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For Sale:
FS: AKG K240 Monitors

Will Ship To: CONUS

I originally picked up three sets of Monitors to see what the fuss about K240s was about. Two of them look similar while the last one looks like an earlier, older model. I'm selling one of the two newer ones. My K240 knowledge isn't too great so I can't confirm the identity of these, but I think they're a later model K240M (probably around 2000, they don't look that old) because they have the little baffles, not the big ones . The elastics are just fine. The vinyl pads are in okay condition. One of them is a little crushed (from storage, probably) but you can't really tell when it's on your head. The foam that goes over the ear is in okay condition; it's dirty with what appears to be sawdust (which is quite tenacious on the cloth), but it doesn't disintegrate though I would be very gentle with it when removing.


Since I don't have the skills, parts, or time necessary to restore these to glory or to mod them, I'll give them up for what I paid - $SOLD shipped to CONUS. Send me a PM if you're interested.


Alternate pics link:

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