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I'd be interested to attend, and could bring a selection of items in my sig.


Late May, Early June is better for me.



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Originally Posted by floydfan33 View Post

I'd be interested to attend, and could bring a selection of items in my sig.


Late May, Early June is better for me.



That would likely be better for me as well.


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Alright everyone, due to some PMs and some posts on the thread and in light of the hockey game being on at the same time we will postpone the meet. There is no sense in having the meet now if the turnout is poor or it there are distractions.

The dates for consideration are now the weekend of Saturday June 4th or the weekend of Saturday June 18th

It will likely be impossible to schedule a time that everyone will be happy with.  Note, however, that it does not have to be a Saturday evening as Friday night or Sunday are also possibilities.

Please let me know what date works within the next short while so that we can get a specific date set. Please also notify others who may be interested.

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I would prefer it to be on the 4th, as I have 4 exams on the week of the 18th.

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I was lucky enough that my trip coincided with the scheduled meetup and PMed VanCitySound to ask if I could crash the party, and he said "yep!"


It's a shame I couldn't hang out with the bunch of you after all, but that's how the puck bounces. The hospitality is sincerely appreciated, whether or not things worked out.


Any good hockey game is time well spent so I might very well be in a bar somewhere downtown watching along with the rest of you. Have fun and maybe we'll cross paths anyway...

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Awww, I was looking forward to this frown.gif

I'd prefer the 4th as I'll be out of the country on the 18th.
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4th would be good for me. I am away in the Rockies later in June. BTW. Saw Travis today at his Store, the Headphone bar on Broadway near Cambie and he said he could make it if it is in June!
First visit there as well and very very impressed with both Travis and his Store, already have some ideas for portable phones from him!
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the 4th works for me as well...though there might even be more nuks then ;)

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i would be in for the 4th!

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Originally Posted by oggle View Post

the 4th works for me as well...though there might even be more nuks then ;)


eeerrrr... yup... we'll have to watch the times...


I was looking forward to this as well but hopefully we can make June 4th work with an even better turnout!


Sorry we couldn't hook up ardgedee, enjoy the game and the city.


I have booked the room for the evening of Saturday June 4th, set-up to start at about 6:00pm to leave time for those that work that day. 


If we are in the finals then the time will be moved to some other time that weekend.  Heck, I might even have to watch the game then!!!  Please keep an eye on this and advise the thread as soon as there is some indication of possible game times for that date.


Everyone, please pass this info on and confirm your intention to attend


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Anyone down for a small mini-meet this saturday at headphone bar instead? 

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I'm good with June 4th as well!  I'd be down for the mini-meet as well, especially if any upper end cans are there.  I've been trying to figure out which pair I want to get, but want to listen to them first!

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Well Travis has hot 650s, 800s and a bunch of other stuff. I'm sure he would be fine with just a few guys(potential customers) visiting his store. 

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Hi Guys. I'm in for June 4th and can bring k701, hd650, hd800, new Shure srh 940's (hot off the assembly line) and a Nuforce hdp dac/amp. I am also working on another electronics product and hopefully it will be in by then.

Anyone is welcome to come by Headphone Bar Saturday morning, naturally .. but...If anyone can come on June 4th and has something interesting to bring, please do. Its really beneficial to try out different gear together and experience the varying synergies with different amps & cans. This is looking like a good roll call of equipment and it is often difficult for me to even get samples for some models/brands, so I'm really looking forward to this and want to thank everyone coming in advance for being so gracious with their time and their pricey gear!

I'll bring a few adaptors & such too.

Really looking forward to it and please pm me if there is anything else you can think of that would be helpful for me to bring.


Headphone Bar


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I should be able to make June 4th.


Too bad there's no way to locate head-fiers by locality/equipment. I've PMd 4 people but only one (Mudhole) responded. If you run into Vancouverites on forums please pass the word.

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