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Originally Posted by Lukalop View Post

Need to ask you all an important question, that I have asked in other forums, but it wouldn't hurt to get the opinion of the gaming community wink.gif

Nowadays technology wise, everything is evolving rapidly. Computers at least double their speed each year, get upgraded with better more efficient chips, as well as high resolution screens along with improved battery life. In 5 years from now they will be at least 32 times as fast as they are today (2*2*2*2*2=32) and there are likely to be even more advanced technological breakthroughs, maybe even holographic displays, who knows.

As for speakers, have we (as in manufacturers) yet to scratch the surface in terms of innovation and advancement i.e will audio equipment have improved in 5 years the same way computers will or have the concepts of acoustics in producing sound already been firmly grasped and there is only room left for minor improvement. Are advancements in sound dynamics incremental (i.e JH Freqphase) or is the relatively new Freqphase addition revolutionary?

To summarise, are speakers constantly improving with time or have the limits of reproducing sound quality already been reached?


As time goes forward speakers are becoming more efficient, adding more features and coming in smaller packages. That said, my parents have a set of bookshelf speakers that are at least 20 years old at this point and still sing with the best of them. Can't say the same about a 20 year old computer.

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I wouldn't worry so much about advancements in audio. The Koss ESP950 has been around for a long while and it sounds amazing even by today's standards. Same can be said of the Portapro. Lol, both Koss.

A good headphone will always be a good headphone.

Look at the Tesla Beyers, which is the next evolution of the popular 880s/990s/etc, and most people still prefer the older ones.
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The way people position their speakers and the treatment of their room is what will always limit first. In 99,99999% of all cases room acoustics will kill any further benefit, thus on a low level the future for me is a DSP based active speaker system that uses a lot correction (flexible crossover, compensating time delay depending on your seat etc.).


And when your room doesn't really limit then most of the music does. Honestly, the recording part of the industry needs to do a better job again. TOTL headphones like the HD 800 and Co. are too good for most of the stuff. The recodings need to keep up first. 

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Originally Posted by roguegeek View Post

For gaming, they shouldn't even be considered an option.

Why not?


Before I discovered this thread, I was using a Sennheiser headset (although I have no idea what model it was, but they were basically on ear headphones with a microphone attached) for 6 years or so, I didn't seem to have any problems with comfort or anything.

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Originally Posted by benbenkr View Post


I agree.


I had a brief experience with the TH-900 on The Last of Us, it was just absolutely chilling... in a good sense. That hotel basement level was just fantastic. Never heard anything like it.


Did you use the Mixamp or something better? 

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I'm looking for a less bass-heavy version of the Beyerdynamic DT 770's. I haven't actually tried them yet. All I'm going by are the words of others, but in general I prefer a clearer, warmer, more neutral signature. I would like an airy sound but in a closed-ear design because I need the sound isolation. I recognize that this is an oxymoron, but is there something out there in that price range (I'm willing to pay more if necessary) that will perform well for music, video games (PC and consoles) and movies? From reading the first page reviews, it seems that all the popular ones are open-ear designs. Although that's the SOUND I'm looking for, one of the reasons why I want headphones is because I want to cut out background noise and stop my little sister hearing some guy getting blown up by a grenade. Any ideas? I don't have an amp, DAC or dedicated sound card.

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Cool thing about headphones/speakers in general, they don't become obsolete and last a good long time. They're an investment, so long as you take care of them.

The area that is developing and changing is in DACs. It's becoming cheaper to get a quite nice, sweet resolving, clean DAC. Amping tech has made a few small steps as well, and again it's getting cheaper to get really good components.

So, to sum up, DACs and some types of amps are advancing, but headphones are pretty well understood and mostly explore new tuning (and at the higher end, greater tightening of tolerance).
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I'd like to add that the V-Mode Boom Pro is compatible with the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro. I've been using it on my X1 through my PS4's controller. Nice indeed!

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Thanks for the confirmation, Zombie.

Hey guys...

Just a quick unboxing of the KSC75. Last time I bought these, it was in a different packaging, and it had a syraight angle plug as well as a puch and 6.3mm adapter. Now, it has no accessoies whatsoever, and comes with a better right angle pluig.

I also show how to bend the clips from it's fresh out of the box state, which is too separated from the drivers.
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My KSC-75's came in a plastic blister-pack, with "Pulse" marketing on it. Straight angle plug. Also, the angle of the clips was already Quite tight right out of the box (the tail of the clip touches the Earpad, actually). This was purchased last summer, however.
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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

I'd really like to try the HS-15g at some point, as it's an open version of it.


I'll send em out whenever you're ready for them.

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MLE, I would love it if you can review the Shure SRH-1540's!

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You guys are killing me here, lol. I want to play Tales, but this constant reviewing makes me have to play games that take advantage of Dolby Headphone. frown.gif
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I probably would've tossed in some Grado SR60s in the package too just for the hell of it.

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Hey guys,


When I was doing some searching about something else, I came across some comments to the effect that MLE's review of the A50's was flawed because there was a firmware update to fix the bass or something.  Is that the case, or was I misreading it?  The A50 is available at $200 for a refurb and I'm curious if the value proposition gets better at that price point, especially if the SQ is better than what MLE heard.


$200 for a wireless mixamp and a decent headset is not a bad deal.  I'm still not too keen on the wire running across the room for my current setup and I'm still tempted by the wireless of the A50 and the PLYR1.  They're both about the same price now (if you're into refurb, which I am).

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