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You'll just be wasting your money at this point. No headphone is gonna make positional cues noticeably more accurate. At this point, best thing is jumping to a new virtual surround tech device like the Beyer Headzone. You can only do so much with headphones.
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Hi, I'm new here and new to advanced audio in general. I'm a pretty big xbox360 Call of Duty player and I'm ready to take the next step. I've been using turtle beach x11's, I think they're called for many years. After doing tons of research, the same names keep coming up, (Astro A40's, Sennheiser PC360&598, steelseries Siberia V2, etc, so I've decided to go for the ole' Ad700, mixamp, modmic combo.

My question is...Which mixamp to go with? Either Astro mixamp 2013, which I've read thousands of horror stories about or the previous version(2011 i think). Has anyone heard if Astro actually fixed their mixamp. I know about the updated firmware which is supposed to fix sound dropping and a new usb-mini to push the extra power, but i still read tons of unhappy customers on their forums. If anyone has any experience or suggestions I would greatly appreciate your feedback/help!!


Thanks very much for your time

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Originally Posted by theman1285 View Post

What would be a good upgrade from a AKG Q701. I am looking to get better directional cues while playing online with my playstation 3 and eventually playstation 4 when it comes out. I dont know if the headphone exists but is there a better headphone for gaming with even better directional cues?

Also where can you buy the Annie pads from? Wouldn't mind trying them on the Q701's


You could downgrade to the AD700, which has a bit better positioning.  Just be aware of the sound signature that headphone comes with.

The HD598 might be a hair better then Q701, but not sure.  Again, the signature...


The Q701 sound is a lot more fun than either of those two though, and it still has one of the best soundstages out there.  You probably have to jump up to the HD800 to get an improvement (...maybe the T1).




The anniversary pads won't be available for another 2 weeks or so, FWIR in the thread below:


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He's looking at a very incremental improvement by getting an AD700 or HD598 over the Q701. Certainly not gonna get one more kill because he wore those instead of the Q701. The only thing that makes them even slightly better is because they sap out all the fun to let you purely focus on detail. Positional cues are basically a wash to me. People are putting too much stock on the difference between anything that's an 8 compared to a 9.5. There is no miraculous or even significant improvement, IMHO. There is different sound signatures that all equal awesome in competitive performance. If the Q701 ain't doing it for him in Dolby Headphone, it's either:

a.) The game. All games are not the same in terms of positional cues. Case in point: Modern Warfare 2 has the best positional cues out of all the Call of Duty games. Compare that game to Modern Warfare 3/BLOPS 2 and you'll quickly realize just how much better it is.

b.) He's incompatible with DH, and should look at some other DSP like whatever Headzone is using, Silent Cinema, CMSS, Recond3D, etc.
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Thanks a ton MLE, you answered my question and then some. I really appreciate it man. Sorry for the confusion btw
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Thanks a ton MLE, you answered my question and then some. I really appreciate it man. Sorry for the confusion btw
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Thanks for the reply and chicolom too. Are annies amp picky? Can E17 drive it?

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Originally Posted by OnePunchMan View Post

^_^ Thank you too Evershurg, you've been a great help also. So um, if i dont amp the headphones......I mean I'm almost positive I can t just plug them into my Xbox controller so uh, how would I use them to get the most out of them I guess?  Sorry if that's a dumb question, but this all literally goes right over my head; some of what you guys have been talking about reminded me of the time when my friend tried to teach me Russian. 
When I first started gaming with the AD700, I was using the component AV cables that came with my Xbox. Then, I just used a super-cheap RCA to 3.5mm adapter (the red/white plugs you see on all TVs and most audio equipment, and a headphone jack like you see on an iPod that matches the headphone plug), plus a cheap FiiO E5 amp because the audio straight from an Xbox's RCA jacks is just too loud. That worked just fine for years, though you only get stereo sound that way.

