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HE-500 Loaner Program

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HE-500 Loaner Program
Here is the list for members to participate in the U.S. HE-500 Loaner Program. The order was picked to minimize shipping costs for everyone
and to lower the shipping times.
The Asian and European Loaner program will be handled separately.

davederek                         NY (Westchester)

jinp6301                            NY (Binghamton)
falis                                  Massachussetts
decur                                Massachussetts

Joey Russo                       New Jersey

Frank I                              New Jersey
leesure                              Philadelphia
baka1969                          Philadelphia
goldme                             Pennsylvania
Mobayrasta                       Maryland
warp08                              Virginia
Sam Fi                              Florida
Happy Camper                    Cincinnati
Ishcabible                           Illinois
Gorthon                              Wisconsin
dmv915                              Missouri
bodx                                  Phoenix
project86                            San Francisco
dcpoor                                Los Angeles
LFF                                    Southern California
debitsohn                            Los Angeles   




eucariote                          St. John's Newfoundland

sokolov                            Montreal

Zida                                 Toronto

wower                              Calgary

sampson-smith                 Saskatchewan  

-Please note: Since there are many more members in the East Region, as soon as the Central and West regions are finished, they will be directed to
send their loaners to the next potential customer in the East. This should be able to make the whole program finish in 6 or less weeks.
-Also, if you requested to be in the program, and you did not indicate were you live, and you do not have your location in your profile (which everyone should),
you were exempt from the program.

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I'd love to get in on this. Currently have the HE-6, powering it with a Virtue Audio One.2, among other headphones and amps.

To be able to get even in the ballpark of the HE-6 would be very interesting to me. I'm currently looking for a good portable.
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I'd like to try my 6 portable amps on this. I do like my HE-6 with my tube speaker amp.

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I don't know if it would be a good idea to bring these up in to Canada, but I do own a pair of HE-6 to compare to (though there will likely be little shortage of those reviews). As far as amps go I have access to a couple of lighter powered amps that the HE-6p seem to be geared towards, and hopefully a proper HE-6 amp by the time they would get here.

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I'm interested.

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So it looks like this will be an open-back design, too bad as it's supposed to be for portable use. I was hoping that the closed-back Edition 8 would get some much-needed competition. It seems to me that as an open-back top-tier portable the HE-6P will have the T5P for competition, while the Ed8 still has none as a closed-back top-tier portable.

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I would love to try these out. LCD-2 owner and would love to try the HE-6 in any flavor. A portable ortho sounds great!

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I would also love to try these out, having a HE-5LE to compare them to and a Concerto (and iPod(!)) to drive them with. Thanks for making this possible! (I am located in Canada.)

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Would love to try them out if Canada is ok...


I have high end gear - Audio GD Phoenix and Ref - 7 and have owned : HD 600, K701, W1000X, SR-325i, DX 700, D7000, Proline 750, MDR-SA5K. I have experience with many others.


Currently I own the LCD-2, HD 800, and the D7000.

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I love to try the HE-6p.  I am looking for a highend closed phone.  Will hold on purchasing decision on the ED8 until after listening to the HE-6p.  Again, is it a closed phone or open?


I have the LCD2, HD800, JH13.

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I'd love to be involved in the Asia-Pacific loaner program. 


[Have a LCD-2 and a HD800].

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I wouldn't mind giving them a try. I've got plenty of amps to drive them and other high end headphones to compare. I would be in the USA west category. Thanks for doing this!

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I would like to be considered for the EURO loaner and can test it up against my Ed8. Have the gear in my signature. Have previously owned L3000 and EarMax AE.

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Originally Posted by Nankai View Post

We are proud to announce our new HE-6P (P means high efficiency model for portable) Orthodynamic headphone.

Head-Direct would like to allow some qualified members to be able to participate in our demo for our new flagship orthodynamic headphone.

This headphone will come in a housing similar to the HE-6 but has a different color earpieces. Benefiting from our unique magnetic circuit design, HE-6P headphones are very efficient (93db, 38 Ohm). The HE-6P can be easily driven by our portable players, and even by an apple ipod. Because HE-6P did not use the gold diaphragm which made HE-6 very difficult to drive, HE-6Ps' high is not as perfect as HE-6, and lacking the potential to be driven by Hi-end speaker amplifier to get really Hi-end experience. HE-6P sound better than HE-5LE and will be priced between HE-6 and HE-5LE.




Some clarification regarding the form factor of the HE-6P would be appreciated. Is it the housing also the same size as the HE-4/5/6 series? Is it open or closed? Will it come with a hard-shell carry case (like an Edition 8) or a "flight box" like the T5P?


These are important distinctions IMHO regarding how portable the HE-6P really is, or if it's actually just a high efficiency version of the HE-6 (which wouldn't be a bad thing at all, it's just that if it comes in the same box, and is the same size, and has an open back, it could hardly be considered portable).

Thanks from a big fan of your workpopcorn.gif

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