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Now that I've packed up the SA-31, and the fact the Compass 2 isn't as 'deep' as the SA-31, it doesn't take up as much space.

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Here is what people need to realize about the K702 Anniversary:

The biggest change going from the older AKGs to the Annies is the addition of bass. If your music taste doesn't have a lot of importance towards bass, you may feel the Annie is too similar to the older non-Annies.

However, play some EDM and hip hop on the Annie and compare to the older ones. I GUARANTEE the difference will obvious.

So, if you are one that wished for more bass, better comfort (as in a ginormous leap in comfort), and warmer tone, the Annie will not disappoint. Yes, it is still a K702/Q701, and listening to certain genres will make them sound more similar than different.

Give them their chance, and use them for things that favor the low end.

I am betting that those people who say they sound basically the same as the non-Annies is because they listen to stuff that takes little importance in bass, like Classical.

What the K702 Annie has done is make them a complete all-rounder, and not a specialist. It does everything well, as opposed to certain genres well, like the Q701/K701, etc.

Even if it is just more comfortable, I would say it is worth it. The annies will be my "hardcore gaming" cans.

I still yearn for a second pair with more bass and transparency for fun. The he-400 looks promising. The x1 looks promising as well. Either way I'll have a couple of months to decide since I need to start paying my debts.
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Originally Posted by NamelessPFG View Post


Also seconding MLE on the convenience of a proper volume knob, since I can tell at a glance what the volume setting actually is.


Knobs are nice.  :3


The only problem I have with the M-stage knob is that I can barely see where the volume is at in the dark.  The little red dot on the black knob is too hard to see.  I need to mod it somehow...

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I tend to just lower it to near the beginning if I can't see where the notch is. That's the benefit of knobs for me. The digital buttons took an eternity to set on the SA-31.
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Well, damn. Now I'm torn between the Q701 and the PC360. The anniversaries are tempting, but I can't see myself spending $400 on a set just to game with. Maybe if I listened to music more often. But I feel they would be wasted on Halo.
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The Q701 is a pretty huge boost in SQ over the PC360, though for the purpose of gaming, the PC360 makes more sense, as it's easy to drive, and has a built in mic.
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Does the MixAmp (2011 and 2013) work with voice chat via USB on the PC like with skype, while receiving sound from a digital optical source like the xbox360 at the same time? I remember, the Tritton AX Pro, can handle that very good, but I sold it, cause I'm looking for an more audiophile equipment for all purposes (movies, gaming (no competitive) and music.

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Yes. USB chat is the biggest change from pre-2011 Mixamps.
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Thanks, that's good to know. btw, panty & stockings is great. I'm watching it atm, really entertaining, amusing and soundtracks are also great!


I still got to test some headphones, but in the end, I guess I'll get DT 880 or 990s both 250 Ohm and "Edition" with a FiiO E9 and MixAmp. From what I heard, this setup should work decent with gaming, movies and music. Not going for competetitive gaming anymore, after MW3 and BO2. They're still good games, but just not as satysfying as CoD 4 <3 and MW2 was. Single- and Coop-gamimg seems to make more and more fun to me anyway.


However, I was shocked when looking for the DT880 and the FiiO E9 at amazon.com

for example the FiiO E9 here in germany are 120€, I repeat EUROS and in the states they're 88$. I mean, that's  ridculous., it's just the like half of it.

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I'd go for the E9K/E09K. Seriously. I think it's better than the E9.

Hell yeah, Panty & Stocking. Like Powerpuff Girls for adults. Lol.

Chico, Calpis, Evs, Nameless. I need your addresses.

PM me. This is for the HE-400 first. I will send it out according to whos's closest. That way we can go down the line. I will be bundling in the ODAC which is for Calpis, but I guess you guys can try it out too... tongue.gif

Calpis, make sure you have a 3.5mm to RCA cable for the ODAC: (I bought this one)... I have no idea which USB belongs to the ODAC, so I'll just send you one of mine, unless you don't need one.


Can't give mine to you, as I'm gonna use it for the Mixamp to the Compass 2.

I actually don't feel like selling the HE-400 atm. I'm LOOOOVING them for music. I do like them more than the Annies for music, but that's mainly because my main genres are bass heavy, and the HE-400's bass is special.
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Do you mean the E(0)9k sounds better in terms of SQ? New, they're just 17€ more expensive, than the E9 and if you tell me, that it does, I'll buy them. Another question, do you think, the presets of the 2013 MixAmp can compensate some things, for example a lack of bass, or if the headphones are too harsh?


