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New Cardas IEM's - very interesting!

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Hi, did anyone here get to listen to these new Cardas IEM's at CES? They seem very promising indeed!

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Courtesy of Tyll:


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5:17 - 5:33 funny

This has some decent tech details.

Extremely interesting . I noticed not on their site yet but he does mention the cost of the 2 models in the first video from Tyll there.


also a bit more here: http://www.hometheater.com/content/cardas-best-buds-forever


Haven't found them for actual sale anywhere yet  probably getting them ready as we type.


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ill buy one in an instant!

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Originally Posted by nick n View Post

5:17 - 5:33 funny

This has some decent tech details.

Extremely interesting .


Well, I wouldn't exactly agree with that, especially concerning the IEMs. wink.gif

Ergonomy-wise, the concept is interesting, looks like the "trumpets" that audiologists can use to have a look at your eardrums, so I can imagine that fit would be decent and not "annoying", as we can hear a dozen times in 2 minutes.

Concerning the drivers and how the internal part of the housing (shape, material) is supposed to play a role, it is way more vague, no clear science there, just a bunch of tech words with no data to back it up.


Reminds me a little bit of when ClarityOne were launched with the PureSound Processor and all the funky tech speech. A lot of theory, some correct, some approximate, but no data whatsoever.


So until these companies start to throw real science data (provided that they have some, which I doubt), these IEMs will get the same treatment as any other: A/B tests. beyersmile.png


I design and develop medical devices for a living, and without data to back up concepts, you're just another XYZ company in the crowd, with sophisticated marketing concepts and nothing more.

These days it is so common to trick people by throwing 3 cents of science here and there. triportsad.gif

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^curious if you believe in any science behind expensive cables.  Problem with all these XYZ companies is that their primary target audience are consumers, not hospitals that pays at a cost of  literally an arm and leg for medical devices, which a good buddy of mine drives around and fixes them. 


It looks like the Cardas ear buds uses a metal body (brass?), which scientifically is superior to any plastics, especially when the driver is a dynamic one.  The cable will be probably be some silver or silver/copper in-house Cardas, and they make superb cables.

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Just the full size headphones they have been comparing them to makes me want them right now! But I'll believe the hype once it is out =P

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I can already see some hype surfacing, IEM's have been coming increasingly closer to full size/on ear phones for years, the cardas won't be the first IEM that someone will prefer to their favorite none iem phone.

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Hype is okay. Let people express themselves as they choose. It's all subjective on this site anyway (hype or not)...

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i wonder when do they plan to release this...

its taking forever!

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So are these single dynamic, dual dynamic, dual ba, single ba?

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Single dynamic. nothing wrong with that.

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anyone else this they will be a bit heavy? like the monster turbines

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Cardas Earspeakers

Cardas EM5813 Model 2 shown in box

The big story at the CES Show was the introduction of Cardas Ear Speakers! Yes you heard me right. George has taken the last 3 years and re-designed the In Ear Monitor from the ground up as only George can do. The result of this R&D is the EM 5813 Model 1 and Model 2 Ear Speakers.


With over 500 million iPods and iPhones sold in the North American market alone, more people then ever are re-discovering power of listening to music than ever before. No longer tied to just a listening room music has become a part of everyday life, whether at work, in the gym, or while commuting just look around at the number of people sporting white Ear buds. That means the opportunity to expose people to higher quality music has never been better.

The “EM” designation stands for Ear Mirror because the design “mirrors” the human hearing system. From their single driver being the same approximate size of the human eardrum to the newly designed all metal body's ear tube curve which accurately mirrors the golden ratio curve of the human cochlea. Thus reducing repeating tangents, resulting transfixing musicality not heard in off the shelf Ear Buds.




The difference between Model 1 and Model 2 is the custom designed driver used in each model. The Model 1 is finished in Black Chrome and has a very efficient and dynamic with stunning bass and impact. The Model 2 finished in Copper is less efficient but more refined in its performance, with tight well defined bass and a more textured midrange. Both models are have enough efficiency to be used alone with iPhone or iPod. That said, like fine loudspeakers they also benefit by being driven with outboard headphone amplifiers.


The cable on the EM 5813's of course has been custom designed by George Cardas and is a full “ Match Propagation” design mirroring the same technology used in the new Clear HPC Cable. Unlike most commercial Ear Buds the Cardas Ear Speaker cable has no solder joints or splices as it passes through the “joiner” and branches out to each ear piece. In fact it starts out as 2 full cables housed in a fabric covered jacket and is split without break at the joiner ensuring optimum single transfer.

Both Model 1 and Model 2 EM 5813 come packaged in a striking Box bearing the Cardas “Brain” graphic and comes with a distinctive real leather carrying case with the famous Cardas Nautilus logo embossed in gold.



Kudos from the Audio press have been numerous. I can not tell you how satisfying is was that everyone that listened to them was very impressed, and sometimes moved by what they heard.

The EM 5813's in both models proves you can take you high end listing room with you. The will be available in late March to early April 2012. EM 5813 Model 1 will be $325.00 Retail, with Model 2 priced at $425.00. Reserve yours now.


Some more info. Seems to be using his latest cable design as well. Looks good so far!

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