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Quote:Originally Posted by Roger de Ceiba View Post

I just bought a PS3 and I'm in the market for a pair of headphones that meets both gaming and general entertainment purposes. 


After reading the original post and thinking about it for a while I've come to the conclusion that I want to try out the DT770 pros. I know that their base is overpowered for gaming but I'm thinking that if I par it up with the new mixAmp with equalizer functions that may balance things. Can anyone chime in and say whether that will be enough or not?


Also, I only want to buy one pair of headphones, so if they won't be the DT770s, I'll probably end up buying the Q701s. I don't really think I'll be doing a lot of competitive multiplayer in the PS3. Maybe on my PC but even then it probably won't be call of duty or any other similar game. I'm more into single-player games, and the multi-player titles I do play, tend to be more co-operative. 


My budget is $300 if it helps (besides mixAmp, or other virtual surround device)

A used receiver with HDMI might serve you better, as it would have both Dolby and DTS features, connect the the PS3 to the receiver using HDMI.

HDMI can pass 8-channels (7.1) of PCM (uncompressed) digital audio 24-bit/192Khz.

So you will get full Blu-ray audio from movies and possible 7.1 gaming audio.

Plus you get something you can plug speakers into.

Check your local Craigslist and check on eBay, I'm sure any A/V receiver made in the last 3 or 4 years would have HDMI.


Optical is either 2-channel of PCM digital audio or  6-channel (5.1) of compressed digital audio (24-bit/48Khz).

I like Yamahas because they come standard with headphone surround sound (Yamaha's Silent Cinema).

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Originally Posted by taichicali View Post

I posted last night, but I have distilled my question more, so as hopefully not to anger the masses as a noob who hasn't done his research (such as reading the fp, rtfm!, right?)

Anyway - I am looking for headphones to watch movies on PS3 and play games with chat on the xbox 360.  The most elegant solution is either the Triton Warheads or the Astro A50's - but I know I am giving up sq for the wireless and integrated mic.

Ideally I would get either:

Crossfade M100

Ultrasone Pro 900S

HiFiMan HE 400

and attach an antlion mic (http://www.modmic.com/collections/frontpage) and use that for chat.  Though, on the Antlion website they do not give a solution for xbox chat, and just point me to a gamestop forum where people discuss the problem.  It seems most of the solutions are geared towards using a PC headset that has a built in mic and converting that to use on xbox chat.  But, with this solution I have the headphone cable and the cable from the external antlion mic to account for.  

I am really unfamiliar with all this stuff.  I have a Pioneer VSX 1022 and a Mits 65 737 TV that does not have a headphone jack.

Has anyone used a setup like above to play xbox 360 and watch movies via PS3?  What adapters and cables would I need?  If it gets so clunky and messy, I may just go with the Astro A50's, but I would rather not.

How about ordering this from monoprice and using the cables/connectors that come with it to use with one of the above headphones? Would that work?


This is the other solution I was looking at, but I think it works for converting PC headsets, so wouldn't work with my setup?


So, all you really need is two HDMI cables to connect the PS3 and Xbox to the Pionner.

The Mod Mic. is analog 3.5mm, someone might make a 3.5mm to USB adapter, or just find a USB Mic.

Then spend the rest of your cash on headphones.


Might want to ask on the following thread if the HE-400 work wells plugged into receivers (like the Pioneer VSX 1022).


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Originally Posted by SoAmusing777 View Post

I'm totally new here. My first post. Yipee. I just bought the Q701's new from Amazon. My concern is that I want to use these on PS3. I realize I can buy the Mixamp, but I just learned about LPCM. Uncompressed lossless. I have a phat PS3, so LPCM is my only option for noncompressed. I see that optical can only do 2 channel, while HDMI is cable of 7.1 192kHZ. So, it seems that I would need to get a receiver with Dolby Headphone, Pro Logic IIx, and that was capable of accepting this LPCM signal right? Why would I get these Audiophile grade headphones, only to listen to Dolby Digital? I just want to be able to get the best sound quality possible out of my PS3 while using these headphones. I've been on google for hours reading and reading. I need some help. Thanks.

(Dolby Pro Logic IIz is the newest Dolby chip use in receivers)

I believe (guessing) the PS3 outputs Blu-ray DTS-HD master audio thru HDMI and I'm assuming some limited Dolby support for Dolby DVD movies, using LPCM and like passing it thru the HDMI cable.

Personally I prefer Yamahas as the come standard with Silent Cinema (Yamaha's headphone surround sound). Which I believe works with a DTS or Dolby source.

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Originally Posted by PrinnyG View Post

Can anyone recommend me a good gaming headphone that is closed, and is under $300?

The Q701 really caught my eyes, so I'm looking for something similar of that, but closed. I really don't want to disturb people while I game, but I still want the immersive feel I get when i play music or game really loud. 



Perhaps AKG K550...

