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Holy crap guys. I have had the 500's in my spare bedroom since they arrived. The day the came I ended up in the hospital. The box that Gorthon sent me has never even been opened. 


I had pancreas problems  it seems my family has some herreditary pancreas duct issues and ended up carrying around a bag to feed me for months. I am in the process of moving and found the box today. I immediately called customer service and am shipping them back to headdirect tomorrow. I feel like such an ASS. I am so sorry to the community. It was a total accident. I have been a member here for years . I have bought and sold many things and would never intentionally tarnish myself . I  would never want to hurt head-fi and it's community and that was never my intent. I am SO sorry about everything. I have just logged on to my my account for the first time since the illness that has changed my life.  I have a ton of PM's that I will be getting to, I am sure some of these are about the 500's. Again I am SO very sorry. I did not even remember that they had came. 


I beg for forgivness and if you can't I understand that also.



Well, get well soon, or as well as you can under the circumstances!


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Chris (mobayrasta) get well soon.

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Hello Hifiman, will there ever be a HE-500 with only one magnet? A lighter version without the metal bar running across the driver with good velour pads would probably be the perfect headphone for me.

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Wondering if it's still going on. If it is, myself and a couple other head-fiers in the area would like to try them.


There are about 6 of us who live within two miles of each other and at our last meet, everyone explicitly said 'I'd like to try HE-500."


If sent to me, I'd like to try to organize a minimeet around these headphones. ; )


Personally I'm wondering if it's better than lcd-2. If it's more neutral along the HD 600 lines I may buy one. As for the others, if they think it sounds better than their lcd2's they will likely buy one.

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Review is finally up! Gorthon has them now, at least I hope.

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