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Originally Posted by Roller View Post


No worries, the HFI-580 isn't going anywhere :) It just got updated to come with a 1m straight cable and a 4m extension cable instead of the original 3m cable.


Thanks for clearing that up.  Can't say I'm too devastated.  I tend to use my 580s at home only anyway, so the longer cable is a nice touch. 

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Originally Posted by macrocheesium View Post

If it's the same as the PRO series, that would be the length when stretched out. If it was 3m coiled it would be ridiculously long.


SO how long would it be un-stretched?

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Originally Posted by lukEM22 View Post


SO how long would it be un-stretched?

Well, the coiled section would be roughly 8x longer. So probably 30+ feet.

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That doesnt sound right... Let me explain myself better


Imagine me holding the DJ1's:

i lift them up in the air and let the cord dangle. how far down does it go with no pressure on it other than gravity?


I think from what I'm seeing it is 3 [feet?] long when the coil is unstretched... is that right?

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The 3m coiled cable, when hanging down unstretched, is 6 feet 4 inches. I just measured. It is a little over 3m when stretched.

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Just ordered them from Amazon for $119 + shipping. I wanted to try Ultrasone a long time ago but bought custom iems instead, now I'm buying full sized again. I've never really had a decent pair of headphones for bassy genres, I've always used grados for everything. :P

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WOW I think I found my new favorite headphone. The bass is perfect for me, it has awesome treble and the mids aren't too recessed. I can't believe these only cost $119.

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I have been thinking about this lately and here are my thoughts:


companies like audio technica and ultrasone are quite obviously getting beaten down by rapper endorsed headphones. if it wasnt for these companies, their sales in models like the m50 and hfi 580 could easily triple. if so much of their sales are being taken, why don't they do anything about it? beats offer tons of things other good sounding headphones dont. no other decent headphone under 300 has detachable cables, pleases mainstream audio preferences, folds, has an In line remote+mic, ANC, is comftorable, and is attractive looking. if the hfi 580 had detachable cables, was more comfy  and had ANC, it would be a winner. bass heavy headphones is where the money is at, why not do what beats have been so successful at? if ultrasone had come up with an attractive product with those features, maybe beats would be as irrelevant as fanny wang. those companies are also smart enough to make decent sounding products


Some respectable company needs to come up with truly good alternative for beats if they dont want to be compeltely irrelevant.


Beats have been incredibly successuful, why not folow them? To me it seems there are no decent alternatives to beats, which is why everybody buys them. I am still even considering just buying a pair of studios because no audiophile headphone has features i would want

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Detachable cables and mics are hardly a deal breaker for me.  Since they are usually only for iDevices I'm more likely to avoid these products, so Ultrasone.  Keep doing what you are. 

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Umm... V-moda?
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The V-moda have a pretty subjective look. I personally dont find them too attractive but others do.


Basically what I'm saying is, Beats have no major competition/threat in the mainstream market, and I think other manufacturers are to blame.

I'm not suggesting any company revamp their entire product line, just make a single model that competes directly with beats. I don't think I've seen a headphone that has done it well. The 580 is the main one it gets compared to, and only so because of sound. Most say they are not the most comftorable headphones, and I doubt they are able to isolate as well as a pair of Studios. Basically, Beats absolutely nail everything the average consumer look for in a headphone, they just miss the mark on sound quality. In their competition, it is the other way around so that the sound quality is there but most of the little things arent.

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Wow... I bought my Sones for the sound, maybe I should have saved up more money and got a pair of headphones for the looks...

Silly me I thought it was all about the Sound and not a fashion statement.


Like MegaMushroom, I will never have any use for nor care about iDevice cables either.

Also never would I ever own a pair of headphones that had any kind of ANC or took batteries.


I'll take my $150 Sones over your twice price Rapper Endorsed foolishness any day.

After all is said and done, it's all about the Sound!


Sing your Beetz praise in another thread. biggrin.gif

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I'm not praising beats at all, I am saying that probably 90+% of the consumer world thinks that beats are the best headphones out there, because they have virtually no competition.

I bought XB500's and would take them over Studio's any day. To me they sound better and I'm not incredibly worried about them being stolen or broken because of their relatively cheap cost.


Of course it is all about the sound to people like us, audiophiles (I am not much of one to be honest, I am just getting started into this world of headphones) but the rest of the world doesnt care if they have the most amazing sounding headphones if they look cool. Probably 95% of people buying beats are coming from stock apple earbuds, which have next to no presence below 100hz. I put the blame on other headphone companies for not trying hard enough to compete with Beats.


Again, I am not praising them. I am simply stating the fact which is that every non audiophile that wants headphones thinks beats are the absolute best. If they were showed a decent pair side by side that also looked nice, it is obvious they would choose the better sounding, cheaper pair.


Note that I am just using Utrasone as an example... If these companies can get into the average consumers brain thats a MASSIVE amount of headphones sales that would be theirs.

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People, atleast the ones I know, dont buy beats for anything but for the "cred" or to just own them. They tend to not care about anything else. IMO beats look ugly and V-Modas look better but w/e. I get headphones for the sq.
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"cred" is a good word... why didnt I think of that.


But to normal people this is good sound quality because they haven't heard anything better.

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