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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

$192 on Amazon, and seem to be modeled after the F1's. Fully open design, huge angled drivers.
I'm VERY interested! Those look like they could be lethal for competitive gaming.

In the review he posted on head fi, he said the sound stage was quite large, he even preferred them to the AD700. Perhaps worth a try...

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Originally Posted by smellyfungus View Post

searched thru this thread but couldn't find much for my issue.

had a question on the labtec LVA7330 mic for anyone who has it.

im having trouble with the mic picking up my voice unless the mic is literally touching my lips.

when i do the mic test and talk loudly with the mic only a couple inches from my lips the indicator does not even light up. when the mic is on my lips then my friends can hear me just fine.

i've already set the mic volume to max, is there anything else i'm missing to be able to use this mic in a more reasonable position?

Probably go with MLE's answer here, my LVA7330 is very sensitive. So much so that I got complaints from my party when it was too close. I have it farther away now, as I find the mic in my peripheral vision somewhat distracting. One thing to check for is to move the windscreen (black foam thing) up and make sure that the red dot (on the boom arm) is facing your head. The 7330 is a NC mike so it has 2 mics in it, one for ambient noise and one for voice.... maybe yours got turned around somehow. Highly unlikely, but definitely worth a shot.
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Okay, so I spent a few hours on MW2 with the A50s. Definitely playable on the Pro setting or whatever they call it. That's supposed to be the one that sucks out the bass to allow detail whoring, but the A50 is so damn bassy at default, that it still packs a wallop. The other 2 settings are so incredibly muddy, I'd have to say that they are 100% useless. All details are mucked up by bass. A shame.

Still, with the only preset that is playable, I'll say the A50s deserve a 6.5 for competitive. They're good enough for competitive play, but still lacks a bit of detail, and the bass doesn't help. Because they are as expensive as they are though, I'm not holding back. For an extremely expensive headset to have the sound quality that the A50s have, it is quite a letdown. If I had to rate the other two presets... well, let's not go there.

So it works as a DAC/AMP on PC. No optical needed. The EQ and DH is disabled. Without any presets, and listening to music, it's obvious, the A50's bass is turned up to 11. Waaaay too much. I fail to understand how they can use these super bassy drivers on a gaming headset. It just doesn't make sense.

They actually sound pretty good for music off the PC UNTIL the bass hits.

I literally dopped the bass to -12 on my Winamp and it's still very bassy. Wow. That's the first time I've seen that, lol.
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Oh lawd, I bent the Yuin clips, and they actually gave in a little bit. So now the drivers are closer to my ears, and I'm getting a richer sound.

The point where I bent took on a lighter color, so it looks like I won't be bending anymore, in fear of it snapping. There is no metal in the clip, and the plastic wasn't meant to bend...but still, I did it. LOL. Now I have the best in comfort and possible sound I can get from the Yuins. smily_headphones1.gif

Did a quick A/B with the Yuins and KSC35. The Yuins do have a richer sound, and better mids. The KSC35 is more fatiguing, and thinner sounding.
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How's the cabling on the Yuin? I bought like 5 pairs of the ksc75 when they went on clearance at radio shack a few years ago and the cable died on 4 of them at different points.I know I can resolder them but the lack of strain relief really bothers me.

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I don't have faith in the cables. They're as flimsy as the 75/35's cable. My 35's cable is already pulled away from the housing...

I'd say these are worth getting recabled, once the cable goes bad.
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Fantastic thread.  Subbed. Answered everything I had in question.  Thanks man!

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Because of the problems with the 2013 mixamp I may just have to order the wireless a30 bundle. Too bad they don't sell the 5.8 mixamp anymore individually
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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Jerk was a great movie! I'm sure a lot us can identify with "I don't need you, or any of this! Except... This lamp. But that's all I need! ... and this chair, that's all I need..."
But seriously, I liked Inception too.
To everybody,
Merry Christmas and happy holidays!


LOL. I just want the lamp! There's a genie inside! Don't touch anything but tha lamp! I LOVED Inception. Thanks! Same to you and all!

