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In Ear Earphone dilemma

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I'm looking to spend £25 on a pair of In ear Headphones.



  • Warm, deep bass- this is really important :)
  • Good looking- i.e. not sticking-out monstrosities..
  • Built to last (i.e. for use at the gym)


I'd love some recommendations.

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You should have a look at |joker|'s multi-review thread here:

Here are some options I picked up directly from his thread that are in and around your price range. You can read |joker|'s impressions on them to see if they match your sound criteria.

(3B1) Head-Direct RE2
(3B2) MEElectronics Ai-M9 / M9
(3A6) Soundmagic PL50
(3A21) ViSang R02 / Brainwavz ProAlpha
(3A24) Brainwavz M1

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id probably say Radiopaq Jazz

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