output impedance. That seems illogically high for almost any headphone, but who knows? Ideally, you'd want something along the lines of less than 3ohm output impedance, but I have heard that output impedances way higher than a headphone's impedance causes euphonic distortion which makes it more pleasing or something.

The Annie and HE-400 need close to similar volume out of my amps, FWIH. I'll have to double check once I get the HE-400 back.
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Well, maybe I read it wrong too. Here it is, straight from the V-667 manual:


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That certainly does make it seem like it's 560ohm. That is the highest I have ever seen on any device, ever. O_O

Insanity. Not sure how that alters a headphone's frequency response though. I'm used to impedances not being the ideal 1/8th or less, like say the Fiio E9 having a 10ohm output, which isn't ideal for anything less than 80ohms, but never an output impedance being astronomically HIGHER than a headphone's impedance, aside from using the Headzone with it's 100ohm output with the Denon D7000's 25ohm impedance which I didn't really hear any issues.

My assumption being that such a huge amount of output impedance would mean a lot of power being sent to a headphone which funnels it down to less. Not sure about the science of it all.
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^Possible topic for my thread?
I didn't see the headphone output impedance for your receiver either, though the video out jacks (and RCA audio I assume) are 75 ohms, and the Input impedance is 47 kOhms O_O
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Yeah, input impedances tend to be REALLY high. That's a good thing. The higher, the least distortion. Think of it like a 600ohm headphone having less distortion than a 32ohm.
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Why don't I get the dd light to turn on on my dss and Xbox playing halo
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Hey, I'm thinking about upgrading from my ATH-M30s paired with a Zalman mic  and hooked up to board to the CAL, a ModMic, and an Asus Xonar. Would this upgrade also be good for listening to music?  Specifically I'll be listening to alternative, grunge, and some classic rock. 

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