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Long time lurker to this thread and thanks to everyone who has posted and to MLE for the awesome information. I quickly realized I was a complete noob when it came to headphones when I didn't even know what 'open-back' headphones were until I read through this thread. I have been a long time COD player (World at War), nothing competitive, just pub stomping and I have until recently thought that the 'big' headset companies where the best of the best. I have been rocking the PX-21's for awhile now and just recently started looking into upgrading. First off, I don't know if I just bought a good version on the PX-21's but the major hissing issue that MLE spoke about, I haven't been a victim of it. Don't know why. I started gaming on the PS3... worked like a charm, then switched 360 after getting pissed at the PS Network. Other than being held together by super glue and electrical tape, the stereo sound has been great. I recently (12/20/12) purchased the 2013 Mixamp after deciding I was gonna go for the Mixamp + PC 360 combo. Of course my Mixamp has had the major issue you've read about... the sound just... cutting out. After hours of switching out cables, I took to the knowledge of the people (this forum) and replaced the usb power cord with an old PS3 controller charger. I just got done with about a 3 hour session and didn't have one problem. Now, I'm not sure what firmware came on the Mixamp since I just bought it, but I have not updated the firmware yet. I've read that after the update some people have had problems with voice. That part I'm not sure of because my current setup is the Mixamp, Klipsch Reference One's (still trying to find a deal on a headphone/set), and my Kinect being used as my mic. I play on a 23" ASUS EVO monitor, so I sit close enough for the Kinect to pick up my voice... sounds like I'm in a tin box but hell, it works for now. Oh, the Mixamp + headphone is >>>>>>>> PX-21, but I do find is very bassy but I think that has a lot to do with the closed Klipsch headphone. Anyway, long enough first post... and to MLE, thank you again, just wish I had the budget to try as many phone's as you without my wife KILLING me. P.S. I have been looking at purchasing the AKG Q701's used from Amazon's Warehouse for $171 USD, anyone who has had any experience with the Amazon Warehouse... any input would be MUCH appreciated.  and to anyone who wants to play some Domination hit me up... dunaway1924

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What is your comparison between the pc360 and the pc333D(I believe that's it)
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Mgdunaway, Amazon warehouse is great. Easy to do returns if anything is amiss, no questions asked. That sounds like a great price for the Q701, though you definitely need an amp to get the most out of them.

They are hard to drive, though for gaming purposes, you don't need to go all out. A decent desktop amp like the Magni should do the trick, though it will give the AKGs an analytical sound. I say the AKGs prefer warm amps.

For the love of our eyes, add some line breaks to your posts. tongue.gif
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Awesome post! I found this through LevelCap's video. Can't believe I didn't see this myself given that I have lurked these forums before.

In any case, I've been using the PC360's for a while now and am satisfied. However, I'm thinking of picking up some cans that I can dedicate to music, too, while also being used for gaming (better positioning than the 360's).

I'm leaning towards the AKG K701's or the Q701's but thought I'd get your input. You clearly state to get the Q over the K but I'm really looking for a significant improvement in positioning if I use it for gaming.

What would I notice more of an improvement in from the 360's if I went with the Q or the K? "Fun" factor or "competitive" factor? Based on your scoring, it seems that the bigger delta would be the "fun" factor if I went with the Q. However, how close are the 9.5 scores on competitive between the K and 360?

Does this make sense?

I would consider the A700's if all that mattered was positioning but alas many components will be favored, including music.

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To be honest, positional cues, aural god mode is accomplished by the Q701, K701, AD700, HD598, PC360, D7000. I dont think for gaming purposes any headphone you get will wow you over the PC360 in terms of competitive edge. The PC360 really is that fantastic in that regard. What those headphones do improve and wow with, is the sound quality as a whole. The Q701 is literally the next level above the PC360 in terms of sound quality, refinement, and richness.
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Thanks for you quick reply! So, for overall sound quality in mind, you would still pick the Q over the K?
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