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For Sale: SOLD: Grado HF-2 #312

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For Sale:
SOLD: Grado HF-2 #312

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm sad to say I'm selling my Grado HF2 headphones. They're #312, and in great condition. They are also in perfect working order. I just bought them last week to compare them to the RS1's and I chose to stick with my RS1's. There are a lot of members who think otherwise, so hopefully you're one of them and can take advantage of my situation! 


The pictures above ARE pictures of the actually headphones, so you can see they're in great condition.


The seller I bought them from included: One Dark brown J-Money headband, and Grado Jumbo pads. My asking price isn't including those, but if you're interested, I'll throw those in for $30 bucks, which is really good because the J-Money band sells for $44 alone, and the pads are $40-45 dollars alone.


PM me if interested! I've got the box that came with the headphones too!

I never reject the idea of a trade! So if you feel like you've got a good trade in mind let me know.


Thanks - Brian


PS. I've also got a Grado RA-1 amp in the classifieds for $160. If you're interested in the HF2's & the RA1 as a package, I'll add it on the the price of the HF2's + $100. That's a great steal for two products that have such nice synergy! 

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I've purchased these headphones, however I only have 2 messages a day. 

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Originally Posted by Wayff View Post

I've purchased these headphones, however I only have 2 messages a day. 

Here you go man, this is my personal email:


Please do contact me! I was a bit worried last night after recieving your payment, but I do remember only being able to send out 2 messages when first being a member... Shoot me that email so we can contact through there.


Thanks! - Brian

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HF2's have been sold and shipped on 1/18.

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