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New Guy Here...

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Hello All,

first post but have been doing a lot of reading over the last couple weeks.  just wanted to write and say thanks for all the info.  So, I am a long time music fan with a wide range in tastes from the Dead/CSN (classic hippie) rock to Reggae, modern rock (U2, Smiths, etc.), some trance ..... kind of all over the road.  Well a few weeks ago the company I work for switched from Blackberry's (I would stream Pandora on it but had no down loaded music) to IPhones.  I have never down loaded a piece of music in my life, though I have streamed quite a bit, so this whole ITunes thing caught my eye.  Well, in the last 4 weeks I have most of my CD collection and numerous down loads loaded up on my IPhone and I am loving it except for the fact that I hated how the IPhone ear buds fell out of my ears all the drove me nuts.  So Google to the rescue and I found Head-fi.  After doing some reading it looked like IEM's were the ticket so then i had to decide what to get.  being a bit of a gear head in what ever I do I was looking at all the options and decided on the re0's.  I just received them and all i can say is WOW.....while they are lacking bass compared to the Apple ear buds I can't believe how much more music there is to hear.....I mean it is night and day.  Just listened to a couple "modern" Steve Winwood tracks, I have always felt that he really does a good job producing his music, and there are subtleties that I am not sure if i have ever heard before.....very cool. 


So just a big thanks to Head-fi for my added listening pleasure.




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Good first post!! They're a good choice, enjoy them.


Also, Welcome to Head-fi! Sorry about your wallet!!

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Yes the RE0 is an excellent, and eye-opening IEM!  This will be debated by purists, but don't be afraid to use just a little bit of EQ to give them a bit of low end push.  They will never be bass monsters in terms of bass impact, but they can be warmed up some without introducing any distortion.  Good choice, and happy listening!

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Welcome aboard , and watch how your wallet will be hiding every time you browse this place


I got started with the RE-ZERO (re0's older brother) and in 2 months i bought 2 more hifiman iems (252/262) because of the glowing reviews here - and now my zeros simply collect dust (time i sell them i guess)


So as i said , you are in the right place (but wrong place for your wallet)

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