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Originally Posted by Andybi78 View Post

How do I buy supreme sanity for u ique melody?


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Has anyone had any experience with these cables. I'm keeping an eye on the site as there are none of the premium range in stock, however I'd be curious to know if anyone has had any experiences?



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Anyone know where I can get Beat audio cables done in Singapore? thx :)

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Hi all,


Sorry for bringing up an old thread. In the past 2 weeks I've managed to order a Beat Audio Cronus SR-71B balanced from Stephen Guo, of Custom IEM (here as @UniqueMelody). I can't believe he actually managed to get it done in less than 1 week (whereas, another vendor, no names mentioned, took 6 weeks and still nothing with paypal paid/top up/refund).


Now for the reason for dredging up the old thread - my review is quite brief and didn't really warrant a thread of it's own.


I've used the BA Cronus balanced on my UM Merlins - where historically, I had been using my Beat Audio iPhone cable, and UM's $50 cable included (no, the promo AmpCity Fortis -STILL- hasn't arrived yet!!!!). From memory before I damaged my Beat Audio iPhone cable, it was a minor improvement over the UM $50 cable. One would have to listen intensely to hear the extra detail & transparency of the Beat Audio iPhone cable.


Upon breaking the BA iPhone cable, Stephen mentioned that Beat Audio doesn't really have a replacement warranty concept - instead offer discount for another Beat Audio cable - an option I chose to exercise. As such the Cronus balanced.


The Cronus+balancing via the SR-71B combined reveals a larger soundstage and more transparent presentation across the frequencies. It's hard to tell if it's the Cronus cable or if it's the balancing ('cos I'm sure the balancing has quite a big part to play). But the overall package experience is highly positive as it's pushing the UM Merlins to newer, unforseen, capabilities. The UM $50 cable now sound rather congested/cramped and I feel like I'm listening to my tracks in a small room, whereas the balanced Cronus definitely gives the UM Merlins more space. In addition to the larger soundstage and transparent presentation it assists in separating the instruments better too, and with more detail. So the timbre seemed to have improved too.


I'd recommend giving the Cronus balanced a shot if you have a balanced amp.

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Hello guys, I think this thread needs to be revived for several reasons:


  1. Beat Audio now has a dedicated website: http://www.beataudiocables.com/ 
  2. They are recommended by Average Joe:http: //theheadphonelist.com/new-beat-audio-webpage-aftermarket-cables-dont-just-look-good/
  3. I have had quite a few and in my humble opinion, they have the best build quality among cable makers, and Stephen Guo (http://www.head-fi.org/u/164484/stephen-guo) offers among the best customer service (whether for Unique Melody or Beat Audio as they are sister companies)


Here are some pics.


My former Beat Odio Cronus (http://www.beataudiocables.com/cables/cronus.html):



My Beat Audio Oslo II (http://www.beataudiocables.com/cables/oslo-ii.html):







And my latest, my ATH-ES10 recabled with Beat Audio Signal (http://www.beataudiocables.com/cables/signal.html) with black sheath






Man I have to say the service is exceptional, the build is awesome, they sound great, but more importantly, the ergonomics on this cable are just PERFECT. As you can see all the details are perfect, and it makes other cable brands seem very DIY.


I cannot recommend this brand enough, and I have no affiliation.


PS: do not ask me for details on sound, I do not believe in cables making a huge difference.

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My contribution to the Beat Audio Prima Donna cable in my sig. I've actually been using these as my default cables in my FitEar MH335DW-SR. At least for me, it's rare to come across a premium cable that doesn't need any babying yet doesn't compromise any SQ. It also give the treble air to the MH335DW-SR.

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I recently got an used Beat Titan (current Supernova according to the seller) from a fellow head-fier.


For me, with Shure846/530/UE900, it sounds similar with HL Liz (can't remember which number), but is far less microphonic. 

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