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Home Audio, TV - Receiver - Other?

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Hey guys, i want some suggestion about home audio. I want to setup a 2.1 in my bedroom to upgrade later to 5.1, my budget is around $600, which is why I'm starting with 2.1, so i can get some decent speakers; what would give me the best sound quality for movies? Ive got a Sony Bravia that supports 5.1 speakers but I guess sound quality is bad; should i buy this Onkyo Receiver and paired it with some polk speakers? Maybe PSW10 and Monitor 30s or 50s. Or is it better to get better speakers and use TVs audio? Any other suggestions? Thanks in advanced.

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that Onkyo receiver would be great for a bedroom setup, so would similar entry-level Denons (1610/590 from last year or 1611/591 among current models).


for a bedroom setup you will enjoy the Audyssey Dynamic EQ and Dynamic Volume features on these receivers. 


if you are just looking for a small satellite speaker setup you could easily do the full 5.1 for $600.  They make full 5.1 packages with small satellites and a sub for the $300-400 range, like Energy Take Classic, Klispch Quintet, Polk RM, etc.


if you are looking to build long-term and get a nicer setup with larger speakers, that would work too.


how big is your bedroom? 

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Mmm, usable space(not counting dressing room area) is around 4x8 m (13x26 ft), i think i can get a pair of floorstanding speakers for front left-right and maybe a pair of satellite - bookshelf for rear left-right, i don't have any room for floorstanding on rear area, in fact, is there a problem if i install them on the ceiling? What speakers would you recommend within my budget? I saw these Sony Sub, Floorstading, Bookshelf, Center Speakers, with good reviews and decent price, i may be able to get all of them. What other accessories do i need for installation besides some speaker cable and hdmi-rca cables, just in case I'm missing something. Thanks.

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