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Just nabbed me a pair of these babies from a local store for $150 which seemed like a decent price. On my first listen boy was i impressed! I've tried many cans for hip hop over the years beats by dre, sync by 50, soul by ludacris, sol republic, monster plus many others and these surpass them all. Seeing as I've never heard Ultrasone cans before i played it safe and went for the cheaper model, if these keep impressing me i'm definitely going back to get a higher end model! A lot of the reviews say the s-logic takes some getting used to but personally it sounded fine from my first listen, a very nice, wide soundstage considering its a closed can. These german headphone companies keep impressing me over and over again!

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Has anyone tried to deepen the pads with tissue? It gives me better seal below my ear lobes.

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What would have be the comfortable version of HFI 580? Asking about alternative with similiar sound quality but better comfort.

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The only problem with comfort is the pad material. They are made of fake leather so they make your ears feel hot after a while (1hr~). The pads also contact your ears, which can get annoying. If you can find good replacements then comfort is a non-issue imo.

Clamping force is adequate. Not too clampy but good enough for portable use.
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Originally Posted by danilolesnik View Post

What would have be the comfortable version of HFI 580? Asking about alternative with similiar sound quality but better comfort.

I picked up a pair of used DJ1's  while back but wasn't overly impressed with the sound and certainly not with the comfort. The other day I put some Brainwavz HM5 velour pads on them and man what a change. The HM5 pads are very comfortable and the sound is much more balanced with a very good soundstage. Maybe worth a try.......

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Hey everyone!


I've been lurking on Head-Fi for many years and I appreciate all of the commentary you guys provide. It has been invaluable to me over the years in learning everything headphones, and also how to appreciate sound and music on a whole new level. Thank you.


SO... after about 6 years of heavy usage on my HFI-580, the wire -- actually probably the left cup connector -- has died.


I knew it would happen eventually. Considering the sheer amount of hours I've logged on them, I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner! Goes to show the good quality of Ultrasone headphones.


My question to you is: what is the easiest (or best) way of re-cabling the HFI-580?


Would you recommend simply taking it to a shop somewhere, or is it an easy enough fix that I could do at home? What's the general cost of having a shop fix it?


Also; anyone know the general price range of a new cable? Any reputable brands or types that you'd recommend?


And just so you know, I would NOT prefer to outright buy new headphones (yet)... UNLESS the cost of fixing the cable would end up being more than the current price of the 580.


This baby is well worn-in and I definitely 100% noticed a burn-in effect, especially over the first year. Moreover, it's gotten even better as the years pass... so I really don't want to have to restart that whole process.


Any info very much appreciated! I know you'll guide me in the right direction.



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It's been a few years but man, I'm rediscovering the potential of the HFI 580 and modding. 


These headphones are so close to being fricking fricking awesome, but I always felt the mids to be a bit too hot and with a need of a bit more soundstage.


I think I've been able to rectify these problems at the moment



It's a fairly #SchittyMod by all means, but it works quite well :gs1000smile:




But basically, if you look to the right pad for a moment. You'll see that I used cardboard and plumped up the height of the pads to create ear room. This put a bit of water on the mids and also increased soundstage. Bass impact was also better.


But then I decided to put some dampening foam in there since there was room. I had a leftover mattress pad that was pretty ripped up and useless for its original function. I spent 10 minutes shaving off pieces of it until it became thin enough to fit the 580 and without dampening too much. It's between 5mm to 1cm right now and it works quite welll.


I honestly dig this so much more. 

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For anyone interested, I just posted my first headphone review ever.


It's about the HFI-780 and can be found on the HFI-780 Appreciation thread. Lots of comparisons between my long beloved 580's and the new set of 780's.



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