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For Sale: SOLD: JMoney Beyer v2 Leather Pads

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For Sale:
SOLD: JMoney Beyer v2 Leather Pads

Will Ship To: CONUS

These are basically brand new, received a few days ago and used for a few hours. fits beyerdynamic DT770, 880, etc.


New V2 are thicker than the ones on the JMoney site, and sell for $64.99 before shipping. seeing as how they're almost new, I don't think it's too unfair to ask for $SOLD



thanks guys!

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PM's don't work..

Why are you selling.... are they too bassy compared to the Oem pads?

how's the condition of the leather..from the install un-install of the pads?

I'll offer $50 shipped.  my DT990's might like them.



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ok thanks for the PM  :)

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