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Originally Posted by wind016 View Post

Originally Posted by MrJohnny View Post

Which kind of distortion are you talking about

Treble was really grainy when I had the XB500 and 700. Seeing as these are supposed to be the best in the XB series, I hope it's a great improvement in the treble department. The XB700 could already blur my vision if I wanted it to, so I would hope they focused more on the treble area in the XB1000.

I highly doubt they did but im sure these will crack our skulls with their amazing bass o2smile.gif

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Yeah $120 for what could be the best basshead can of all time? Yes I will be purchasing one.

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Don't get me wrong, I like bass but I do like good quality of the whole frequency range. I do think for the price the XB series delivers much more than only good bass, but both need some EQing for best results. For me XB500 turns from a $50 headphone to $200 only by adjusting EQ for better balance, slightly less upper bass and more mids and treble. It's kind of like taking off the "shroud" of filtered sound what is there unEQ'd which I think Sony has done on purpose as they probably have thought about expanding this series in future if it will become a success anyway and I hope this XB1000 is that headphone that is better balanced regarding highs and mids and bass, ultimately I'd want to see an "in-between" XB500 & XB700 and hopefully this is that one that would have slightly less upper bass emphasize than XB500 (as it eats up on mids) but not quite the deep rumbling bass focus as XB700 either and have just as much forward/up-front mids on XB500 and highs that would be in-between XB700 and XB500 in terms of brightness.


I'm perfectly happy with this XB500 once EQ'd but would be nice if there was a headphone that wouldn't need to be EQ'd at all I suppose, not like I ever think that would ever happen to me though as I'm a perfectionist when it comes to tweaking settings on a monitor/TV/EQing headphone etc.

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Might consider a pair and balancing them, but damn, those 70mm drivers...

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Im stilll drooling over these.

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Anyone know when they could possibly be out?

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No head-fier visited CES this year? Would love to hear more info on these. It's a good thing I didn't visit CES this year as at the end of the day there would be no XB1000 sample left for display... xD


I tried looking for some Sony CES 2011 booth videos but didn't find any so far displaying these.

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Anaxilus gave his impression of the XB1000 in his impression thread.


From his impressions, I'd say it's a pass.
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Damn wow.  I have the XB700 and the XB500 now and love both of them, I'm definitely going to pick up a pair of these.


These headphones have so much more bass than just about any other headphone is physically capable of, going back to any other headphone, even something like a DT770/Pro 80ohm after using an XB headphone makes your old headphones feel like they are lacking bass.  It's difficult to switch back :)

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Originally Posted by mootookang View Post
From his impressions, I'd say it's a pass.

Given the incredibly subjective nature of comparing headphones, not to mention the variables introduced by your source and amp, it seems a bit odd to put much emphasis on one single user opinion.  Sort of like the person who compared the DT770, DT880, and DT990 and claimed the DT880 had the most bass.  Not everyone comes up with conclusions that are obviously incorrect like that, but it does go to show you how meaningless impressions can be.

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Just read the review and it sounds like I will be passing on these.

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One impression isn't enough and we don't know about source used or if it's really a final retail sample etc. More recessed mids than XB700 would be a very bad thing.

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Still by the way  Anaxilus  makes it sound in his review they have less bass than my xb 700's frown.gif

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How can a headphone with that much bass not have recessed mids?  I guess if you are comparing the midrange level to just the treble, but the mids and treble both are going to be incredibly recessed compared to the bass

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Originally Posted by rhythmdevils View Post

How can a headphone with that much bass not have recessed mids?  I guess if you are comparing the midrange level to just the treble, but the mids and treble both are going to be incredibly recessed compared to the bass

True but EQing can always help but I don't find mids to be recessed on XB500 despite it's big bass, it's not very clear sounding though but that doesn't mean it's recessed, on XB700 it's slightly more recessed but highs are definitely not recessed on XB700, only mids. If you boost all frequencies a lot you can have everything, bass will be stronger and mids and highs will still come out fine. You'd probably laugh if you saw my "maximum-bass" setting (I use one minimally adjusted and balanced EQ setting with bass a bit lower in comparision to the mids & highs and another with all frequencies boosted a lot for even warmer/aggressive/fun sound depending on mood and what I listen to) for XB500, despite the bass the mids and highs are still very well present when frequencies are boosted/lowered appropriately. I don't know of a lot of options (if any) that would let me have a non-distorted/clipping sound with the amount boosted frequencies I use with that "maximum bass" setting in kX Audio drivers. The bass is what reminds you of a pair of subwoofers in a car setup (many people around here like to exaggerate the bass quantity in headphones I think but if you saw this EQ setting you wouldn't think I'm exaggerating :p) while still letting mids & highs in a very good way concidered the bass amount.

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