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I'm in. Not sure Aimless1 would let me miss it without driving the 12 minutes to track me down.

Not much has changed in my gear but I'll grab some chips and my stuff and make the 7min drive.




Cowon S9

Sansa Clip+

Creative Zen


Westone UM2

Altec Lansing UHP336

Sennheiser CXL 400

MEElectronics M6




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Originally Posted by Aimless1 View Post

We all originally go to meets to listen to the gear.  Most of us keep coming back for the friendships. 


James93, you might want to talk to Detroit and see if you can work out a car pool.  


Thanks for the heads up, I will send Detroit a pm...


I do have a Clip+ RB and Klipsch Custom 3, S4i and Grado SR-60 that I can bring.  I'll also have alcohol wipes to clean the iem after each use.



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Originally Posted by no9 View Post

I'm in. Not sure Aimless1 would let me miss it without driving the 12 minutes to track me down.






Just wouldn't be the same without you regular_smile%20.gif  Glad you're going to make it!


The Corner Record Store in Grandville has agreed to participate.  Don't know if they'll make it to the meet but hope they do.  They still tell the story of Wualta and the ortho tradewink_face.gif


Only a month to go.L3000.gif





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Sorry, guys! I have to stand up in my friend's wedding that day...completely forgot the date...I've been in quite a few weddings lately.


This is a huge bummer for me, as this would've been my first meet, and I was really looking forward to hearing some gear and meeting fellow head-fiers :(

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Commitments are important ... especially for wedding days biggrin.gif


Have a good time.

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I just missed out on the other michigan meet. No way am I going to miss this one.


I'll bring my vintage DT880's, my Denon D1001's (recabled) and my Senn HD580's.


/me marks the calender.

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Glad you can make it this year.  Looking forward to meeting you!

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it's a pity the ferry is not running , it would have been neat to pop over the lake and say hi. Just not up to driving around the lake..dB

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I'm about 90% sure I'll make the drive up. Little to no gear to bring but it'll be good to see old friends. And I'm working on borrowing a pair of LCD-2's so we have a backup.
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Thread updated now.  


Will be great to see you again, Absorbine_Sr.  Your Opus/Zana Deux will be missedfrown.gif  


Only 3 weeks and it will be here!

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As a new member and a friend of wualta and the owner of The Corner Record Shop, I would like to attend your show.


In addition, I believe The Corner Record Shop (and a few customers) are also planning to attend and would bring equipment if so desired.




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That's great news.  I'll see you at the meet and hoping Steve shows with some vintage 2-channel gear normal_smile%20.gif


If you have gear that you'll be bringing be sure to let us know.  You might want to edit your post to remove the real names.

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Gear list updated.


Headroom has confirmed they will be sending gear (to be determined).


Todd the Vinyl Junkie confirmed that he will be sending some tube goodness and is contributing to our give-a-way drawing.


As I receive gear or as others update whether they're attending I'll update the first post.



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I am going to try to make it. I can bring RE-Zero, JH13, K701, and HE5-LE. I also have an emu 0404USB and Headroom Desktop (2010).

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Welcome simreg!  Great opportunity to meet some of the locals and try new gear beerchug.gif

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