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I doubt this is news to any Stax owner on here but it is really annoying me to the point if I cannot reslove this I will be selling them!


First off is the earpads that presumably have little adhesion so they can be easily removed and replaced. This is fine if they stay in one place once stuck but end up as much as an inch or more from centre nearly every time I decide to use them!


Secondly the design is pretty shabby to allow the frame to annoyingly creak during use whenever the user moves their head. I do hope there is a fix for this too other than don't move my head!


Thirdly at present I have the 313 amp connected to a QUad 44's tape output and to get a reasonable volume I need to turn the head-amp up to over half. Is this normal or should I increase the output on the adjustable tape module which should sort the problem. Assuming this is the best output to use for the Stax.


Your comments will be appreciated please...


Ps  I posted this to the Full Headphone section and was advised I may get more of a response on here....


So far I am considering permanently sticking Velcro to my pads and headset as a solution for the slipping pads. I'm also going to adjust my tape output to higher level and try direct output from a dvd player.


Also I'm still unsure how long to wait before listening to them once switched on. I assume it is a warm up period?


Thank you for reading.....