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Sony MDR-7520/MDR-7510

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I was browsing Gearwire.com for some NAMM news and stumbled upon these. They look pretty similar to the Japanese MDR-Z line. So, are they basically the same with a slight paintjob to look more professional?

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"Pricing available upon request" frown.gif Probably not a good sign. Although the 20 and 10 will probably be the same price as their "consumer" counterparts at $500 and $120 respectively.

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I want it now!!!!! It may be very
Similar to the Z1000 & Z700.
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I believe the MDR-7520 is the same as the MDR-Z1000 except that it has a single coiled cord rather than 2 single cords and a different different finish.

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Yeah, they both use the liquid crystal polymer diaphragm and have the same frequency responses listed, so that appears to be the case. They might do more for people in the looks department, though.

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Interesting, removable cable or not? 


I guess these might need amplification. 

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Yes, a removable cable, it's seems to be just a rebadged mdr-z1000.

As for amplification, they may benefit from it, they probably won't NEED it since they are really sensitive at 108 dB/mW.

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In one word: loud. If so Sony is sticking to a recipe. No wonder - just speculation - the ear cups are relatively shallow with some of their other models. Deeper ear cups with Sony loudness could lead to hearing damage. 

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"it has a single coiled cord rather than 2 single cords"


What does that mean?

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The Z1000 has two detachable cords instead of the single cord the 7520 has.

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Hey I stumbled upon this thread and have a few questions about which headphones I should buy. I have a budget of max 300$ for the headphones and 150$ dollars for the AMP/DAC. I mainly want to listen to music through my computer and I have found some headphones that I might want to buy. I generally listen to all genres but like a little bit more of bass, so AKG Q701's would definitely not work out for me. The type of headphones I'm looking for are closed/open around the ear (the big ones :P) and some of the candidates are :


Sennheiser HD598

V-MODA M-100

Sony MDR-7520


Since I really have no idea which one to buy, and I don't know if there would be anything better to find since I'm not experienced. Some of the AMP/DAC's are


NuForce Icon D2 (I believe that is the model name)

Shiit Asgaard (I bit more than I want to pay and not sure if its worth it for me)


If you have any suggestions on what I should get please respond. Like I said I listen to all genres of music therefore there are so many headphones that can be suitable for me. I generally care that they are comfortable and have nice soundstage with good bass and balanced mid's and high's.

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