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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: We'll Talk

Hi Head Fi'er's,


I have some stuff for sale, so here goes!


Pics later


Grado SR-Barney (SR-60 in disguise)


I had a lot of fun making these, and I put a lot of time and a little money for them, so I would like to get $70 shipped for them. They are a really beautiful piece of art.


Possibly a Purple iPod nano 16GB 4th gen, no camera with case. I'm still thinking about this, but I would ask 90 dollars shipped.


iPod touch 4th Generation, 32GB, Camera

Has some barely discernable scratches on it. Comes with everything. Has invisibleshield installed by best buy. Bought at costco. Asking 320$ shipped. I paid a lot for the shield. Hardly used the past 2 months.


IC: Sennheiser HD280. I bought these with extended accidental coverage at GuitarCenter. I paid 125$. I would like to get 115+5 dollars shipping. Wore for less than 5 hours. 


UE 170. no tips, no nothing except the case. 25 dollars. I paid $50.


Don't hesitate to PM me with offers. I will ship CONUS, anything outside of there, we'll talk. Thanks for being on head-fi!



Thanks a bunch,




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You are selling...the legendary Barney Grados?

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bumpitty bump

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bumper cars...

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