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What about the Sony MDR - R1? anyone tried this? Im guessing for gaming, only the X1, 990 Pro, and maybe MA900 are the only oneswith good bass and good sound stage for surround sound?
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Originally Posted by kman1211 View Post

I really think the Sony MDR-MA900 needs to be added to this review. They are phenomenal for gaming, their soundstage is incredible and very 3D sounding. I honestly think their soundstage is quite a bit better than the Q701s and HD 598s, both of which can sound a bit congested and 2D in comparison.


Are they really better than the Q701's for competitive gaming? Did you A/B compare them or is that based off memory?

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I scored the Philips Fidelio X1 headphones a week ago for $237 from Sonicelectronix (they had a coupon code up when I order that took off $12 from their normal price). This is my first set of killer headphones ever and I am shocked each time I use. The sound is simply incredible. Prior to this I had only used Turtle Beach headphones and all I can say is the ones I had from TB were crap compared to these. I have the X1 hooked up to a Mixamp and I cannot believe the sounds I have been missing on my PS3 and 360. They also feel great when I wear them with my glasses.


I am a believer in the X1.

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That's a bit of a shame, I would love for Beyer to release an open-back that isn't overly elevated in the treble. I did like the T1 when I heard it but I agree it's a bit bright and tizzy, wouldnt be a headphone I would buy, I cant handle elevated treble for extended periods of time. The T1 was less bright than the HD 800 for me though, which I found rather unpleasant, it didn't sound harsh but it was quite bright and splashy sounding and some reason it gave me ear fatigue in a short amount of time.

I may consider loaning my MA900s out but it will be a while if I do as I'm kind of moving around a good deal until school starts up again.
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I can't say for sure on the Q701 yet, I am going off memory on them sadly. I could be wrong though. I always had a little trouble truly grasping the Q701s soundstage and imaging properly while with the MA900 I never did. I will be able to compare them properly when i can borrow my friends Q701. I did hear the MA900 vs HD 598 though.
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Got Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro few days back, please can you suggest some good amps for it.

And how can I get surround sound experience with it, currently I am using Razer Surround for now.

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You might want to check this thread:




MLE's thread is mainly for console gamers.

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thanks for suggestion pietcux :)

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Originally Posted by Mad Lust Envy View Post

Concurrent to what I've heard about the T90s and the Beyer Teslas in general, which is why I have no desire in hearing any of them.

Oh no.. i was almost convinced on buying the t90's :p now after reading around a bit more maybe not.. the reviews seem mixed.. some people really love it while others hate it.. maybe i neet to hear it myself..

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Originally Posted by jincuteguy View Post

What about the Sony MDR - R1? anyone tried this? Im guessing for gaming, only the X1, 990 Pro, and maybe MA900 are the only oneswith good bass and good sound stage for surround sound?
The MDR-R1 is ok, but nothing special. I had it for some moth last year and it got soon more or less unused. Sold it with a substantial loss and don't miss it. The build quality and the comfort are on the good side though. They sounded very mid centric to me.
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I mean, trebly headphones don't bother me, but I'm over that phase. So while I love Beyers, they're just not what I look for in sound anymore.
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Hi Mad Lust,


Thanks for all the great tips and info! Your thread is so useful. I'm a PC gamer and I play alot of competitive FPS games. I've decided to get a pair of Audio-Technica AD700X. Not alot of reviews out yet for this update on the AD700. I'm hoping I don't have any comfort issues. Just gonna have to try them out. I'm going to be feeding them from an ASUS Xonar DGX card and will definitely be using Dolby Headphone for some virtual surround positioning.



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I used an AD700 for three years, definitely a special headphone with great value. The downside is poor bass extension, so it sounds fairly lean, but the pluses are accurate, out-of-your-head soundstaging that is one of the best with virtual surround, light weight and low fatigue, and easy clarity to pick up on tactical details while gaming. I actually think it responds well to EQ, I used the bass-boost function with my Recon3D and was really impressed playing Metro: 2033, the scene where the anomaly rumbles past actually seemed bassy and powerful.

I would recommend not being afraid to bend the headband (3 places, in at the center then out flatter at 1/3rds areas) so that the ear cups sit more flush with your head (too wide at stock for most European heads), and maybe trying a hair-tie or medium sized rubber band between the "wings" to increase clamping force. They don't require as much special expensive amping as other headphones.

I think you will be quite impressed.
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So it only took me forever, but I finally put up my thread about Marantz receivers with Dolby Headphone processing.  I hope it's useful for anyone looking at going the AVR route for DH.


Brief Guide to Marantz AV Receivers with Dolby Headphone & HDMI

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With the dss/mix amp, do you have to feed it a Dolby digital (true surround signal) for it to process to Dolby headphone, or can it do it from a stereo source
Because surely optical can only output coded Dolby digital or 2 channel lpcm, so although consoles code output to Dolby digital it wouldn't work on pc unless you're running with Dolby digital live?
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