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Originally Posted by Roger de Ceiba View Post

I've read this article ( http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/comparison-beyerdynamic-dt-880-32-ohm-dt-880-250-ohm-and-dt-880-600-ohm-headphones) explaining the ohm. "As a rule of thumb, a damping factor of 10 or more is desirable for the source to be able to drive the load with authority. For example, if the amp has an output impedance of 10 ohms, you want the headphones to be at least 100 ohms or more in order for the amp to make the headphone driver move accurately with the audio signal." also realized that the dt 770 pros 250 ohm version are available for a cheaper price on Amazon.com.




Never mind, I think I just found the answer to plugging a mic for voice chat on PS3 using the search function in this site.


Although I'm still trying to decide whether to go for the DT770 or just go ahead and get the 990s. I guess I'll probably pick up whichever model is cheaper at the time since I probably won't buy it for another two months or so.

I prefer the DT990s over the DT770s for just about everything.

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Originally Posted by PrinnyG View Post

Can anyone recommend me a good gaming headphone that is closed, and is under $300?

The Q701 really caught my eyes, so I'm looking for something similar of that, but closed. I really don't want to disturb people while I game, but I still want the immersive feel I get when i play music or game really loud. 

Audio Technica ATH-A900X (40-Ohms), but you want use them with an amplifier with a low impedance, like 5-ohms or less.

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Originally Posted by chicolom View Post

Perhaps AKG K550...

God no. Horrible, horrible sounding headphone, IMHO. The KSC75 is better...

Dont like the A900x either... but its better than the K550.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

God no. Horrible, horrible sounding headphone, IMHO. The KSC75 is better...
Dont like the A900x either... but its better than the K550.



I've seen several people say the K550 is like a closed Q701....



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They need their ears checked then. It sounds so thin and lifeless... no...no.

Seriously though...no. lol.
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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet!
I personally say Receivers have a great long-sighted value if you can physically fit them into your gaming space. You get a decent solid-state amp, hook ups for Hi-Fi speakers, a touch of EQ for your headphones, remote, input switcher so you can keep various systems hooked up to your TV, all the sound codecs you need (like DTS and Dolby Digital), an external DAC, an fm radio tuner, etc... To be honest, you will be hard pressed to hear a difference between HDMI and Optical (it's like slightly softer, I barely make it out with my Q701s), so either should be fine. Dolby Digital is nothing to sneeze at, but of course the receiver will (probably) understand most types of DTS signals too.
To explain one thing, after the receiver, uh, receives either a DTS or Dolby Digital signal from your console, it processes the signal inside the receiver's DAC, and if you have headphones plugged in it will then simulate surround sound using a processing algorithm like Dolby Headphone, or some other manufacturer's proprietary algorithm (like Yamaha's "Silent Cinema"). If you want the Dolby Headphone version of headphone surround in a receiver, you'll have to find an older model of Harman Kardon receiver, apparently. Newer versions have HK's own version of headphone surround... which I personally haven't heard if it's better or worse.
I have a Yamaha receiver with Silent Cinema... It's pretty good, positioning is pretty accurate, though when you use DSPs it sounds like you're in a cave, of varying size. There is also Dolby Pro Logic (forget what version) as an alternative to Silent Cinema built-in... Positional accuracy isn't as good because it mixes surround from stereo audio (so that's like... 5/7.1-->stereo-->5.1-->virtual surround), but for all that it actually sounds alright. Good for RPGs and situations where accuracy isn't so important, YMMV. I haven't decided if I best like a DSP with lowered effect strength (cuz you can do that), or "straight" mode with a surround signal.
Did this answer your questions?


Ha, thank you for the welcome, although my wallet will be okay :) I agree about the receiver bit. Good to know. I want to take the 5.1 signal from games, then use Dolby Headphone. It seems the only way I can get this LPCM 5.1 24bit/192kHz sound is through HDMI to a receiver, but then I'm screwed when it comes to chat audio. I want to use the mixamp, but the optical is not capable of LPCM 5.1 What to do, what to do... EDIT:  http://steelseries.com/products/audio/steelseries-cross-platform-audiomixer#pictures - I believe I have found the answer. I have a question though. The Q701's wire technology... Is it degraded when I plug it into an extender? What I'm asking is, say I have a headphone port, I plug in a regular 3.5mm cord, then at the other end I plug the headphones in. Am I losing audio quality by not straight plugging the headphones in?

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You can still get Dolby digital 5.1 with optical.

Would LPCM 5.1 really be that big of a noticeable difference in quality with Dolby Headphone? I'm guessing no.
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I know, but it's compressed and less kHZ as well. I have no clue though.

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i personally never found movies to work good with headphones either way.  Games are made with headphones in mind and movies are not.

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Good to know, but this is the "gaming guide" thread. I mentioned I have a ps3. This is gaming related and has nothing to do with movies. Thanks for the input though. I'm just now, wanting to know, if plugging the headphone jack of the Q701's into an extender, rather than directly into whatever, degrades the quality.

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tough....hmmm don't know of any games that us 24BIT which you mentioned as being a key factor in your whole little mess.  Sorry before you get to hard on me, about how this is a "gaming guide" realize that i was just trying to help you out.

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