I read Mad's thread here for the headphone reviews at some point, but I found it again last year which kindled an interest in trying virtual surround sound. If you want to try virtual surround, read the "topic article" at the link in my signature: I've tried to make the thread easy to read by bookmarking major topics with a table of contents on the first post. I bought a Recon3D USB instead of an Astro Mixamp because it cost half as much and would work as an external soundcard for my Mac as well as Xbox surround. For surround, I connect the included optical wire to the optical port on my Xbox; if you have a model with HDMI but before the Slim, like I do, you can have the HDMI go to your screen and get a $3 "audio dongle" that plugs in and gives you RCA connections and an optical out, but a Slim has the optical output port built right into it.

For chat, I just set the voice to play through "speakers" in the Xbox Guide preferences (just hit the guide button and slide over to the Settings tab), so all audio including chat plays in my headphones, then you just plug a mic into your controller. Any 2.5mm wired cellphone headset will work if you can position the mic towards your mouth, though a cheap lapel mic or ModMic (not so cheap) will probably be more suitable solutions. Mad's lapel mic is from Deal Extreme (mentioned in his guide), I just bought mine on Amazon, much faster shipping and still very cheap but good wink.gif
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Originally Posted by widdyjudas View Post

Never tried the AD series before, so I want to test it. I had an AT m50 before and hated it. The cup is not big enough, the leather is sweaty and clamp is too much. Many said its over the ear design, but its on ear for me. So, the cup pressed against my ear and add the clamp.
Sound is ok, good low and hi, but the soundstage is too small. Everything is cramped on the middle.
Too bad that the AD series are using leather too. I want to test the new one, but its still unavailable here. Don't now if envy will try the new updated AD, compared to the old one.
HE400 is good enough for me, although I want more soundstage. The weight and long cable is minus point for it. I wish Hifiman has coiled cable.
The clamp of the AD700 is very light. They probably weigh half as much as the HE's, too. The earpads are like cones... They touch your head around your ears, but the contact surface is so "wide" that it will probably rest on your ear too. Have you ever forgotten you were wearing a hat? Sometimes you'll feel like that while playing a game.

The A series headphones are closed headphones with pleather/leather earpads, the AD line are open headphones with soft velour fabric earpads. The headband "wings" are soft and squishy like a nylon pillow or something.
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Well, due to length of period away, the last guy backed out of buying the HE400 so I had to refund him. They are back up for sale. $300. Check the sig link if interested. Though sale is pending, and have 4 other people waiting, lol.

BTW, just to update on the K702 Annie. <3 <3 <3 <3

I updated the Q701 entry with a few paragraphs about the change done with the Annie pads, etc.
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I mailed it with insurance and better packaging, so in one way or another Calpis is getting it. Still in the original retail box of course, headphone is clean, and in the same very good condition it arrived in, with the cables and 1/4" adapter and spare velours.
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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

I mailed it with insurance and better packaging, so in one way or another Calpis is getting it.


What was wrong with my packaging?  frown.gif


BTW, Calpis should remember that the parts express headphones are hidden inside the box somewhere and that they go back to MLE.  I know he has been dying to get his hands on them.

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Hey Mad Lust Envy! I hope this is a good place to ask: Why are you selling the HE-400 and keeping the K702 Anniversary? I've got a line on the K702 for $375 and I'm trying to decide between the two. I also have a HD650 and a HD600, but am willing to let either go (but not both) if I prefer either the K702 or HE-400. Knowing why you let the HE-400 go and keep the Annie may help me decide. 

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MLE - I ordered the new Audio Technica AD-900x. The reviews for these cans are very scarce at the moment since they aren't officially available in the States or Europe. I did manage to find a review on Amazon which said that these cans need amplification. 




What gain setting would you recommend I use on an Asus STX to amplify these?




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I prefer the warmer, more balanced sound on the K702 Annie over the HE400. They're both amazing, but I'm over the emphasized treble headphones, which the HE400 falls under. The Annie has a non-fatiguing and airier sound presentation, and is also much, much more comfortable for extended use. Also, its more suited for gaming.

The HE400 is mainly bass and treble centric, and nowadays I prefer bass and mid centric with smooth treble.

For you, I think you'll find the K702 Annie to be somewhat like the HD650 with more airiness, and clarity, but still on the warm, pleasant side, and not as laid back.
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