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Electronic/Dubstep/Vocals, need some recomendations

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Recently I've been liking some wierd mix of music music, not sure how to go about this but..

Im going to list some music that I have been liking in this category recently:

Mt. Eden, -any track with vocals (ie, bat for lashes)
The Knife - Na Na Na
Parov stelar - SPider (radio edit), The flame, and others that sound electronicy

Im looking for songs that have vocals, and some electronic mix, dubstep is fine as long as it isn't too harsh and contains vocals

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If you are into jazz stuff you'll maybe like Jazzanova's In Between.

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"Cracks" (Flux Pavillion Remix), Featuring Belle Humble by The Freestylers


I personally hate how the names of some electronic songs are so insane. "Feat" and "Remixed by" are annoying. Anyway, It's dubstep, but I bet you will like it. I don't always listen to electronic music, but when I do, I prefer it to be similar to what you posted.


(^ cookie for the reference?)


Also: Double Dare (Proper villains and Jubilee Remix) by Roxy Cottontail.


Also: Phoenix. 

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James Blake uses a lot of vocals in his tracks and actually started singing himself. I'm not sure about his new album, but there is a undeniable quality to his tracks. The Klavierwerke EP is propably his best.
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I went on a quest for good electronic music myself, and though I'm not into dubstep, you may like this:


Beatiful Feeling featuring Taz (Sounds from the Ground - High Rising)

Shake a Fist (Hot Cup - Made in the Dark)  - you need to wait until about 2 mins into this one to get your mind blown ;)

DVNO (Justice - Justice) - might be too "disco" but the rest of the album might be up your alley


...aaaand this might be too far into "pop" territory for you, but Junior Boys? And I guess Puscifer is too much... I don't know, but it's probably too much of something (but you need to hear Queen B and the Renholder Mix of Undertaker, imo).

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Eh, I'll shoot out Machine Dreams by Little Dragon


My Step:

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Can I second Cracks by Flux and recommend


Calling by Ingrosso: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G1I16gJBvU


Pressure Alesso Remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SU88c0f5-h0


Pro Nails Rusko Remix: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-YhQ7BetDdM

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