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I might bring a little something for the raffle

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Hi Aimless1,


I do not know if Steve from Corner Records has ever been to one of these meets before, but perhaps you should contact him by phone or email to coordinate which equipment you would like him to bring.


Steve <





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Originally Posted by Absorbine_Sr View Post

I'm about 90% sure I'll make the drive up. Little to no gear to bring but it'll be good to see old friends. And I'm working on borrowing a pair of LCD-2's so we have a backup.

Shipped it to Jim this past Wednesday, so hopefully he'll have enough time and it won't be a problem. smily_headphones1.gif
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Thanks Todd!  If you're able to bring something it's appreciated.


Artcefalcor, I'll be in touch with Steve.  He has already contributed to the raffle and has an invitation to come.  I hope he'll attend but our niche in audio is not really his area of interest.  


Thanks jvigato.  Still hoping you'll be able to make the ride over.  It would be nice to see you with your LCD-2s.

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Looks like my trip to see the shuttle lauch is a go, so I won't be able to make it to the meet. Maybe next time.

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I may be interested in attending. I'm a bit far away in Clarkston but I could try to make it.


Does anyone have some Hivi Swan speakers? I know this is a headphone meet but I am also looking for some good (but budget conscious) speakers. I would really like to hear a pair of these before I buy.

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Received a key in the mail today from Todd the Vinyl Junkie.  I wonder what that will open wink_face.gif

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The door to Captain Kangaroo's Treasure House??

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I'm pretty sure I can make it.
I'll bring the dynamite, ead dsp7000mkIII, marantz dv6500 cdp, denon2k, senn 250 600ohm, recabled grado 225, fostex t50rp, maybe some other stuff if time permits. Laptop with halide bridge USB->spdif converter. The bridge is RCA with RCA-> bnc adapter.
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Wualta, we may be the only two attending who actually know who Captain Kangaroo and the Treasure House is.


Digger945, looking forward to meeting you. 


The crate from Todd arrived yesterday.  You really do need a key to open it. eek.gif I won't be able to get in it until tomorrow, but I'm told it contains tube amps and his donation to our drawing/raffle.  

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Aimless1, are we officially at a pre-meet high for attendance?
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I don't really track the attendance, but the first year we had quite a few people that didn't show because of the weather.  This year looks like a good turn out.


I talked to the owner of the Corner Record Store in Grandville, who is also supplying a couple of gift certificates for our drawing/raffle. He is going to be bringing some vintage gear which will be really nice.  Surprising how well some of the vintage gear drives headphones.  He has also been spreading the word locally so we may get some folks visiting just to see what all the fuss about headphones is blink.gif


If I get the crate opened before the meet I'll try to post some pre-meet pics.  We've got a nice assortment of gear and new friends to meet.  Should be a great time!

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Been sick with a bad cold, but I finally opened the crate.  Wow!  Todd is loaning us an Apex Peak head amp with volcano power supply. He also sent along a TTVJ Portable Slim amp.  Can't wait to try both of these out. He managed to find room for an album for our drawing.  Sweet!


Headroom sent an email today and they are also sending something our way.  


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Hey guys just wanted to say that I am unable to make it because it is my folks birthday party. Hope the meet goes well!



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That's too bad Brian.  I was hoping to finally meet you, but I had to pass on the Ann Arbor meet.  Maybe next time.


I'm still fighting a cold and it is affecting my hearing.  But I will definitely say that the Apex Peak is worth some of your time on Saturday.  It truly excels at vocals and at first blush seems to perform better than it's price would suggest.  I read a couple of reviews which referred to holographic sound, what ever that is.  But I have to agree the depth of the sound stage is incredible.  I'll bring my Bel Canto Dac3 and see if we can get a dedicated set-up for it.  If it impresses me with stuffed up ears, I'm guessing it's pretty special.


Hoping those of you who like portable gear (Paging No9) will offer an opinion on the TTVJ Slim.  


Got an email from Headroom late yesterday and they have shipped out some goodies which will arrive late Friday p.m.  We'll all be surprised on Saturday. 


I'll be watching the weather reports just like you.  If there is a Winter Storm Warning locally or a Blizzard Warning the meet will be called off.  Your safety is more important than the meet.  I'll confirm as soon as seems prudent.


Please remember to bring power strips this year.  I just checked and our abundant supply of extras at the office is way down this year.  If you're inclined bring a camera.  Everyone always likes to see pictures of the meets ... the people and the gear.  Above all, plan on having a good time.


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