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Originally Posted by nickie View Post



Actually the sound from the DSS is much clearer than the Mixamp due to no interference from the mic channel.

Tried the DSS once with the DT770 80ohms but it doesnt work out so well but for the AD700 its more than enough.

Hold on, are you saying the DSS 1 can't even drive 80 ohms?

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Originally Posted by Evshrug View Post

You asked earlier if amps matter to sonic quality, or if they're just for "enough volume." Some headphones require more voltage to be loud enough, but all drivers benefit from having enough current to articulate complex passages or powerful bass sections. Some headphones scale more than others, and IMO should be the first consideration, but an appropriate amp is part of a complete system.

A Q701 (62 ohm headphone) actually sounds loud enough right off of a Turtle Beach DSS ($30 like new on eBay). And decently wonderful too. But the bass will never quite sound "big" and the treble may distort, causing a sharpness that can get fatiguing after a half hour (ymmv, but I used to play violin too, like... 15 years ago, but I loved it). Add a good neutral-but-capable amp you'll still hear the character of the headphone, but notes flow from the drivers easily. You've heard it on string instruments; if a performer has a firm movement of the now it sounds great, but a novice playing weakly with little control will screech a stradivarius like a dying cat.

IMO, you ought to start out with a Koss KCS75 or Superlux (haven't heard Superlux myself, skipped to an AD700), a DSS (first version), and a portable amp like a FiiO E11.

Tbc, lunch break is over


So the DSS will give me the Dolby Headphone, the immersion, and will power some headphones (and give the full volume for most), but won't do the full deal for higher impedance headphones? OK I think I'll start with DSS 1 + Superlux. I don't need a portable amp.

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Yo gents,


Here's my Q701 video I promised a while back.


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Cool vid Zombie. I'm assuming you're gonna end up making a AKG guide like your Beyer one.

Though considering how damn similar the AKG 7xx series is to itself (lol), it may be redundant. I mean, the K712 Pro reminds me so much of the Annie, and I'm almost wondering if I had used the newer angled memory foam pads, the differences would've be even more subtle (my Annie had non-angled memory foam pads). Considering how the Annie was basically a Q701 with memory foams, AKG REALLY didn't do much of anything with the K712 Pro, barring some extra sense of space, more treble, and less richness. Still wondering if that difference was mainly just the pads...
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I have really been kickin' ass with my XBA-H3s. Who says there isn't an IEM with a wide enough soundstage for competitive gaming?


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Lol at the sneaky edit. :biggrin:

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Originally Posted by Napalmhardcore View Post

Lol at the sneaky edit. :biggrin:


Yea, I said ass in two straight sentences... :blink:

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Was looking at IEMs a few days ago. I've got to stop looking at everything people mention because I don't have the money.

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Originally Posted by Napalmhardcore View Post

Was looking at IEMs a few days ago. I've got to stop looking at everything people mention because I don't have the money.




Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
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One day I'll win the lottery, but until that day I am a danger to my self and should be restrained.


(Tried to find a picture to accompany that, but pickings were surprisingly slim for decent straitjacket pics.)

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Hi everybody - I come seeking wisdom.


I've read MLE's guide (thanks for putting the time in dude; it's awesome for 'audio newbs' like me) quite a few times and have used it as a reference over the last few months during my own research. The trouble is, I'm still stuck, so I decided to finally register and put forward my predicaments and some questions in order to get some better insight.


SO. I'm looking for a new headset for online gaming both on my PC and Xbox 360, with the possibility of wanting to use it for the Xbox One / PS4 in the future. This gaming is varied (League of Legends, CS:GO, Halo etc.) and I use Mumble, Teamspeak, Skype etc. for chat so voice is important.


