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Wanted: AKG K1000

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AKG K1000

Willing to Offer: 900$

Looking for a mint condition K1000, shoot me your offers via PM. Also, please take note that I only respond to serious offers, I will not pay more than 900$ for these since they go for 500€ on eBay Germany nowadays. I'm offering you guys a chance to sell a K1000 fairly quickly, I have excellent here.

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it will be difficult to find a mint KK at this price.

I have been looking for a mint KK and can not find even at USD 1200.

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just a little advice, I bought mine more than 1 year ago and I was very lucky to grab the deal at roughly 950$. a mint one.

about that kk on ebay, note that there're still more than 6 days to go. last time I saw a kk floating around on ebay was around 2 years ago and they were sold for at least 1k$ or might have been more.

raise the bar and you might be luckier. good luck.

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I am afraid to say that the "500€ on eBay Germany nowadays"are far from mint,you want a mint pair bass heavy then start thinking $14-$1500.


You might get lucky.

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