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Where is the best place online to buy 6H30P-DR "SuperTubes" ?

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Just like the title says, i'm looking for 6H30P-DR tubes online. I've heard that there are some that can be "fake" or repackaged or something, so, what price should I aim for when finding these tubes online and where would you say is a good site to start?


I was also contemplating 6H30Pi Gold Pins by Electro-Harmonix if the DR's won't make that much of a difference.

It's for a Little Dot MK III.

Thanks In Advance.

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These are the real ones. They are the ones that bat uses as there upgrades. Otherwise you have to find some from 1992 or earlier.  http://thetubestore.com/russian6h30pdr.html

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Jesus Christ. 


Is that the price for a pair?


Edit: Nevermind. It's for one. Wow, I forgot who first said that I should hide my wallet before coming to this site but wow.. they weren't kidding.  So, why the gigantic price difference between 6H30Pi's and these supposedly-made-from-solid-gold 6H30P-DR's?


Also, thanks for the info. :-)

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They are the best and they are rare. That goes for any tube. The better it is and the rarer it is the more the price will go up. If yiu want the best tubes out there, be prepared to drop the cash.

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Have you heard the difference between the 6H30Pi Gold Pins and the DR's? I know it's hard to say, but would you say that there's a substantial difference?  Or would you say I should buy the 6H30Pi's to see if i like the sound signature, then buy the DR's if I wan't more tubey goodness?

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Try the pi first and see if you like them. People say that the dr tubes make the biggest difference in preamp.

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Preamps. Well, I just have this amp connected to my sound card.  I'm planning on buying the LD DAC_1 in a few weeks.  The question I'm asking I guess is, are the 6H30's only going to make a difference if i'm using the LD MK III as a preamp? and how would I use it as a preamp in my setup?

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The dr tubes will probably make a little difference, but bigger gains would probably come from  getting a dac or spending it on other areas. All the 6h30 tubes are pretty good. There isnt a bad type of 6h30 that I have heard of yet. A lot of people like the sovtec 6h30 just as much. The only 6h30 you probably dont want is the 6h30dr that has a date code between 1999 and 2004. This was when the factory just started reproducing the dr tube and apperantly they werent that good. From 2004 on up they have improved the quality and are suppose to be pretty good. The nos dr from pre 1999 are still better, but if you want to save money you can buy the 2009/10 dr that are on ebay all the time for about $50 a tube. I have tried them out and they are pretty good.

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Fair enough. But are Power Tubes such as the 6H30 only in use if I use the MK III as a preamp, or do they affect the sound if I continue to use it as is?
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They can affect the sound in any configuration.People say they just seem to affect the sound of preamps the most.

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I think eBay is the best place, as there are some sellers from Russia. But you need to wait for the best option available one day, instead to pick the most popular one. I bought a matched pair of very rare 1977 NOS 6H30P-DR two years ago, and it sounds perfect (better than the 6H30Pi and 6H30EH). I think it should be difficult to get the pre-'80 now, so those produced in '80 would be good enough.



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I have purchased quite a few on Audiogon with 1986 date codes for about $100 each. I was offered a pair of 1976 date codes for about double that, but have never seen any more. There are still a few on Agon, but the price keeps going up. Glad I stocked up back in the day.


The earlier Reflektor tubes are heads and shoulders above the EH "stuff" available now. I have a tubed source, and the older tubes definitely made for a better presentation.


One difference in the older DR designation was that the grading process was far more rigid for that quality tube. These tubes were developed and used in the most mission critical military apps in the USSR, and not all tubes were deemed worthy. Now, I'm sure anything that glows from an initial heater gets shipped.

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It is true when this tube was designed for military use, the quality should be much secured when in the age the tubes were still using in military. That's why it is not worth to get the post '90 due to less tube equiped we assumed, and the quality control no longer be maintained as in old days.


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I managed to get the EH 6H30Pi's.  I would have loved to get the DR's but the cost is just rediculous.. especially for a $200 amp.  I guess thats how I justified the EH's.  I still need to get a proper external DAC, and i'm also considering the HD-650's, so maybe I might in the future if it's a considerable difference.

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I have spent a couple  of hours today comparing the 6H30 Pi from electro- Harmonix 12/07 to a NOS 6H30Dr III/77 in the Project Sunrise II. the NOS 6H30Dr was burned in for 6 hours or so playing music through the Project sunrise II and the EH 6H30Pi has about 20 hours or so on it. The listening was done with both etoymotic ER4P and Hifiman HE500 from my iMac using Decibel and Audirvana players through a Teac UD-501 DAC. I feel the NOS 6H30 is a better  sounding tube with more resolution of micro detail (The glasses tinking in the back ground on High Life, Jazz at the Pawn Shop 24 /88) The high end seems to have more air and detail (the shimmer of the cymbals in Take five by Dave Brubeck 176/24 from the Time Out album) The bass seemed tighter and more articulate, The acoustic bass in Ain't no Sunshine from Chesky recordsThe World's Greatest Audiophile Vocal Recordings 96/24 which features a female vocalist and acoustic bass. The tone and decay of the bass were better with the DR than the PI. All around a better sounding tube to my ears but the differences while notable were sometimes subtle. I don't know for sure if the differences are worth the $150.00 price difference between these 2 tubes.  Having not heard the Dr I would have been satisfied with the sound of the EH 6H30Pi. I would also be interesting to try the Sovtec 6H30Pi in this test as well. I was at Audio Research a week ago getting a preamp fixed and the service manager told me they use the Sovtec in all of their preamps that use the "super tube"

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