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West Michigan Meet  

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It's time for the West Michigan Meet again.  Looking forward to hanging out with old friends and meeting new ones.  I'm sure we'll have an interesting assortment of gear.  Watch this post for details.  Only a winter storm warning will cause us to cancel or postpone the meet.


My employer has once again graciously agreed to let us use the office.  Like all head-fi meets, all members are welcome ... with or without gear.  Near the Rivertown Crossings Mall, with several banks and restaurants near by.  Easy access from I-196 or US-131.


Please post here if you have questions or are planning on coming.  Be sure to let us know the gear you're planning on bringing.  


When?  Saturday 2-26-11


Time?  1:00 pm - 5:00 p.m


Where?  Berends Hendricks Stuit Insurance

             3055 44th St SW  

             Grandville, MI 49428


Who is attending?  




   N)sferato ?


   gordonlindsay ?









  Sources:        ead dsp7000mkIII    

                       E-Mu Systems 0404 USB

                       marantz dv6500 cdp    

                       Modwright modded Transporter                     

                       Resolution Audio Opus 21



  Head Amps:   Ashly Pro Audio Mosfet

                       Bottlehead Crack W/ Speedball


                       HeadRoom Desktop                    

                       Luxman P1

                       TTVJ Apex Peak w/Apex Volcano PSU


  Headphones:  AKG K701

                       Audeze LCD-2

                       Audio Technica AD2000

                       Audio Technica W5000

                       Beyerdynamic 770/32

                       Beyerdynamic DT880

                       Beyerdynamic DT880s vintage

                       Beyerdynamic T1

                       Denon D1001 recabled

                       Denon D2000     

                       Denon D7000 w/JH Money v2 earpads

                       Grado SR-60

                       Grado SR-225 recabled

                       fostex t50rp                      

                       HiFiMan HE-5LE

                       Realistic Pro 30

                       senn 250 600ohm                      

                       Sennheiser HD580

                       Sennheiser HD595

                       Sennheiser HD650 

                       Sony ECR-500 ecectret stat

                       Toshiba HR-910 ecectret stat

                       Yamaha HP-1, unmodded


  Portable amp/dac:  Nuforce UDac

                               RSA SR-71B

                              TTVJ Portable Slim


  Portable earphones:  Altec Lansing UHP336

                                 HiFiMan RE-Zero

                                 Hippo VB

                                 JH Audio JH5 Pro

                                 JH 13

                                 JH 16 Pro

                                 Klipsch Custom 3

                                 Klipsch S4i

                                 MEElectronics M6

                                 Nuforce NE-700X

                                 Phonak PFE

                                 Sennheiser CXL400

                                 Westone UM2



  Portable Players:      Cowon S9 

                                 Creative Zen

                                 ipod classic

                                 Samsung P3

                                 Sansa Clip+

                                 Sansa Clip + RB


  Cables                     halide bridge USB                                  










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I'm in. Pizza on me. Or, excellent Asian takeout if anyone's feeling adventurous.


Gear? Most of my stuff is old. How about an Ashly pro audio MOSFET amp? Unmodded Yamaha HP-1 so people can see how far Great Ortho Craze has come? Modded Realistic Pro 30 to see how my own personal ortho craze got started? Sony ECR-500 electret-stats? Toshiba HR-910 back-electret stats? 



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Barring any emergency, I'll be there!


Amp: PS Audio GCHA


Headphones: Beyer DT990/600

                    A-T M50


Should I bring my NAD CDP?? Or does everyone just use laptops? I don't have a computer source...

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ill keep this in mind....If I come ill bring


cambridge dacmagic

CTH hybird DIY amp

Audeze LCD-2'S recabled 

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I will plan on attending but need to review other plans as the date gets nearer. Hopefully nothing will get in the way. Here's the gear I would be bringing:


Denon D7000 w/ J$ v2 Pads

Denon D2000

beyerdynamic DT770 32Ω

JH Audio JH5|Pro

Phonak PFE

NuForce NE-700X

NuForce uDAC

Samsung P3

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depends on my work schedule when it gets released...

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Should be able to make it.

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Sadly, I'm not living in Grand Rapids anymore.

Otherwise, I would bring my L3000 and Edition10(w/ 500hrs Burn-In) to the meeting.



I hope you guy enjoy the meeting, please take some picture if possible.

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Would like to come to this meet again. We'll have to see how work goes, unfortunately I only find out mid-week if we work the weekend or not.


I have Grado SR-80's...and that's about it...

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I will keep this mind. I am planning to fly down to Cape Canaveral on the 24th for the shuttle launch. If I go to the April 19th launch, I'll try to attend this meet. Sounds like fun!

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Todd of Todd the Vinyl Junkie has promised some goodies for our meet.


Looks like we have a nice mixture of people planning on coming.  Should be a great time.


Unlimited, too bad the group won't have chance to meet you.  It's okay with us if you send the L3000 and Edition 10 for us to borrow L3000.gif.

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Headroom has also agreed to provide gear for the meet.  Their participation is truly appreciated.

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Can you put me down for a "maybe", will have to see as the meet gets closer.


I currently don't have much to bring but the current list of headphones have a few of the ones I'm looking at for my next purchase.



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We all originally go to meets to listen to the gear.  Most of us keep coming back for the friendships. 


James93, you might want to talk to Detroit and see if you can work out a car pool.  

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