Harsh is a topic to me now, as yesterday, when I tried 990 Pros and my buddy suddenly plugged his iPhone to them and played this awesome daft punk e guitar solo. I listened to it for like 30 sec and then suddenly almost got a nausea and had to take em off. It sounded that shrilly. That was actually the first time I had a pair of high class headphones on my head. The FLAC tracks on my CD sounded great anyway, I just had to get a break for some minutes, due to this slight sick feeling in my stomack.


And how performes the MixAmp  if it comes to music, for example out of the PC? I assume that you have to turn the Dolby Headphone off for this. Thing is, I listen to almost every kind of music, orchestral soundtracks (LotR <3), Rock/Metal and Electronic.


Just calculated my desired setup. Damn, this all will cost me about 450-500€. I'll look out for some used, cheaper stuff. I hope it'll be worth this money, as I intend to go with it for years.

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Yeah, I found the E9K to sound cleaner than the E9. Though I did own a first gen E9. Maybe they improved it later. The RCA inputs are more sturdy and less prone to breaking than the E9's 3.5mm inputs. The E9K is just more functional. I REALLY liked the sound coming off it. The volume knob was also dead silent. The E9 had a noisy volume knob. Mine anyways.

If you plan on using this with a PC, I do hope you have a dac to paiur up with the E9K. What do you plan on hooking it up to asides from the Mixamp?

Hmm, if you don't like that screechy treble, the DT990s may not be for you. It's not as jarring as the Pro 900, but it does get up there.

Don't use the Mixamp for music. It's hissy. Not worth it.

The Mixamp 2013 is quite warm. The flat preset (top right) sounds a little more bassy than my Mixamp 5.8. The presets like the Media preset adds bass and mids, and makes treble less jarring. It may pair up well with the 990s. Sadly, I didn't have the DT990 on hand to test this.

BTW, anyone here with the 2011 Mixamp? Willing to trade the 5.8 for it, though you'd have to pay me shipping. I think it's fair as the 5.8 is a very rare commodity, and more expensive. Plus, I bought the rechargeable battery pack.
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Thank you very much for the E09k recommendation. I'll most likely get it. Because of my 10€ voucher for amazon which is going to expire in 3 days. I guess I'll buy it before deciding for a headphone (200-300 Ohm). I just want to make sure, to get a good potential out of it, not the very best, but still good.


Hmm, at first I intended to use the Mixamp's DAC for music, but after you told me that... After all I've read I guess the best option sure will be to get also one of these portable FiiO's additionally to the E09k, but this may will cost too much for me. Maybe a new decent soundcard will do the job too, as I listen to music and watch movies only on my PC?


EDIT: Just found a offer for a second hand Mixamp (2011). According to the seller, it is only some months old and it is still in a very good condition. Price is 99€. Note: At 31 January the 2013 will be available in my country for 130€, but 2011 is less hissy not to mention the wanting presets. Do you think 99€ are worth it? IMHO it is some bucks too expensive.

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Originally Posted by Zack117 View Post



Hmm, at first I intended to use the Mixamp's DAC for music, but after you told me that... After all I've read I guess the best option sure will be to get also one of these portable FiiO's additionally to the E09k, but this may will cost too much for me. Maybe a new decent soundcard will do the job too, as I listen to music and watch movies only on my PC?


Is it only on the PC you're looking to use it?


If so (and you have a spare slot in the PC) then a soundcard would probably work out cheaper, sound heaps better (especially for music) and reduce the number of components.

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I already thought of a all-in-one solution just with a soundcard, as they are some good internal soundcards out there with optical input and analog output, Dolby Headphone, integrated amp for up to 600 Ohms and so on. The thing is that I only play on Xbox360, not on PC, and would make use of the optical input.

Only problem is, that I couldn't find something usefull and convincing on the net for this all in one solution - I don't want to buy something that won't work properly. Bad sounding Xbox Live chat is not so important to me anymore, as I skype more and more, and besides of that: Next console generation is on the way anyway, and I'm almost sure, there won't be this awful "plug the headset in the controller" thing anymore. I mean this is the main reason for me to get this Mixamp, due to its Voice chat mix in function. Dolby Headphone is not that important to me, as I think that I'll get good enough sound with such HiFi Headphones in stereo.

Besides that, it wouldn't be much of a problem for me, to let the PC always on, while playing on the console.

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