Nothing too unusual so far, but here's the interesting bit: currently I have my relatively new PC (just over a year old now, bless her), sporting the Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD3H motherboard and no sound card. This PC is connected to my Panasonic HDTV (quite a few years old now) via HDMI to my nvidia graphics card and uses the sound drivers that come with it (which all works well and great so no problems here; I listen to my music, watch videos, game single player etc. this way without headphones and it's bliss, so I don't want to change that). When I wish to play online with friends, I plug my Sennheiser PC350s in via USB and it all works pretty swell. However, these are really getting old now (5-10 years) and they're wearing out cosmetically and a little functionally (I swear the mic and a bit of the audio is degrading a little over time now) and they've never been 100% comfortable - they pinch my ears after around 3-4 hours each session. Plus I can't use them on my 360 as they are, so I'm looking to upgrade.


With regards to the upgade, I've been doing a lot of reading and watching youtube etc. and have been floating around the following possibilities:


1. Philips X1 Fidelio + Mic + some sort of amp/amp+dac combo - this may be rather expensive, and can't grab new pads. Not sure if easy to swap setup considering my situation above.

2. Sennheiser Game One + amp or use current USB sound card which came with PC350s. Not sure how comfy it'll be considering 350's fit hurts my ears.

3. Astro A40/50 + mixamp - seems the best all-rounder to me but lacking slightly in audio quality; the A40 is probably better than the A50 audio wise.

4. Steelseries Siberia Elite - Similar to the Astro with regard to setup, but a major problem is that nobody has reviewed and compared them to the above - this is a major problem and hassle for people like me looking upgrade yet are unable to get both for testing xD   I have found however, that the mic quality isn't as good as the above options - but I'm still unsure of the audio quality.


...and that's about it. I do like having the convenience of simply plugging a USB card in and everything working and sounding well, but I also want comfort and the best sound I can get for my price range (let's say, £300 or so tops for everything, but I may stretch it) as well as able to use it on all platforms. Any guidance would be extremely welcome - and apologies for the long read but detail is everything.

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@Sentinus, Hi.


You seem to be reasonably well informed of your choices. I've not heard mention of anyone here using the Siberia Elites in my time here, but if someone has I'm sure they'll offer an opinion.


One thing you've not really covered is how important virtual surround is to you. If it is important, I'd suggest checking out the videos at the beginning of the guide as well as some of the ones on Youtube which compare some of the technologies available.


Ultimately, it is up to you to make the decision as to what you buy. The people here will be willing to help you, but you have to ask the right questions, such as what kind of sound signature are you looking for? How important is the trade-off between bass and pure positional accuracy etc?


Welcome to Head-fi :) 

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If you want one solution that you can easily swap back and forth with your current PC setup, get a recon3d USB. Its the only surround processor I know that you can use on PC with no sound card or on console.

After that, any headphone and mic combo will work fine. X1 and boonpro is a solid choice as are many others (gameone etc).
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There's a reason why no one mentions the Siberia Elite, because at $200... no one cares.


Had a brief listen to it and a Superlux Evo 681 is still a better all around heapdhone than the Elite and it's only a quarter of the price. Considering it is a closed headset, the bass is shy. There very little impact to it, when it does it feels slow and hollow. I do not like how the mids are so artifically forward, almost as if it was purposely EQ'd that way and the treble lacks energy, despite being smooth.


The biggest problem? The comfort. The earpads are memory foam IINM, but they just aren't supple enough. My jaws started hurting after 15 minutes, I wouldn't wanna know how numb my jaw would be after an hour. The pleather looks to be of low quality too and something that would tear within a year of usage, though this is a personal assumption.


Nice that the Elite comes with Dolby Headphone, but a Xonar U3 costs $35 so whatever. I did not test the mic, but there are plenty of youtube recordings with the mic and needless to say, they're barely passable.


So there you go, you want a Siberia, then just stick with the v2 and buy a Xonar U3.

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I found the Audio Technica ATH-AG1 and ADG1 as I was scouring the web and was wondering if anyone has any experience with them. Not sure how well they'd perform in surround. Since they are from a good company already and not just a gaming company, I would have no clue how well they stack up against the gaming headsets out there or my Astro A40s.

Edit: Also found the Beyerdynamic MMX300 and not sure about those either.
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